The Labor Day MMP

Somewhat lazy day.

Irked a bit this morning, and will again this evening.

I made shrimp scampi for me, and tacos for my son.
I washed the blanket on my bed, and sat ouside to feed the skeeters for a bit. Ripple didn’t want to stay out too long, hot and humid out there.

I’ve been Netflixing and crocheting. **FCD **napped. But he’s up now. The dogs are outside for a bit - it’s so hot tho. And the bathroom is reassembled.

For the most part, a lazy labor day here.

Nappage has been completed.

wetone, YOU FORGOT THE BACON!!! looks for nearest fainting couch

Supper’s gonna be not-too-awful Chinese - **FCD **drove to Leonardtown to get it. I’m about to feed the dogs. Yep, it’s exciting here. :smiley:

Howdy Y’all! Been a lazy day here at da cave as in didn’t even leave. His Royal Hiney deigned to arise around ten this mornin’. We have stared at Netflix and noshed off and on. HRH is now preparin’ himself to soak in the tub. Been rainy off and on but no big rain. Oh and I have hauled both my and my neighbor’s (she’s visitin’ her daughter in Biloxi) biiiiiiiiiiiiig trash can all the way down to the road for pickup tomorrow. Thus was my Labor Day labor.

Midget I forget Canadians do this as well, so Happy Labour Day! Spell check is bein’ a snob and think’s labour is misspelled.

I drove back to the store to get it. I had bacon. This is the emergency back up bacon. For tomorrow. Watching the news with Ursala Kitteh dozing on my lap.

Yeesh! I can’t properly say the area is finished, but I’m calling it done. I have a big stack of roots and a couple piles of root mats. The approximately 14’ x 25’ area has been raked, the holes are filled, and it’s sorta-kinda smooth. Anything else will have to wait until either gravel or concrete is put down. The longest roots are up to 20 feet long, and the thickest (which I had to cut) is about five inches in diameter. I’ll have to cut them down so that they’ll fit in the truck so I can take them to the dump. I also need to do something with the piles of root mats.

I’ve been working on this just about every day (well, five days a week) for a couple of weeks. I feel like I’ve accomplished something. :slight_smile:

flytrap, I’ve been known to order heavy and/or awkward stuff online for the delivery to my door, especially when I lived in a walkup. It’s a whole lot easier to bring that bag of dog food in off the stoop than it is the 150’ from the car.

The neighbor came over this morning to move my bed so’s that I can return to sleeping on my preferred side of it and (at last!) strip it and change the sheets. I did a load of laundry, a load of sheets, made the bed, prepped breakfasts/lunches for the week and took Nelson to the dog park. There were two dogs on the small dog side and soon, a lady pulled up and it was like the clown car at the circus. :stuck_out_tongue: She hollered over the fence to ask if we minded if her three big dogs came in with the five little ones. :eek: Since the larger ones were obviously accustomed to hanging out with little guys, we all consented. Soon, we were joined by a golden doodle pup and the planned half hour turned into two hours. :slight_smile:

I just sat down to the Tuscan chicken veggie soup that’s been in the crock all day. Tis good. :slight_smile:

Mrs. Plant(v.3.0) brought home two portabalo peppers. Have you any recipes aside from the cheese smothered thing?

I labored 50% longer than normal today.(Shift was stuck in the ER with Mom till 6:00pm)

Happy Labour Day ,eh?:smiley:
And I like feeling humans too.:wink:

Flytrap, Portabella mushrooms or Poblano peppers? Or some weird veggie/fungi hybrid?:eek:

No labor was done here today except a couple loads of laundry and a doggie bath. We had breakfast for dinner and Twas good and easy and quick.

I am already abed as I have not been sleeping well but I purposefully did not nap today so I can sleep tonight. That’s the plan anyway.

Back to the grindstone in the AM. Tis the first of the month which means a ton of irk to do in the next couple days.

We got a little rain but that’s it re the tropical storm. It went further north which is a good thing. A bunch of peeps down here are suffering from PTSD re the weather.

Night night.

I spent the day hanging out at my dad’s house. He has an air conditioner and a cool basement. Now I’m back in the sweatbath. I think I’ll start calling my apartment the sweatbath.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 76 Amurrkin out and partly cloudy (well, dark) with a predicted high of 90 with the usual chance of afternoon rain/tstorms/apocalypse. We shall see. Defilthyfication of da cave and laundry are the items on today’s agenda. We shall sup upon salmon patties, smashed N.O.T., peas, and bizkits. This was requested and is also easy enough to put together.

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, onward into the day. Rah.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to work. But today is my Firday, so I got that going for me.

Happy Toosday!

It’s a dark 72 degrees outside, but the day is supposed to be N.O.S. and hot.

I keep forgetting to change the alarm on my phone. I changed my hours to start irk a little later in the morning but I didn’t change the time on my alarm.

I have to go to the doctor later today. Other than that and irk there is nothing else on the agenda.
My son finished the chapter on Elvis, next chapter is Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and rockabilly.

Well, I made it to the office, so there’s that. Bad night, tho - didn’t fall asleep till after 11, woke before 4:30 (OK, I did doze off again) so I’s tahred!! My car’s almost out of gas, I need to bake a b-day cake tonight, and it’ll take some research to figure out what the heck I was doing before I left on Firday. Gonna be a long morning.

Happy Second Moanday of the Week… :stuck_out_tongue:

Dinner tonight will be LAT. Lettuce, tomato, avocado sammich. I had my monthly quota of bacon on yesterday’s sandwich. Six pieces. Yes, it was delish.

Just got an email saying it’s time to take my truck in for an emissions test. Oh joy.

Morning all. Up and waiting to see if the remodel folks are in today or not. The tilers are due back to work on the bathroom and final coat of painting should be done sometime this week, the next week should be real busy; we’ll see.

74F on the way to 93F this afternoon; need to work on soccer drills that don’t involve much running, don’t need kids with heat exhaustion (not to mention me).

Midget, looks to be about 82F in Montreal; it’s going to be worse tomorrow (near 90F). I’d plan a visit to the library or some other A/C location if I were you.

Sari, that chapter sounds like fun. Hope Son-unit enjoys it.

doggio, Firday on a 2day; makes sense to me…

**sari **- I think my county is the only one in the state that doesn’t require emissions testing - I’ve never had it done.