Up All Night: An early(or late) MMP

Since I don’t have to be in to work till 4:00pm, I’d thought I’d start. Any of y’all stay up way too late, just to stay up way too late?

[10]Start Thread
[20]GOTO 40
[30]Discuss OP
[40]Highjack thread
[50]End MMP
[60]GOTO 10



I did not stay up way too late, in fact I was in bed about 10 minutes early last night. In my defence, I still have Teh Sick and I need my rest. Not feeling quite so bad today which is a good thing because it’s going to be a busy week. Tomorrow night I am off to see a band, and it’s pub night on Wednesday. Plus I should get back to my exercise programme as that has been ignored while I’ve been feeling rough. I’ll make a decision on that later, right now it’s time for more tea.

In the US today is a federal holiday. The library where the cafe I work in is located is closed for federal holidays.

But I have to irk today, because President’s Day is the time when the library has in-serive and continuing education meetings, so some of us from the cafe have to prepare their meals. Catering for library events is reserved for our business. I’m leaving for irk as soon as I finish this post, and I irked for a while yesterday, a Sunday, to do prep work.


TVCTPMO can bite my fat, hairy ass. Besides the busted washer and postponed surgery, the heating oil tank got drained dry overnight and the house is cold. :mad:

What’s so good about morning anyway?


Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 38 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 72 and sunny for the day. I’ll take it!

BBBobbio TVCTPMO is workin’ overtime on you. Dang! Hope they reschedule the gall bladder divorce soonest.

So, today is indeed a federal holiday in the USofA as DeathMistress pointed out. It’s one of the holidays I get so no irk for da bear. YAY! It’s also men’s night over to the church house, thus steaks are marinatin’ and beer is chillin’. I shall head on over early and do set up and prep stuff.

Plans for today include meet OYKW for N.O.L. at the good Eyetalian place just cause I can, a trip to the sto’ for some provisions, and general sloth. Sounds good to me!

Now I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then purtificaion must commence because, well, one cannot go out and about unpurtified now can one! :smiley:

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Happy Moonday.

It’s cold, getting warmer.


I should be cramming for a test, but I’m listening to music on YouTube instead.

Procrastination + stress = EmilyG

It’s also a state holiday in these parts, so I have the day off as well.

Wow, Bobbio, looks like TVCTPMO was going for a major trifecta with you! :mad: Hope everything is straightened out very quickly.

Got to sleep in for a bit, yay! But need to check on some work stuff at some point and maybe go in for a few minutes.

Also, am in major clean-up mode at home, trying to make sure that all clothes have either been pitched or donated if they haven’t been worn in the past year. Closet and drawers are really full, so something has to go.

Off to locate breakfast…

Hugs all.


Stayed up late for me watching Downton Abby. Woke up late for me at 5:30 a.m.

Main irk office is in DC so federal holidays observed. No irk for me. But I might make an apple pie. The Princess Without a CountryTM also has off from You Ass Customs training camp up in JaJa so she’s going to come over with the Dog With No LegsTM, a/k/a Sienna. Sienna and Foo-Foo DogTM, a/k/a Maddie are BFFs so yay! A good time will be had by all.

bobbio, you must have been a real s**t in a former life.

I have the Futurama sampler hanging in the Stately Manor

[30]GOTO 10

Morning is when there is first coffee. First coffee is best coffee.

Federal holiday? Most of our customers are US Navy commands or the shipyards that work on the ships, and I’m here at work. Pffffft!

Found out that a friend of mine (actually, a former drinking/trivia buddy, but my wife has made cookies for him for Christmas, so he falls into the friend category) is being inducted into the Hall of Fame for his particular sport this weekend. He was an Olympic gold medalist in that sport, and held some titles when he went pro. His brother-in-law (whom I work with), filled me in on the particulars this morning. So Monday is good for a little something, I guess.

Thanks goodness today is a holiday so there won’t be as much traffic so the plows can clear the 4 to 8 inches of f****** snow that is happening now. I am so fed up with winter. It’s going to be a mess when this sh!t melts. (Can we swear in the MMP?)

I bought a new watch yesterday. Anne Klein rose gold. Not real gold cuz I is not Midas. But it’s very pretty and I’m wearing today and keep looking at my wrist.

Bobbio, I know your surgery is postponed, but did I miss why it took so long to get an original date scheduled? Is your social life that full???

and then … SECOND COFFEE!!!

All purtified and will meet OYKW for N.O.L. at eleven-thirty. We aim to beat the crowds. After that I shall go to the sto’ for provisions and then back to da cave. Excitatin’ ain’t it! :smiley:

If it’s a federal holiday, why is the bank open and why am I at work?

Former life? :dubious:
I haz won the lottery!
Before you ask for a hand out note that this lottery allows me to pay money; aka ‘race entry fee’. No it’s not a Nigerian scam. The race is so big (& still sells out) that they’ve gone to a lottery system to accept participants. I signed up for the race & got my # pulled for an entry. There are more participants in the race than in the town that many of you live in; in Moommm’s case, probably more than the whole county she lives in. (Mebbe I should play Powerball this week?)

It was also an easy drive to irk today; iffn I gotta work on a holiday at least the traffic is light.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and realized I’d been drooling. :eek: I guess that’s mundane and pointless enough.

I guess I don’t need to do much more studying for the test. If there was a procrastination contest, I wouldn’t win it, because I’d put off entering the contest until it was too late.

Gotta print some crap out now.

Up, caffeinated, making breakfast before work.

Spaz, I’m on third coffee. It’s still good.

BBBobbio, that sucks.

Hang in there, Midget!