Suggestion - how about a "threadspotted" icon

Suggestion - When we look at the list of threads in a forum, how about an icon next to a thread title if it has been included in Tuba’s threadspotting section.

Maybe a little rosette, or a little medal on a stripy ribbon.

I like that idea - I never go to the front page, so I have no idea which threads have been threadspotted.

This is something worth exploring. I’ll see if I can find something suitable.

An eyeball.

A tuba!

Modesty forbids.

Good idea – I rarely hit the front page anymore, but I do like seeing what’s been Threadspotted. I’d definitely like it if this were implemented.

The eye of a needle–>Threadspotting

Just sayin’.

I like it too.

Just wanted to add that I like this idea–I don’t really read the main page much either anymore, but I do like to know which threads are up for threadspotting.

Help some of us out - or maybe just me - what is TubaDiva’s threadspotting section?

It’s a section on the Straight Dope home page that mostly features certain interesting and noteworthy threads from these here boards.

Ah - thank you. I searched for threads started by Tuba Diva and eye-balled the forum home page diligently. I didn’t realize there was life outside the [del]Matrix[/del] forums.

There’s new Threadspotting listings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. And on Thursday I billboard the new Straight Dope Chicago column in the Threadspotting space.

There’s new Weird Earls on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

And there’s archives for each one – I need to go back and check them but haven’t been able to do that in a bit so some of the older links may be dead, be aware of that – but there’s a lot of stuff to look at in both areas.

Best of the Straight Dope Message Board

Weird Earl’s Archive of Web Curiousities

There’s also tons of columns and special reports and all manner of cool stuff to read on this site – the Message Board is just one facet of the glittering Straight Dope diamond. If you don’t read any of this stuff you’re missing out on a lot.

Bumping - I suggested this years ago, but nothing came of it. Could this be included on the new site?

I dunno. Let me explore that.

I never got it to work on the old site, obviously.

You know you can also see a listing of the most viewed threads on the front page of the site, no? Updated every day. See “Trending Threads” on the front page.

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