The "It's Freezing Out There" MMP

I’m up early here in NE Kansas, getting ready to go to work. It’s going to take a while because I’m going to have to clean a lot of ice and snow off of the windsheild of my car.

But the heck of it is, is that I’m not sure if I should go in at all. The cafe I work in is located inside the public library and it won’t open until noon today, giving my place of work a much shortened day. We usually open at 8:15 AM, and close at 5:30PM.

So we will be open today, if at all, for only five and a half hours. Hardly seems worth going in, but I haven’t heard from the owner or the kitchen manager telling me not to show up. According to the news stations a lot of businesses are closed, and all the schools are closed. It was ugly out there yesterday, Sunday.

So if I post later, cussing a lot, you know why. But I guess I need to go out anyway, later, to take care of my mom, she can’t get out in crap like this.


Pretty chilly in North Alabama just now (5 degC/41 degF), not predicted to get any warmer through the day, so, okay, it’s November. The wind is getting up to hijinks out of the South, so I can hear the sound along the roof line, but haven’t heard a peep out of my wind chimes on the East side. Since I’m awake I guess I’ll go ahead and have breakfast; afterwards I think another long nap is in order. If I can get moving properly in 7 or 8 hours I might go to Sam’s Club and order replacement contact lenses, maybe get a few other things. “All is vanity, and there is nothing new under the sun,” is the way that goes, I believe.

Enjoy the day, all.

Happy Moonday!

It’s a not so bad 46 degrees outside. Supposed to be cloudy and rainy all day with a high of 50.
I don’t need to go anywhere and so I won’t.

Today is Moonday which is clean up the kitchen day.
Not much to do since I keep the kitchen pretty clean anyway. The fridge got cleaned out yesterday, and I put the pantry in order when I put the groceries away. My son was digging around in there last night so I’ll probably have to put things back where they belong.

I woke up too early, before 4, so I’ll probably need a nap later.

I have some ground beef that has been thawing in the fridge, so dinner will be something using that. I don’t know what yet because nothing sounds good right now. Maybe chili.

It’s been a long time since I have priced TVs, didn’t know they had come down so much. Actually, when I thought about it I have never bought a new TV. Every one I have ever owned was either a gift, a hand me down, or bought ‘used’. They have never been a priority for me.

I still think it’s a bad idea to announce to the neighborhood that you just got a giant big screen TV.

Good morning.

It’s not too bad here - 40’s and light rain. Happy week to the MMP!

Morning (ish) all!

It’s still pretty chilly here, though not snow 'n ice level, just ‘get a decent coat on’ level.

I’ve not got much in the way of plans for the day; nipping to the allotment to empty the vegetable scrap bin is expected to be the pinnacle of the excitement. I mostly need to be sitting in and doing coursework.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 63 Amurrkin out and cloudy. This is also the predicted high for the day. It will allegedly be mostly N.O.S. this afternoon and much cooler tonight and tomorrow. We shall see. At least it’s not snow and ice. ICK CupCakes! Hope it’s not too bad out. Today is spiff da cave day. Rah. We shall dine upon steak, baked sweet N.O.T., bacon wrapped spareguts, rolls, and sallit this eve. I decided we need beef. No plans to go anywhere today and that is fine by me.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

We had burgers last night to counteract all that turkey. I am off today since I irked on Saturday. I have a good bit of laundry to do and my fridge needs a bath. Other than that I foresee a lazy day. I could go grocery shopping and cook a good meal but I don’t know if that will happen. Maybe I will.

Y’all stay warm. I still have the air conditioning on.

Bleh. Monday.

Not really cold here. 53F in the middle of North Ca-ro-linah where there’s a chance of rain, but I grew up in O-H-I-O where it’s 43F with a chance of snow. I might need a coat.

Glad we had a long weekend, but also glad to have less visitors now. I don’t hate any of them, just easier to have normal time and get back to working on the house.

Morning all. 38F here and like George said, not due to get much warmer. At least there is no snow.

