George RR Martin finishes A Dance with Dragons!

You can read more of the story Here

I’m not sure I’m going to be pleased about this…

All those other story lines and I have to wait until 2013?

Le sigh.

ETA: Dammit! Never trust ANYONE!

Well played

My thought process:

“Yes! Finally!”

“Wait, what?”

“Hmm, that sucks…”

“Ohhh!” :smack:

Yep, you got me, first time today.

One of the elements opf a good con: to dangle something people really really want or really really dread. A book in the song of Ice and Fire series that concentrates on Daenerys ticked both of those boxes for me.

It took me embarrassingly long to figure this one out…


Especially a dragon POV!

Damn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hodor, hodor, hodor!


I was seconds away from calling a friend of mine in the middle of work. I didn’t read your “quote”, but I checked his website and much embarrassment was averted.

You make me want to violate as many of Ed’s rules as I can think of.

But in a good way. Well played, sir.

Damn you. <shakes fist>

Now do one saying that David Gerrold has finished the next Chtorr book.

Bravo! Bravo!


This is one joke that didn’t get me–just one look at the subject line and I knew it couldn’t be true.

Even April Fools jokes have to be believable.

The OP is a very mean person. :mad::frowning:

Old gods or new, no man is so accursed as the SoIaF-teaser!

Well played sir.

(let’s find out where he lives and then…)

You evil, evil person!

It’s about damn time! When can I pre-order it?