A candy question

So I’m shopping at the ghetto store this afternoon for a few minor items I need for a BBQ I’m going to this evening. I was walking down the candy aisle and noticed bags made up of assorted, wrapped hard candies. It was labeled ‘Champagne Mix’. Does that mean this assortment is best fo enjoying with champagne or other sparkling whites?:confused:

What color were the candies?

What is a ghetto store?

A store inside a ghetto?

I think she means a 99 cent store.

oh, no. There is a 99 cent store down the street from my house, not three blocks away. Does that mean I live in a ghetto?

For those interested, well…it was SORT of a ghetto store. I live in a very small town. The grocery store in question is a ‘real’ grocery store, not a 99 cent store, but it caters mostly to white trash and/or Latinos who live in the area with the extremely wide selection of Latin American baked goods, products, etc and the wide selection of pure white trashy things like 200 kinds of beer and small animals (dogs, rabbits,etc) made of plastic and/or stone and covered in rabbit hair to look like they actually have fur. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen this in other stores,too, not just the local ghetto grocery. I still don’t know what a ‘champagne mix’ is?!?!?!?!:confused:


Baked goods + wide selection of beer = ghetto?


Other great stores coming to a location near you soon:

stiletto store for you ladies
feta store for us Greeks
Soweto store for the South Africaphiles
Sou’wester store for the mariners. This would be combined with a netto store
bet-o store for bookies
hetto store – not for our friends on the other team
debto store – actually this pretty much describes them all.


Um, can’t definitively answer the OP question, but I_Dig_Bad_Boys, I’d definitively advise you to consider not calling it a “ghetto store”.

My WAG is that “champagne” is being used in the sense of “really nice; classy” – like in the song “Champagne Tastes and Beer-Bottle Pockets”.

God DAMN I love Latin American baked goods. My very nice, friendly, family oriented neighborhood is packed with great shops of every ethnicities. I wasn’t aware that was bad.

IDBB, your obsession with putting down white trash even after it blew up in your face a few days ago, is truly…amazing. You KNOW it offends some people, but continue to pursue it.

“The grocery store in question is a ‘real’ grocery store, not a 99 cent store, but it caters mostly to white trash and/or Latinos”

Are you friggin kidding me?

YOU!!! YOU ARE THE WHITE TRASH!!! stop calling people names all over the place, YOU ARE WHAT WHITE PEOPLE ARE ASHAMED OF!!!

You cant call it a ‘ghetto’ store because non-whites shop there.

Gah, isnt there a KKK message board somewhere missing their bimbo?

Clearly i have overstepped the lines in GQ, and let me pre-empt the incoming warning with an apology (not for what i said, but for where i said it)

Sorry Mods.

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