How do we suggest a thread for Threadspotting?

I had a look arround the FAQ’s etc. but couldn’t spot the method to use, so I’m asking here.

P.S. I’m interested since I think the “Should we support Mutant Registation” Thread in GD deserves a place in threadspotting.

As per the main page send your nominations to TubaDiva.

Do’h I didn’t look under Wierd Earls to find out about thread spotting. Thanks.

Yeah, I had to look a bit harder for it myself. You’re welcome, mate. :slight_smile:

While we’re at it, is there an archive of the spotted threads?

Last I checked, it was way down the “archives” page. Threadspotting was how I got introduced to the SDMB in the first place.

Straight Dope Archive Page

More recent items are found on this page.

Older items are found here:

Threadspotting Archive Page

Weird Earl Archive

Yes, we need to update all these pages. We’re getting to it.

your humble TubaDiva