Hangover cures

Last night I went to a networking event. I had only been planning on staying for a half hour, but a potential client asked me to dinner, so I went. Those of us at the table got a bottle of wine and polished it off. This after I’d already had a glass of wine at the event. Being the type of person who feels like she’s been on an all-night bender after two glasses of wine, I woke up this morning feeling pretty icky (but fortunately, I remembered everything that happened last night, and didn’t do or say anything embarrassing).

So, what do you do when you feel disgusting from too much booze? Well, according to me, I decide to paint my bathroom. Between the paint fumes and the physical activity, my hangover was magically gone.

Still, I can only paint my bathroom so many times, so I’m wondering - what do you do to get rid of a hangover?

If it’s a mild hangover, exercise is the best thing for it.

If I’m too hungover to exercise, there’s nothing for it but to try to sleep it off.

I used to work in a bar that sold “Hangover Helper.” I never tried it, but people swore by it. I asked the distributor what it was, turns out it has all the same active ingredients as Midol.

Me, I just drink water. Then, some more water. And after that, I have some water.


BTW, you’re welcome to paint my bathroom.

There is always the W.C. Fields method: Keep drinking. Not that I have a lot of hangovers, but from my experience, a drink will take the edge off.

My normal MO is a dose of vitamin B and C complex before going to bed and another dose when I wake up.

Lots and lots of water, and (I swear to god) a good shit.

lots o’ water and more water!

Also, scotch eggs if you’ve got them handy :slight_smile:

When you end your drinking, drink an entire bottle of Pedialyte. It’s more expensive then water and gatorade, but well worth it.

If you’re feeling it when you wake up (try the Pedialyte so you don’t get here!), the best cure hands-down is a hot bowl of menudo. Preferably fresh, and not canned.

LVgeogeek, I gotta know - what the heck are scotch eggs??

Oh, and, Metacom, doesn’t menudo have tripe in it? If I’m right and it does, I’d rather eat the band Menudo than the food. :slight_smile:

it is a hardboiled egg “wrapped” with ground pork sausage and pan “fryed” Definately not for the vegans or vegetarians out there.

A big glass of water and two Advil, before going to sleep.

As long as I do that, I always wake up feeling fine. If I don’t do that, I’ve found nothing that stops the misery other than time.

Yours or someone else’s? How do you choke it down? I can barely eat toast when I have a bad hangover, and I like toast.

I agree with the water part, though. Lots and lots of water, preferably while you’re drinking.

I’d reply, but I’m laughing too hard. :smiley:

I have never understood this. The last thing I want in the morning is more of the stuff that put me in my miserable condition. Also, I never drink in the morning, period (barring the odd mimosa at brunch.)

Got to agree, here. I missed menudo when I went away to college. I drank from Wednesday to Sunday night and had to cure my hangovers with Taco Bell- so sad. Almost any kid of spicy mexican food will do the trick. Or if you cant eat food, have an extra spicy bloody mary. 'Hair o the dog that bit ya!

Apparently a hangover is the result of a chemical inbalance caused by not drinking any more. having a drink is supposed to correct that imbalance slightly and so make you feel better. Something like that anyway.
Can anyone explain how to get rid of the dry numb feeling in the back of the throat after drinking spirits? No amount of water seems to affect it.

Prevention, people, not cure! As mentioned, WATER, WATER, WATER. Alternate drinks with good 'ole H2O, keep a large glass at bedside, pee if you have to, and wake up (relatively) well. If you really tied it on, do the above, then when you wake up eat a light meal (soup, crackers, a light sandwich, etc.) drink water or ginger-ale or other innocuous liquid, then lay right back down for a while. Follow up with [repeat above]. Two eats, two sleeps, I used to call it. Never failed. Now if you gotta work… :frowning: ahh, suffer you damn fool! :wally Never paste yourself prior to a workday, or suffer the consequences ye shall!

Niacin before, Gatorade & protein after.

Doesn’t work for me. Just gives me a headache.

I also like a big greasy meal.

Lots of water, yah. Sometimes a couple of Advil before I go to bed.

A little exercise, definitely. No matter how bad I feel, I never get any better staying in bed. Once I get up and make some coffee (not exactly chemically what your body needs, but it takes the edge off of my headache sometimes…and if I don’t drink it my headache will only get exponentially worse) and move around, I feel a lot better.

Eating something is okay, I like some soup.

But there is no in hell you will get me to eat Mexican with a hangover. The way my bowels move after a night of drinking…ugh. I don’t want ANYTHING to do with spicy Mexican if I’ve already got shits from too much whiskey.