A Criticism Of the Adverstisements in the Time Edition of February 22nd, 2010

Young Curtis, you were born about 100 years too late. Girls in bikinis is hardly new or shocking. You’ll see nearly as much skin on any public beach in the summer.

Ack … completely wrong. The Time story I was remembering had to do with Paramount’s suit to block the merger.

From the Herald-Journal, June 28 1989

Completely crossed wires. Now … which one was the story I was thinking of? Man is this going to bug me.

Curtis, haven’t you ever gone to the beach? To a swimming pool, even?


So what, educated people have no sexual desires?

Ha, I’m late to the party. Back when I read a weekly news magazine, it was The Economist. I assume it’s still good from what people say.

Well, their yearly swimsuit issue is crap, but otherwise it’s all right.

Wait, didn’t God make the beautiful female form?

Who the hell are we, to decide it’s to be covered up?

More to the point this is not a theocracy, your particular view of what constitutes moral turpitude is not the majority. Maybe it’s time to accept that.

http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/c/curtis_lemay.html Curtis is young. When I was his age I was very religious. I grew out of it. But when he starts to notice some people have lumpy shirts, it may all change. But his Doper name and his avowed religiosity are in contradiction. I am religious now lets go bomb someone. God wants me to kill in his honor.

Considering the OP, might I recommend the Watchtower?

I see that Hustler’s annual swimsuit issue had record poor sales again. Their target demographic must not be interested in pictures of women.

But on a serious note, care to explain the slum district comment, Curtis?

When I was twelve, I read Isaac Asimov’s mystery novel “Murder At The ABA.” I liked it, so I looked up his address in Who’s Who and wrote to him. I think I mentioned that I thought the sex was gratuitous although I almost certainly didn’t use that word. He wrote back that I should reread it in five years. I still have the postcard he sent. (BTW, I’ve since reread it and not only is the sex not gratuitous, but, without giving anything away, relevant to the plot.)

Similarly, I recommend that Curtis wait a few years and then take another look at the SI swimsuit issue.

Will you never weary of all these attempts to convince us that at the ripe old age of 13yrs you should be allowed to determine the moral standards that the rest of us should live by?

Is the Christian Science Monitor (daily online, not weekly) regarded as a good source for news? I seem to recall that about 20 years ago, it was, but I could very well be conflating it with something else.

No, you’re right. It’s quite good. I wouldn’t say I read it regularly, but I’ve used stories from it in my research (I’m a grad student) a number of times.

Please. If people were to stop posting on subjects about which they had no knowledge whatsoever, the Dope would shut down.

This almost reads like the work of T. Herman Zweibel. As everybody else noted, Time is not exactly highbrow.

Anyway, men who found and publish newspapers and magazines are usually not prudes. If you don’t believe that, read up on Hearst or Pulitzer or McCormick, nevermind Rupert Murdoch. Even if they have ideals in founding their publications, which is not always the case, they’re willing to do just about anything to sell more copies. I don’t know very much about Luce but I’ll go out on a limb and guess he was cut from the same cloth. And in any case the swimsuit issue has been around for 46 years, so at this point it’s hardly evidence for the decline of anything.

Fox News is not establishment so your analogy doesn’t work.

Haw haw very funny. But I consider Jehovah’s Witnesses to be heretics.

Run-down districts, redneck areas etc.

Also I’m not opposed to women wearing bikinis-what I am opposed to is the fact that such lowbrow advertisements are inserted into a serious newsmagazine.

How’s your pyloric valve?

See previous comments.** Time** is in no way a serious newsmagazine, and hasn’t been for years.