George RR Martin's A Dance with Dragons is delayed until 2013!

This just hit the wires today.

For more information, you can check out newssites here and here.

Could this really be the last year I do this? Tune in April 1, 2012!

I do hope he’s hired personal security for the present time at least. I’m not a fan, nor have I read his books. This is largely because of the utter fury I have observed in the people who have read his books, and are waiting fo the next one. . .

Mixing it up, are we?

Ahem. Check the calendar.

Too funny! It is because it is *believable *that makes it a good joke! Had I not read closely I would have been telling people that it was delayed.

Whooshed. Utterly and completely. Bravo! ::claps::

I think this is the 5th year in a row I’ve been suckered on April 1 about GRRM.

The OP is a cruel person. :smiley:

Almost…you almost got me. Then I realized that seven new characters was entirely too paltry an addition to be true with Martin.

ETA: Actually, I think it scares me that my very first thought on reading the thread title in the forum list was, “I KNEW IT! I TOLD THEM!”

The name of Martin’s alleged editor is “April Fulls.” Subtlety of a jackhammer, but I guess this would just be way too believable if the OP didn’t put a clear reveal in there somewhere.

THIS. Except that you suckered me completely. Well done!

It ought to be 3500 pages as long as it’s taken. If the not-so-subtle indications that this was a joke weren’t included, I’d have believed it.

Dang, I was just going to start a SoIaF Fool’s thread entitled “Dance With Dragons to have new POV: HODOR!”. Now you’ll all be on guard.

Hodor! Hodor hodor hodor HODOR!

Hodor? HODOR!

Hey, I wanted to keep with tradition. It’s GRRM that’s mixing things up!

Heh. Check the first link :stuck_out_tongue:

You got me last year, but not this year, damn you! Hahaha!

(I was expecting to come here and see a prank thread about GRRM, even.)


A pox upon the OP. I believed it without hesitation.

So, I read the thread title, and my heart sinks. Then I click. Then I quickly skim about 1/4 of the first few lines in disbelief. Then I remember the joke and check the poster’s name. Then I recover. Then I read more of the thread and see Dio’s comment. Then I go back and re-read the entire OP, more carefully this time.

Bravo, sir. Love the last line.

Does it count as a joke if it’s true?


Of course, the joke will be on you in a month when he announces it IS being delayed. >_>