search function messed up?

For the past four days i haven’t been able to conduct a search. I’ve used The “Search”, “Search this forum”, and “Advanced Search”. I always end up getting a “web page cannot be displayed” message. Not just on my computer, but computers at work too. What gives? Anyone else have this problem.

Oh, and I’m searching for a fairly new (last couple of weeks) thread, not an old one.

I had some trouble with the search function today, but totally different issues from what you had.

I searched for threads by a certain user name, with one keyword, any date, any forum and got no results. When I searched for all posts by that username, no keywords, any date, any forum, I found the thread I was looking for (by poring through a year’s worth of threads) and the thread clearly contained the keyword I’d used in the first search that returned no results.


As evidenced by Jadis, even when the search page works the function itself often doesn’t. Been that way since we went to vB3.