A Comedy of Errors Featuring Leechboy and Leechbabe

I’ve mentioned in this pit thread that a friend of leechboys is staying with us for a while until he finds a home.

Yesterday said friend was meant to be cooking us dinner as a thank-you gesture. I was lucky enough to finish work early yesterday and got home at 6.15pm. Friend was nowhere to be seen and friend has my housekeys. I fumed at the front door for a while, tried to get into the backyard which is barricaded up so the dog can’t get out. Waited for 30 minutes and then after several phone calls I finally find out that friend is on a train to Ballarat


Leechboy was working late and wouldn’t be home until after 10pm, so I decided to go see him at work and get his keys. By the time I traversed the various forms of public transport needed to travel from our home on one side of Melbourne to his work on the other side it was 8.30pm. As leechboy finished work at 9.30pm I decided to wait for him and travel home in the comfort of our car rather than on a train.

We got home at 10.15pm and as I got out of the car I heard leechboy swearing and slamming his fist into the bonnet a sign that all is NOT GOOD. Being a caring wife I waited until he had finished trying to injure himself or the car and then inquired as to his problem. It seems leechboy’s housekeys were in his jacket pocket, which was hung over the chair, in the lunch room,
:smack: :smack:
Only yesterday I mentioned in this thread about leechboys habit of misplacing keys.

Right say I, we stay at your parents tonight. At that point Tarquin (our dog) starts to whimper and whine – puppy is hungry, but we have no way to feed him. We leave the house and proceed to in-laws. On the way the car beeps, it is hungry too, so we stop and fill it with petrol. Whilst at the service station we find a 20kg bag of dog food in the boot, damn we could’ve fed the puppy after all.
:smack: :smack: :smack:

We continue our drive and start talking about having spare keys cut and I say I only need front door keys because I have spare keys to the back door in my bag
:smack: :smack: :smack: :smack:

Once we get to the in-laws leechboys dad loans us his bolt cutters we return home and at 11.30pm are standing at home breaking through the barricade and chains on the back gate. Thank-god no-one looked out their windows just then. We climb the steps to the back door with trepidation, I insert the key in the lock, holding my breath and praying I turn the key and

Disclaimer: Both leechboy and leechbabe at the time this happened were ill from a nasty gastro bug and also very tired as they have been ill since last Saturday. In addition leechboy is at the best of times VERY absent minded and leechbabe is 5 months pregnant. For those concerned Tarquin has been fed and seems to have suffered no ill effects from his delayed dinner. Leechboy and leechbabe once the finished laughing hysterically went straight to bed.

I really shouldn’t laugh but… um… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I hope you both get over the gastro soon.

On a brighter note, days like that that make the next few feel so much better. I am sure you will love getting straight in tonight.

Push that cuckoo out of the nest when you next see him too damnit.

Cuckoo’s bags are packed and awaiting his return at the front door. I’m holding them hostage until he returns my keys - then he will be given his bags and the boot.

Hip Hip Hooray!