A description of a situation.

34 years old
BA in Emergency Management from 13 years ago.
Never had a job in Emergency Management
Has science teaching qualifications
Taught for three years eight years ago, currently in a new teaching job, hates it, intends to quit asap.
Likes science
Has science friends who always only lament how there are no jobs
Likes artistic pursuits
As a highschooler, graphic design and animation were her dream careers.
Believes that now the market for graphic design is saturated and besides any tomdickharry can pick up photoshop and do it and also does not believe herself to be as creative as a professional needs to be.
Ditto for photography.
Does not see animation as a practical career goal, believes she lacks the creativity required of a professional artist anyway.
Irrevocably, unrecoverably number-phobic.
Cute and nice.
Not one for confrontation.
Knows how to write with a professional tone.
Exceedingly dutiful.
Feels a deep need to stay home with her infants for a year or two, while working or going to school nights.
In the past 13 years, in no particular order, has worked as a teacher, a TSA screener, a car rental lot gate monitor, a tutor, a remedial education teacher, and a stay-at-home mother.
Can not figure out what to major in or what kind of field to find an entry-level position in for start-from-scratch purposes, does not know what other options she has.

Hmm… Was thinking Medical Technology (because that’s what I’m doing), but with the work-from-home caveat, I’m thinking Medical Transcription?

I don’t know much about current job prospects though, just a thought.

Public sector. Lots of rules and details, no real goals. Keeping the job becomes the thing.

I wouldn’t have thought this except I know someone a lot of similarities to your description who went through a series of disparate jobs, and guess what she does now? Emergency management for a state office. She loves it and is pursuing further education in that field. Now 2 1/2 years into that job she is just as psyched as the day she started. I think her record time until dissatisfaction was 2 1/2 weeks, and 2. 1/2 months seemed to be the average.