A chatroom for you?

Hey guys. I just had an idea and I thought I would run it by you.

I own a chat software software package. It is the same software that is running on www.chatropolis.com . It’s web-based and requires no plugins. Would the SDers be interested if I opened up a chatroom for them?

I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes and I don’t know what the SDMB big guys think (but would very much like to know) but I thought this might be fun. Someone had mentioned in a BBQ thread that if there were a chat room a lot of the really mundane threads would probably disappear and I just got to thinking.

We own our own servers and have our own T1 lines, so this could be up in just a few days. Everyone could have input for design and it goes without saying that it would be free.

What are your thoughts?


Also, there could be several rooms, so that different things could be talked about in each, similar to the Board itself.

And they could be open all the time, without having to set up a specific time for chatting.

Great idea, Trish. I’m surprised the Board doesn’t have one.

Very generous of you to offer it.

I read elsewhere that the Board Gods are in the process of giving us a chatroom. It seems to be taking forever. Maybe they’ll give up and let you do it, jazzmine.


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Y’all know bj0rn, right ?

Now try and imagine him in a chat room, where besides a good knowledge of the English language (plus spelling and grammar, also punctuation), also a high speed of typing is required !

That just scares me, man ! I can’t even follow him now, while he is typing at his own speed.

Otherwise, yeah, a chatroom will do nicely.


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The Teeming Millions Homepage has had a chat room set up for us to use for the last…um… 2 or 3 years, but no one ever uses it… so I think it would be a waste of time to set up yet another one.

O p a l C a t

Just in case anyone does decide to use it, I’ve automated the scheduled chat function (so you enter it and it shows up on the page automatically) and upgraded the chat to the newest version. Check it out if you’re interested… just grant the certificate that pops up.

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I think it’s a great idea. What would be nice is if there was a link to it on the main message board, but that would require great sacrifice to the Dope gods, I’m sure.

OpalCat: I didn’t even know that chat program was there. I just tried it, and I was able to connect, but it wouldn’t let me post any text: It would just dissapear as soon as I hit “enter”. :frowning:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

That is really odd… IE or Netscape?

O p a l C a t

Opal, I knew that was there, but thought the chats were scheduled. I’ve entered a couple of times, but no one was there.

Plus, it’s IRC based, which I don’t like very much. The chat software that I have is my personal preference and is easier to keep track of who is saying what, etc.

It’s just a suggestion, you guys can just tell me if you want to give it a try.


OpalCat: Internet Explorer. I couldn’t read any of the text from the other posters, either. It showed messages abourt who entered and left, but no text was visible from anybody.

Jassmine: Go for it. Keep us posted.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

The reason I set up the ability to schedule chats was to give people a better chance of finding other people there, obviously anyone can go anytime they wanted, but in the 2 year period before I set up scheduleing, no one ever did. I don’t see why you dont’ like IRC… what is hard to follow about who says what??

Here is a clip from my first 5 seconds in the #newbies chat room:

<LisaGail> hey ther Cozie
<MissPepsi> bout time that hubby of yours got a job rofl
<NASCARett> which reminds me, I gotta go put the stuff in the dryer…
<Cozie> Hey there peoples

Not sure what is confusing about that…

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One other thing… HTML based chat tends to suck really bad. Just my personal opinion… I’ve never seen one worth a damn.

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Evidently you feel like I’m stepping on your toes. I apologize if that’s how this is coming across. I was just offering my server and a chatroom.

It was nothing personal against you or the hard work you’ve been doing on the teeming millions site.

If I don’t like the way the IRC chat is, that’s just my opinion. You are free to love it all you want.


Let’s set up a chat. Since Opal’s is already up, thats where it is. I’m in there, right now. And I’m going to stay in there until other people show up!!!


Why sex is better than religion: There are laws against forcing sex on minors who can’t think for themselves.

This is great! I appreciate the work Opal has already put into this (I really didn’t realize it was there) and I also appreciate the work that Jazz was willing to do. I hope I see some of you in there chatting! I’ll keep checking in there :slight_smile:

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no, you aren’t stepping on any toes :slight_smile: I just think that IRC is the superior medium, especially since people can chat with their own chat program if they want to. Right now there are 8 people in there, some are using the web page, some are using mIRC, and one is using ircII from a unix shell. I like the ability to choose your own, yanno?

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I scheduled a chat for tomorrow night at 8 (although I don’t know if it’s EST or what?) I’m going to show up at 8 my time (Houston is on. . . um. . . central?) See ya there!

I probably won’t be there. Nothing personal, just not real big on chatrooms. If I wanted a non-linear conversation, I’d go talk to my sisters.

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Is the chat working for anyone using the web based one? I just type and the text disappears, no one seems to respond to private chats, and my handle appears like 3 times on the users list. Also whats with the badges?