Have an ear problem I’m going to see the doctor about, the ear is fine when I’m up and about, but if I’m in bed on my side with the ear up, and then swallow or move, I get a stab of pain which feels like it’s coming straight out of my head through the earhole. Don’t have a clue what it could be, never had anything like it before. Doubt it’s serious, but at 66 you check these things.

Outside of that, pretty much chilling today to recover from the drive home yesterday.

Cupcakes, be careful and hope you’re stocked up. ANd I’ve been there before, going in to work in terrible weather just to fine it closed. Hope it works out.

Sari, I had the same experience, except for the huge sets, the cost is pretty reasonable.

33 F here in central Arkansas. The high is to be 45.

-8f this morning, and about 14 inches of snow over the weekend. Just another day really.

Woke up to ~5" of back-breaking wet snow. Yeah, fun to shovel the driveway.

I have no idea how much snow we got, but it was enough to cancel everything and make me work from home. I’m guessing 8 inches. I have no food in the house that isn’t frozen. The only veggies I have is shredded iceberg. No way am I going out today. Guess I’ll be eating soup.

42F here right now and wet! Rain is predicted for the foreseeable future. It is Orygun after all. When I first moved to Orygun ~45 years ago, we got snow every winter. Now we mostly just get rain, rain, and more rain. I blame the republicans. :stuck_out_tongue:
We still have a bunch of cross-country skiing gear upstairs that hasn’t been out of the house in a decade. Mostly due to bum knees and bad backs, but also we feel the cold a lot more these days. :frowning:

I will probably zip down to the Fred Meyer store sometime today. We need eggs and some other foodstuffs and they advertised something I want to get Wifey for Xmas as being on sale. Actually it’s the same price it is all over the innertubez, but this way I don’t have to pay shipping, so I’ll go see if they have any.
That’ll be the big excitement for the day.

I also need to spend some more time getting ready for the holiday bazaar this weekend.
I’ve made a bunch of soap to sell but still need to label a lot of it. I’m pretty much out of the soap business except for family and friends but we made $500-$600 last year, so it’s worth the effort, and I get to spend a couple of days schmoozing with a bunch of my old farmer’s market pals.

Now I need to eat something so I can take my meds.
Then, onward into the day!

Hie thee to the doctor, Rat. We needs our ears, we does.

Sketties shall be sup. Hubs is going to the store. Last load in the washer. Nap time.

its 45 and supposed to get up to 63 but were always either 2-5 degrees higher or lower that it is officially,

but we get to freeze because xmas hell erm I mean decorating started last night and the outside gets done during the day…………

and since our new neighbors are offering competition after decades of the block saying " you have so many and so bright we just enjoy yours ….(seriously we have a separate gas generator just to run them) the nag-a-saurus is all inspired and itching to use her new home depot card

such will be our week

Mrs. Plant (v.3.0) were in the grocery yesterday when Christmas music began playing. I said, “And so it begins.”

In the good old frozen tundra where I live, it was a whopping 18° this morning when I left for work… and that’s before wind chill. We’ll have a whopping high of 29 today. Maybe on Friday, we’ll get back over freezing for a couple of days.

Totally unmotivated to work today. Doesn’t help that my boss isn’t in. I’ve gotten some work done, but I just have no motivation today. Alas, my end of year deadlines are rapidly approaching so I must get back to work…

I took an extra day tacked on to the holiday weekend (5 consecutive days off) and had high hopes of getting some outdoor work done. I got skunked weather-wise. Thursday wasn’t too bad but that was Thanksgiving so all day family gathering stuff. Friday was sunny and probably 50 degrees. Got lots of leaf removal done but that pretty much took the whole day. That and power washing the tractor. The rest of the time it’s been rainy/snowy, windy and cold. Last fall I was out in a tee shirt and shorts the first weekend in December and was hoping for similar this year.
Spent today in my home office dealing with a summer’s worth of old junk mail, catalogs and magazines. And a big pile of statements from my retirement accounts that get tossed in a pile unread all year until it gets cold.

Any word on Mom’s cruise? Did she remember her flares? No icebergs yet, I take it.