A Dance With Dragons is done

The beast is slain.

No, seriously. It’s really done.

I may start holding my breath now. When’s Duke Nukem Forever coming out?

June 14 in the US.

When does True Lies 2 come out?


So, how long before the Winds of Winter comes out? :slight_smile:

Well, we’re getting Arnie back in T5, and he says he would do True Lies 2…

James Cameron’s not busy these days, is he? :wink:

George has a lot of pressure now. He has to finish books 6 & 7 not only before HBO catches up,but before he pulls a Robert Jordan…

Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed…

In other news, the sky is blue and water is wet.

Slight hijack, but why are people so worried about this? The man’s 62 years old - even if his health isn’t spectacular, he’s not even ready for retirement, let alone the grave.

Robert Jordan recently died at 58.

True, but Martin is not in what you’d call peak physical condition. 62-year-olds have heart attacks all the time.

Plus, it’s not like the guy has been popping out these books every couple years. Instead, the delay between each book is getting longer.

If this thing went to 12 or 13 books, at the rate the Estimated Time Between Books has been increasing, I think the ETBB would be greater than a healthy human lifespan…


When are we going to find out about Flashman and Jefferson Davis’ lightning rod?

I have heard it said on some boards that GRRM has alluded to the fact that he’s painted himself into a corner, plot-wise. Any take on that one?

My understanding was he’d originally intended a 5 year gap between Dragons and the next one. That would give the kids time to grow up, Danys time to get hold of her empire, Jon time to get hold of the wall, Bran time to learn magic, etc.

Also gets winter out of the way.

He later decided that the 5 year gap wouldn’t work, and his big problem has been trying to make all the big stuff still make sense without that time to grow. That’s presumably why he’s, at least according to himself, rewritten Dragons at least twice.

The upside is, in the best of all possible worlds, if he’s gotten past that bump, his year per-book ratio should improve.

Hopefully, anyway.

He’s only 62 years old? No disrespect intended, but the man looks ancient.

I want to read the series, but I want to wait for it to be finished before I start.

What logical progression would say that he wants to “get winter out of the way”? The buildup throughout the first four books was that “Winter is coming”. Winter is coming! Winter is coming! The Others are coming with Winter! Winter is coming!

If Martin were to actually put winter into that 5-year gap and skip over it completely after all the yammering about it that everyone from kings to freaking birds have been doing I would be DONE with the series. Period. It’s like taking Chekhov’s Gun, making a triple-size copy of it, hanging it from a cable stage left front with three spotlights on it all the way through the play, and then completely ignoring it for the rest of the play and having a line of dialogue in the final act that goes, “Oh, and so-and-so was shot a few weeks ago.”

It’s almost as if he’s spent considerable time building up this thing, this Winter (almost a character, really), making you want to see it, making you invested in it…

Then killing it.

But really, what writer would do that? :wink:

I have a feeling that when winter comes, it won’t end until they kill it.

I had to be more tired than I thought to not get the whole Kong is dead picture…arg.

I gave up on this series a long time ago.
But now, maybe (just maybe) I will reread the series up to now.

Does anyone know how many books are supposed to be in this series?