A compliment to all...

Although I have recently only begin to involve myslef in politics, and foreign policy, etc. The majority of that time, I have spent trying to find a place, (whether it be at home, or over the net like so) that had people on it who. a) knew what they were talking about. b) do not come to act immature in every single post they see, and give single sided; close minded answers, and do not insult people because of the way they belive (whether it be religion, or if you voted for Bush or not, etc). And I must compliment all of y’all (guess where i’m from) on this. It is what makes me keep wanting to come back to this forum.

Meet me in the Pit, you roaring blowhard!

(Joke! Joke! Joke! I’m new here myself! I agree: this place is a vast font of knowledge, and, yes, even wisdom!)