A change in the search display?

Has there been a change in the search function display in the last few minutes? I just did four searches in a half-hour. The last one came up with a blue banner box just above the results data showing the search keyword and user name matches (several in this case as I used a partial name). This is great, and I don’t ever remember seeing it before. Is it new?

It said, “Search took 37.03 seconds.” (Not exactly google speed, eh? :slight_smile: ) And it was for a single forum, last month only, single keyword. Just curious – is that CPU time or real time? I am probably the sole cause of today’s slowness. :frowning:

While I’m on the subject of searching, I have a gut feeling that it doesn’t work reliably. Unfortunately I don’t have the details, but recently I displayed some threads and, for a test, searched on details as shown on my screen, so I know the text and threads existed. Some searches returned no matches. These weren’t old (<1 year ago), weren’t deleted or by banned posters, although I recall they weren’t recently active ones. Anyone else have this experience?

If the display has changed as I suggested, maybe the problem is fixed as well. And I realize this may be more of a vBulletin problem than an SDMB one; still, it would be good if we could hand vB some test results for them to analyze.