The Three not so blind Mice MMP

Happy Moonday!

It’s a cool and cloudy 68 degrees outside.
We turned the AC on yesterday and could probably turn it back off today.

So the other night I heard some rusting in the kitchen. I thought dammit, Ripple is trying to get into the trash.
So I go out into the kitchen and Ripple is pawing at the small box I keep in the kitchen where I keep my plastic bags. I picked up the bags and whoa! there are three mice trapped in the box and they are running and jumping like crazy.
The dumb ass cat walked right past the box without even a pause to check it out. Ripple shoved his head into the box trying to catch the mice. He was so happy and excited!
Unfortunately, he tipped the box over and the mice scattered.

The excitement around here, it just never ends.

W00t! First!

sari, I don’t have house mice, but I had one walk up to me at a gas pump last week. Frekin’ panhandlers. :wink:

Up, caffeinated, off to work.

Glad I checked before posting the MMP attempt I was going to make. :smiley:

Fortunately, the only mice we’ve had here were in the garage in the winter, tearing up whatever fabric-like stuff was available to make nests. Except the one time **FCD **cleaned out our dryer vent and found a desiccated nest of mouse babbies - that was right before we got a cage-like thingie to cover the dryer vent outside. With 5 cats and 2 pugs in the house, I don’t know if a mouse would stand a chance.

So no mice in the house as far as I know. Now, if I could just stop the stinkbugs. ick.

Happy Moanday!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 76 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 94 with possible rain/tstorms/apocalypse this afternoon. We shall see. It’s Moanday so I shall spiff da cave this mornin’. Rah. At somebody’s request, we shall sup upon salmon patties, peas, smashed N.O.T. and bizkits. I shall even make homemade bizkits. I have no need to be out and about the public which makes da bear happy.

Never had a problem with mice even though da cave is built in what was once upon a time a cow pasture. At the previous cave, there were some empty lots across the street and there would be the occasional mouse. The cocker spaniel I had at the time thought it was great fun to chase meeces. Not that he ever caught one cause if that had happened he would have freaked out. Loved that little critter but a great warrior he was not. :smiley:

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants sustenance. Then, onward into the day. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I’m sleepy…

We had mice at my old house recently. Some got caught in traps, plus the cat caught one - no mean feat, as she’s declawed. (I’m very much against declawing, but she was already declawed when we adopted her, poor cat.)

I’m almost finished a cup of coffee.

You must have highly sensitive ears.

Back at work. We didn’t end up buying a car over the weekend; we tested out 3, but none of them were right. Still looking…

It makes up for the bad speeling. :smiley:

I had a mouse a few years ago, before I had Ursala Kitteh. I adopted her in December, and in February went away for a long weekend. I set a trap under the sink, and there was a ded mousie in the trap when I came home. I think the presence of UK has deterred any rodents. The barn had a rat problem 2 years ago. Six kittehs later, no rats. Good barn cats!

The only mouse we had was one the cat drug in and it got away. It set up housekeeping in the linen closet.

Irked already. My car had a low tire light on. These are the new tires. I stopped and had them all checked for air. The light went out but it probably has a nail or something in it. If so this will be the third one and blowout since the storm.

Irking. One clerk is puny and will probably go home and that means I get to be clerk today. Fun, Fun.

This reminds me of a “Married with Children” episode where Al destroys the house trying to get rid of one lowly mouse. LOL

I think I related this once before but ----------- the first time we had a mouse it was around Christmas ages ago. The OW wanted to just leave it to find its own way outside. Then she wanted to try live-trapping it so it could be released. I’m a hunter; I was willing to load some shotshells in the .38 and off the little begger but she was all about humanity.

Well, we got home from the convent and the annual Christmas visit where we had gotten their special present of the yearly loaf of priory-bread. This is really great stuff! Its something she looked forward to every year from the time she was a little girl. We set it on the stove and went to bed. When we got up the next morning we found that the mouse had basically tunneled a hole halfway through the loaf.

You want to talk attitude adjustment; now all of a sudden maybe the .38 isn’t big enough and I do have those 12 gauges and all so ------. She tried snap-traps and then moved to glue traps which did the job.

We have had a couple mice over the years but we’re odd (in many ways) in that we have always gotten one at a time. I am guessing strays that find a crack in the door when it isn’t closed all the way. We had a squirrel in the attic once but that is a different OP some day.

And we can expect the other 6 when? :wink:

A lady just brought me a can of turnip greens. I don’t know how to take that. very strange.

A song cue?

There was a news story last week about a guy in Norway who burned his house down trying to kill a snake. Apparently he poured gasoline on it and the gas ignited… Life imitates art… if you can called MwC art. :smiley:

**Butters **- did she just randomly give you the can of greens? “Hello - you look like you could use these!”


I’ve resigned myself the the fact that I will probaby never be rid of mice.
We go months without a sign of them and them bam! we have a few.
There isn’t enough Great Stuff in the world to plug up all the holes in the basement, and as long as the house a few doors up is vacant and the yard is waist high I think nature will keep churning them out.
Adam hangs out at the messy yard a lot, it’s probably a smorgasbord for him, I’m sure there are lots of critters hiding out in that mess.

Ruble I don’t blame your wife.
Mice are kind of cute but it doesn’t take long for the cuteness to go away. I felt bad when I usd sticky traps to get them, but they worked better than the snap traps. They are cruel but after a while I just didn’t care what it took to get the little assholes out of the house. Cats are cruel too.

Butters I wouldn’t know what to do with a can of greens.

Neither would I; I cook them fresh.