A Cinch for ThreadSpotting

Have you read the Expanding Universe thread?

It is wonderful… It MUST be used for ThreadSpotting!

sdimbert, the best way to propose topics for the Threadspotting feature is to e-mail the URL to TubaDiva@aol.com


I thought Ed Zotti had an official Threadspotting thread, but Search doesn’t turn it up. So I’m using this one, as the newest.

Capacitor’s What is the Pit turning into? Pit thread, short and snappy.

What’s the story? We no longer have a Threadspotting thread or do we? Just in case:

Embarassing Parents

To nominate for Threadspotting or Weird Earl, please send me an email. That’s TubaDiva@aol.com. And thanks.

your humble TubaDiva