A Cranky Visit

We have recently found out that the SDMB’s own CrankyAsAnOldMan will be in Chicago Friday June 11 for dinner. This is her only appearance in the area, so if you want to meet her, this is it.

The plan is a dinner Friday night. MikeG is looking into a place for dinner. The criteria are that it serve good food cheap. So, mark your calendar and if you’re interested, post here so we have a head count for dinner.

I know this is asking a lot, but is there any way we could have dinner somewhere near Orland Park or at least in the city? Brian and I are leaving for Colorado the next morning, and I would love to be able to have dinner with you guys.

Yay! Cranky! I’m in.

You know I’ll be there. I want to swap parenting tips with Cranky.

I’m definitely interested. I would be a lot more interested if I got a personal invitation, though.

This is your invite, now STFU!

I forgot I’m supposed to be at my sister’s that night.

I love you guys and all, but you’ve got nothing on my two year old neice.

I’m the only one who demands personal invitations around here, missy. YOU are simply expected to be there.

As for the visit I’ll have to take a rain check. :frowning:

If you’re thinking Thai, I humbly recommend:

Thai Pastry (no, it’s not just a pastry shop - it will rock your world!)


I can most likely make it. And I promise someday I’ll learn how to do that cool link thingie where the URL doesn’t show.

What if I promise to act like a two year old?

If you start acting like a two year old it’s all for the best I won’t be there. Otherwise how would anybody tell us apart?

OK, so far we have

Jane D’oh
Eva Luna
Mike G

Any one else? I know there are more Cranky fans out there lurking. De-lurk and make yourselves know so we can include you in the rollicking good time that dinner Friday night is going to be.

I thought my status as a Cranky fan was already known, but I was apparently mistaken.

No, you’re not mistaken, I’m just a dope.

I think I can make it.

Thai Pastry is indeed good. And very inexpensive. And only 6 blocks from my place. :smiley:

Before you say that, you should confirm it is in fact only 6 blocks from your place, and not a branch, say, in West Bumblethump, Wisconsin or some other unexpected place. :wink:

And I’m really sorry I can’t make a return trip to Chicago so soon. I’d love to see all of you and Ms. Cranky as well.

It is, indeed, the one and only. And it’s only 6 blocks from my place, as well. And it rocks. But I’m not lobbying for it because it’s convenient (although it is within a coulp e of blocks of the Red Line and half a block from a major bus line); I’m lobbying for it because it rocks.

(If we’re going for Thai, that is. Other cuisine recommendations made on request, but then MikeG is pretty opinionated in that department as well.)

Ms. Guest of Honor, any other cuisnes you might enjoy?

I’m in, kids. I’m not yet a Cranky fan, but I am willing to learn.

OK, it seems like the choice is Thai Pastry. Maybe MikeG will poke his head in here and let us know his thoughts.

Ms. Cranky’s flight is scheduled to get in at 4 pm. Let’s plan on dinner at about 7:00 ish. And then maybe, just maybe a drink at the Black Rock afterwards.

Plan? or other suggestions?

THE Black Rock?

Thai sounds just fine. I warn anyone within fork’s reach that if their dish has coconut rice (and mine doesn’t) I’ll be demanding nibbles.