The Labor Day MMP

Happy Moonday!

Happy Labor Day!

Just another day for me. I will irk as usual, maybe some extra hours as was requested.

It’s starting to get light outside. Seemed a bit humid when I let the dog out. According to my phone app the humidity is 99%. Supposed to be N.O.S. with a high of 93 today.
I’ll be thankful for having AC.

Happy Celebrations and Happy Day Off for those of you who celebrate.

First! It’s good to be juvenile! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 76 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 94 and a sixty percent chance of rain/tstorms/apocalypse this afternoon. No plans at all for the day here. OYKW is still abed and will probably be so for a while yet. He do lurves to sleep in, bless his heart! We may or may not go out for N.O.L. I’m good either way.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, well, who knows!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Happy Labor Day to the Amurrkin Mumpers!

Happy Labor day Murrikans. So, let me get this right, does one celebrate labor day by not doin’ any work? This seems odd, somehow.

Not that I’m plannin’ on doing much today, I was intending to go to the allotment and sow some seeds, but instead of being sunny with the odd shower like the forecast said, it’s proper wet. Too wet to really do as planned. Currently sat at home booored instead.

I woke around 5 and played some games on my tablet before dragging out around 7:30. Next stop: the shower.

Happy Moanday!!

Slept till 0630 this morning and feel pretty good. A spot on my lower gums is sensitive to touch but only stings when I press it and I see nothing in the mirror out of the ordinary, so I’ll watch it for awhile before trying to see the dentist.

Will stick close to the house until I’m sure no one is coming to work on the remodel on Labor Day and then head off for lunch and shopping. Near 90F again. Sure loving Fall in the South…

Tomorrow I go back to work after being on vacation. Blurf.

Blurfage. A tropical storm has formed almost right over us. For us, we are expecting some rain and gusty winds. Gordon. What kind of a storm name is that?

We went out for a McBreakfast, and boy-howdy is it humid out there! No plans of venturing out today… delicate flower that I am. :smiley:

Fifteen minutes ago it was thundering, now it’s sunny. Rain is forecast every day this week. My plans today are go to the gym, go to the store, and visit Ariel. I will not ride today since she’s been in for 3 days, plus there is my tradition of having bad rides on Labor Day.

Aww, nobody’s wishing a happy Labo(u)r Day to me, just to the Americans? :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Sometimes my birthday falls on Labour Day, but not this year. My dad and sister have the day off today. I plan to go visit them.

I got a decent amount of sleep last night, so I almost feel human today.

Perhaps if you were to ride the tractor.

Happy Labor day to the North Americans (that means you too emily :stuck_out_tongue: )!

The tapas party went well last night. I didn’t get home until after midnight. That’s late for an old lady. :stuck_out_tongue: I took the cookies with me along with the shrimp and grits tapas (which were a hit). There was a lot of good food there, including some other southern spins on tapas, chicken and waffles and Nashville hot catfish bites on corn fritters. It was good to be around friends and meet some people that I hadn’t met yet.

I need to sign Nelson up for the Pup swim in a couple of weeks. The last day that the public pool is open in my town, they have a pup swim. It’s $10 per dog, but the proceeds go to funding improvements and upgrades for the dog park. Since we make good use of that, I want to support the fundraiser. Besides that, I’m curious to see what Nelson does in the water. The deeoest water that he’s ever been in is the bathtub, so it should be fun.

Its Labor Day so later I will go in and labor. It shouldn’t be too heavy of a day; projections are that we’ll more likely get nailed Wednesday so I’m doing a double then. You normal people (and yes I will include Mumpers as normal for the purpose of this conversation) will get back to work tomorrow and order tons from Da Jungle and the tidal wave will hit is the following day. The OW is at Kennywood and should be at her assigned ride even as I type this. Other than that my big plans are nothing ----- just the way I like it early in the week.

I ordered a bale of sphagnum peat moss so that it will be delivered and I don’t have to fight crowds and lug it home.

Yesterday I ordered some vacuum cleaner filters and a gizmo for cleaning the inside of windshields. Supposedly, they’ll arrive on Weds.

Lunch is leftover pizza. Supper will be leftover poke. And tomorrow when I get home, I need to bake a b-day cake for my baby girl - she turns 33 on Weds.

The bathroom is clean - I just need to put it all back together. I figure after 2 hours, the floor should be dry, right? :smiley:

A 10x40 travel trailer had been built onto the house sometime in the '70s. We had it demolished last month. The concrete driveway went about half the length of the trailer. We had a couple of maple trees behind it cut down. Now I’m digging up tree roots. There are a lot of them. I’m down to one more thick root (that I know of) and some that are only an inch or two in diameter. Today I’ll try to dig the rest of them up. Once that’s done, I’ll be digging and raking to pull up the sponge-like fine-root mats, trying to level the area, and get it ready for gravel. But today I just want to get up the roots.

Did you order enough? Amazon is more than helpful when you order extra!

hopefully yall having a no labor on labor day ………

so anyone else ready for the pumpkin spice everything for the next 3 months? ive seen cheerios twinkies and various creamers ……“fall flavored”

my co owned cat blurfed all over aunts bed ………its sort of funny …… poor kitty is 17 so she dosent do a whole lot these days ……

I remember as a kid today was day of mourning as school used to start tomorrow

nightshadea, I remember school starting after Labor Day too; they start school much to early here in the South IMHO.

Johnny L.A., that’s way to much work for a holiday; you’re putting the labor back into Labor.

Midget, I didn;t know Canadians spoke British using a ‘u’ where it don’t belong, but have a good day anyway…

ruble, may you boxes be light.

Red, never heard of a Pup Swim before, but that’s a great idea and I hope you can get pictures.

Shopping and Lunch are both done and nappage may be occurring shortly. Outside of watering the back yard nothing else is on the agenda outside of sloth.

Made it to the gym and the sto. I bought bacon for BLTs, left the bacon in the cart and had to drive back. I was so annoyed with myself. Went to the barn and gave Ariel carrots. Thunder in the distance and tornado warnings to the north. Good time to hunker down and watch tennis. And make bacon