Use your imagination [Body swapping hypothetical]

If you woke up tommorrow morning in the body of someone of the opposite gender, what would you do? Here’s the catch: You are stuck in that person’s body the rest of their physical life. Your own body is in a secret location in some sort of suspended animation. The original owner of the other body is still conscious, but you are the one in complete control, both mentally and physically. For life. For better or worse. What would you do? Use your imagination.


Is this a weird sex fetish thing?

Need answer fast?

Two words: Lesbian threesome.

Star in a Reality show.

Yeah, I might masturbate first, just to get that out of the way. Then, um, get a career?

Am I hot?

Oh you want us to post it. I was just using my imagination.

I don’t know. Suppose I’d do the solo sex thing first, then maybe practice putting tampons in so I don’t make a mess of it when I have to do it for real, then, I don’t know.

What does this mean, she’s in there with me all the time? That could be the only problem, aside from having to buy a new wardrobe and ID. My husband is pansexual, so no problem with him.

I think the first thing would be to re-read Heinlein’s I Will Fear No Evil, since it is pretty much the same story…

And that’s about all the imagination I’ve got at this hour of the morning…

My bolding. What does that mean? I know I could look it up but would rather the SDMB first hand version.

Keep an eye on my cholesterol and invest in a conservative 401k.

I would have female to male gender reassignment surgery and become an important figure in the transgender community.

My body is in suspended animation? I’d dump all my money in some nice long-term investments! I’ve probably got an extra 50 years all of a sudden!

Do all the things that women cant do…after all, being male I would think that way.:p:p

mikeritchie30, welcome to the Straight Dope.

I have edited your title to make it more clear what this thread is about.

Sit on the sofa?

Have people saying wow that chick can slap the shit out of the bass!

Cool. Now I can tell all the assholes who piss me off to suck my dick.

I’d probably not change a thing. But i’d be careful to be more feminine since in life i’m a man and I wouldnt know how to move, think, or act like a female even if I suddenly woke up as one.