A Different body switching scenario

No its not a fetish as I’m sure some of you are thinking. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to become somebody else. No, not to have another body which I control. To literally internally metamorphisize into someone else. To be used like a vehicle or puppet or some type of object or tool by someone else. To fully be aware yet fully mentally and spiritually and physically controlled by another individual to the point where I was no longer me, but I was them. If you had that much control over me what would you do? How would you make me dress? What changes would you make?

Here’s a little background info: I’m a 34 year old overweight man who lives at home with my family still because I’m mentally ill. I’m currently unemployed and single and I live in southern California a 2 hour drive from LA. So what would you do if right this instant you completely took me over and how long would you use me as your puppet if you somehow had the ability to do this?

It would be great if I were taken over a woman and fully aware and fully mentally and physically controlled by her because if I ever gained control again I could be the first man in history who understood women and I could become a billionaire for writing a book about understanding women!

Bump this up to the top again. It would be fun to have a second body I could borrow from time to time I think.

Well, the first thing I would say is, “What the…hey!! This isn’t Naomi Watts!”

What makes you think that doing this would allow you to understand women?

When my wife and I reflected on trading bodies for a while, she said “I’d be afraid you wouldn’t give mine back”.

You should switch bodies with Charlie Wayne.

I figure if a woman left her experiences of being a woman and how women think and act that I’d be able to explain to other men in a book how women really think and how to approach one and give great relationship advise.

I figure women have already written books like that by the hundreds, in every language known to humankind. What is it you intend to contribute, again?

Makes me think of Futurama where Bender becomes human, I could gorge on food, sex, and alcohol then rob a couple banks and send the money to my old body and then leave you to clean up the mess, nah I’m just kidding I’d help you whip your body into shape.

Malkovich Malkovich. Malkovich!

That would totally work because women are all exactly the same – take one over as a puppet, take 'em all over as a puppet.

Thank you for all your comments , Keep them cming.

Methinks he doth protest too much.

You want to be controlled, and you want us to describe what it is we do with your body.
What is it you get out of this if not sexual arousal?

In other words, why do you want to know?

BTW, people who have mental illnesses don’t typically refer to themselves as “mentally ill.” They name the illness.

Schizoaffective disorder Trust me, I’m not making it up, If I were every I’ve successfully duped every doctor, psychiatrist, friend, and family member I’ve ever had lol.

I wish I could remember the name of the short story about changing bodies published in Analog several years ago. It’s opening went something like:

The first thing men do when taking over a woman’s body is feel their breasts. The first thing women do in a man’s body is pee standing up.