A Deadwood Movie - It's really happening

It sounds like it’s really happening, and virtually everyone is back.

Well, the cocksucking pigs need feeding!

Cocksucker took the words out of my fucking mouth.

I can’t believe Timothy Olyphant is 50. Here he is in a still from the new movie.

FYI, the movie premieres on HBO tomorrow night (Friday, May 31).

There’s an article in this week’s (May 27) New Yorker about Milch. He’s not in good shape.

Here is an interesting dinner conversation that includes Timothy Olyphant and David Milch:

That article mentions a pilot he did for HBO for a show called “The Money” which is described as King Lear meets the Murdochs. That actually sounds quite a bit like Succession, the second season of which is on HBO’s schedule for later this year. So perhaps HBO continued with the idea in a different direction?

Less than an hour to wait!

I hoped for a good send off and I got it IMO. It was like they never had gone. The tone, feel and dialogue were spot on. Most of the characters got their moment even if it was just a scene or two.

Fantastic, couldn’t be happier with it. A tear was shed. Defiant to the end.

Just watched it. Everyone had a moment. They managed to get virtually everyone back (who is still alive) for this movie and I am glad.


I didn’t much care for the dialogue. Sounded like Shakespeare-in-the-park. Some of the actors pulled it off. Most didn’t.

Good story. Loved the Jewish stuff and was about as mystified by some of it as the characters appeared to be. Bullock’s moment of truth was outstanding, when he decided to do what he was supposed to do rather than what he wanted to do. Jane’s scenes were magnificently filthy and full of heart. The fights in the alley and outside the hotel were pure Deadwood.

A little disappointed that the whole place didn’t burn down, but I guess they left historicity behind several seasons back.

I got a little misty during the funeral scene.

Overall it was really well done. I didn’t re-watch the series in anticipation of the movie; haven’t seen most of the episodes in over a decade. For me it seemed just a bit off, like a near-perfect tribute band, but I was grateful to have it all the same.

Same here. I thought it missed the mark, probably because of the convoluted dialog, which seemed to be the point of the movie, with the plot being secondary. If I hadn’t turned on the CC, I’d have been lost.

David Milch is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, so we might cut him some slack.

I thought it was great. I think it helps looking at “Deadwood “ as being Al Swearengen’s story. True, the movie never quite hit me like some of the episodes did, but then that is an awful lot to ask.
Last, I think “Deadwood” was always more about characters than plot, and stayed true to that in the movie.

I think it’s fair to say that if you didn’t like the dialogue in the movie (which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea), you probably didn’t like the series.

It’s not fair to say that. But hey, thanks for trying to read my mind!

Some of the characters in the series frequently used flowery, formal, or downright purple dialogue. Jane, Utter, especially Farnum. But in the movie, it was practically everybody, all the time.

I have a theory, though, that it was intentional. One of the complaints about the series was that the speech wasn’t very accurate for the period. Milch responded that if they’d written the dialogue the way people then actually spoke, viewers would think it was ridiculous. Maybe the movie was intended to be more accurate.

I kinda thought it was a bit meh. Probably because the flashbacks seemed to mess with the pacing IMO. Loved hearing that old dialogue again.

Loved the series, didn’t care for the movie, and for the same reason.