A cure for a hangover?

[In my pit debut] I’ve heard a commercial on the local radio for “Hangover Blocker.” I have no idea of how effective it is, but that is not important.

During the commercial it describes how horrible a hangover is and then says, “It’s almost enough to make you give up drinking.”

What the fuck did you think a hangover is for? To let you know how great a night you had? A hangover is nature’s way of letting you know you had too much to drink. Alcohol is good when used responsibly and in moderation. It is bad in excess. A hangover is a blaring reminder to curb the alcohol.

Alcohol can be a very dangerous substance. There are physical damages from alcohol poisoning, eventual deteriation of the liver, and the destruction of brain cells (except for Cecil who has enough for twenty lifetimes). There are psychological problems from dependency and addiction. There are social ramifications when you’re under the influence. How many drunk driving deaths, unwanted pregnacies, wife and child beatings, embarrasing behavior, and other undesirable actions have been able only because the person was drunk?

And we’re encouraging this?

I understand that many billions of dollars are lost each year due to lost hours or impaired employess but why not try encouraging responsible behavior rather than a magic pill. And you know, when a hangover pill is perfected that it will outsell Viagra.

Whereas now, people control their drinking knowing the effects. How many more are going to drink in excess knowing by popping a pill the night before or the morning after that there will be no side affects?

I do drink but only occassionally, but I know of many horrible instances of excessive drinking. When I was a child, our car got hit by a drunk driver. My mother’s arm was shattered and my unborn brother could have suffered brain damage or died. (He’s fine but I’m still not sure about the brain damage.) There are many other stories that I could tell but this is the most personal.

Shit, why not encourage this. Maybe many more people will contribute to the Darwin awards. There’s an agreement between all sane people to be hidden away from 10pm-5am and we let everybody else free to do what they want. The lucky ones can go to work the next day with no headache or anything. The unlucky ones can contribute to an article in the newspaper showing what this dumb fuck did the other night to contribute to their elimination from the gene pool.

I could probably go on for another hour, but I’ll stop for now for a breather.

This obviously upsets you a great deal.

Care for an aspirin?

I might be blowing it out of proportion of what I really feel but what that statement on the commercial implies just irks me.

We shouldn’t be encouraging excessive drinking in any form.

There you go, a short and polite rant. I got going in the OP and couldn’t seem to stop.

The cure’s already here. Take two to four Alka Seltzer PMs(depending on body weight) with lots of water if you have been overserved. Then in the morning repeat medication with regular Alka Seltzer. Bingo…you’re bright eyed and bushy tailed for work. Party again that night and repeat medication afterwards.

That kind of behavior is going to lead to hypertension.

As to your O.P.?

I tend to agree if it happens every day. But people who almost never drink are susceptible to the periodic hangover.

i view a hangover as a statement of personal responsibility, and on the rare occasion that i indeed engender such an indignity, i suffer it proudly. and i either lie down with a cool cloth over my eyes for 24 hours, or whine loudly and incessantly, or both. now, two-day hangovers are a whole different story, and thus deserve another thread.

I heard that exact same commercial yesterday and I thought it was a gag ad. I couldn’t believe it was not. They say something like “Well, you could just quit drinking, but there’s no need for THAT”. I couldn’t believe my ears. Anyway, chalk it up to marketing to the lowest common denomenator (people dumb enough to buy something called “Hangover Blocker”)


As someone who lost a beloved relative to alcohol, I can understand. I mean, a hangover is a sign you’re in deep shit.

Another thing: blackouts-caused by BRAIN DAMAGE! If you start having those, you probably need to cut back…

Hey, Wahoo

They’ve pulled Alka Selzer PM from the shelves.

They now have some sort of jel-cap.

EssVee, I’m pretty much in your camp. And I agree with you about the two day hangovers.

-Actually, not getting a hangoveer can be sign of deep shit- as an alchoholic, although I did get hangovers, I didn’t get them like flatlanders did. I know of others like this too.
Where a flatlander was sicker than a dog and had had enough for a long time, I was raring to go.

[hijack] I’ve noticed that whenever I drink I hardly ever get a hangover unless I really hit the hard stuff all night long. I guess that’s just my metabolism

True, good point. When you work up that TOLERANCE level…

I guess I should’ve said that about black outs.