A Challenge for Readers of The Straight Dope

…OR Find the SD Reference

A friend of mine gave me a link to a quiz about 80s music at http://www.yetanotherdot.com/asp/80s.html today. One of the questions, if you get it right, mentions The Straight Dope on the scoring page. Let’s see how many of you can get it. :smiley:

83. Warm smell of colitas Rising up through the air
Ok either 1)You’ve read The Straight Dope or 2)You are a god. Either way 10 points.

Jesus that’s a long bastard. I bailed after about 30 questions.

I now have some very bad songs in my head.

Aaagh! I hit return after the 50th question…there were 50 more! [sub]and I got forty-one of them right. What the hell was I doing during the 80’s to remember all this bad pop music?[/sub]

I got a 47–some of them baffled me. I’d feel worse if I hadn’t been a little kid through much of the 80s.

The SD response was:

In the song “Hotel California,” what does “colitas” mean?

Surely that’s not all you wanted?

No, I see now…

I got a 72.9. I missed a couple that I actually knew due to a brain fart. About a half-dozen I flat out didn’t know.

I was penalized 30% for being a Yuppie (which I’m definitely not!).

Is this what you wanted?

Final Score: 78.5 Pop Junkie

I would have got more but I had a couple of typos. I typed porn instead of porno and Jesse instead of Jessie.

I think it was Jesse, Homebrew

I got 80.5 (and would have esocred higher if I had not mispelled a couple of answers)

I couldn’t remember how to spell colitas. Crap. And I only scored a 56. Double crap. But I did get the 4 pts. each for both of the Tina Turner lyrics. I really don’t know how I pulled that one off.There were quite a few of them that I could have kicked myself on afterward. OK, most of them. Oh well.

I’m the prime age for this stuff. I even missed lyrics of groups I’ve seen in concert.

I got every single one right. Including the bonus.

How much more could I have acheived in life if all of the brain space which is occupied by 80s pop lyrics was occupied by something useful?

I only scored 62, but I specifically looked that up during my big Eagles kick. . . which I may still be on.

101 points.

I lived the dream, kids. I lived it.

68.5 I’m not sure whether this urge to cry is over how many I missed or how many I knew. Talk about wasted gray matter.

Good googly moogly, I can’t believe I took the whole thing! 100 pts. Which might make me do the celebratory hoochie dance if I knew what the highest score possible was.

Yikes! You scored 100 pts?? That’s truly scary. I didn’t follow directions as to revealing gender or some other information, so I don’t know my score. I did get all the heavy rock and new wave songs correct, and was rather clueless on the mainstream music.
I think they should have included the following:
Swing it to the left, swing it the right, think about ________, swing all night!

I only scored a 73 on this particular test, but I’d kick your collective butts were this a 1970s test. And TeaElle - I have said this…

…many times, about 70s music. Why, if I could clear out all the crappy music from 1975 alone… the mind just boggles.

Or “swinging”… it’s all semantics, I say.

79.9 - not altogether bad given that I did lots of cassette music in the 80’s and had limited radio exposure time.

^5 to Johnathan Chance - a kickass score!