What would you do if you were a member of the opposite sex for a day?

I always wondered what people would do if they one day woke up and were the opposite sex of what they usually were.
Me, if I could turn into a man for a day, I’d do crazy things.
I’d try to sing really high songs I normally sing and laugh at how funnily deep my voice was.
I’d do “manly” things, like spitting and playing baseball.
I’d go into bars and be treated like an equal instead of a sex object! (Well, maybe)
I’d eat a lot, and then I could burp without saying excuse me and no one would care.
I’d enjoy not shaving my legs and my armpits because I was a man.
I’d go hang out with other men, and talk about things like women’s rights, environmental issues and stuff like that and then laugh my ass off at the looks on their faces.
But probably I would mostly pee. I’d pee everywhere, just because I could. Off of cliffs, into jars, on people from a balcony, wherever. A peeing frenzy.

Well, what would you guys do?


If I turned into a woman for a day, I’d let my gf have her way with me. I think she’d like it… and so would I.

I just hope it wouldn’t be “that time” for me.

If I turned into a woman for a day I WOULD NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE. Hell, I’d be lucky if I got out of the shower. If I was well endowed I might have a problem turning my brain back on again.

Sigh. There you men go again, thinking all woman are naturally lesbians…


If I was a woman for a day:

  • Of course, f#$! my brains out.
  • Go on a job interview to see if I got treated differently/paid less
  • Walk past a construction site
  • Go to a lesbian bar
  • Follow Anna Kournikova into the locker room

I don’t know how you got to that conclusion. Talk about generalizations. I digress.

That’s how. If I read that wrong, I’m sorry.
Anyhoo, back to the topic. Man, I’m good at changing the flow of the conversation! This thread took less than 5 minutes!


I’d check the Poor Man’s Lava Lamp. :wink:

I’d check out the showers at gyms and stuff. WHOA!!!

Troll for Lesbians.

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy! :smiley:

W-ell, I was thinking I’d probably be doing those things too… I must confess it.
But I was thinking of more non-sex stuff. If that’s possible.

OK, maybe it’s not. You gotta admit the thought of being in a memeber of the opposite sex’s body is a turn on :wink:


Probably spend the day in a locked room in front of a mirror/camcorder.

No, I really don’t have anything intelligent to contibute to this one.

I would want to have sex.

And move all the heavy furniture in my house that my husband has put where he wants without consulting me to the places that I know it should go.

And thanks to the Random Scrotum Sightings thread in BBQ, I would stand naked, bending over, to watch my balls move on their own.

Actually, I was just talking about my gf without reference to women as a whole. No big whoop.

Carrying on, another vote for showers.

Shaving of the legs and pits would probably be a priority.

If it were winter, I’d drink a ton of Dr. Pepper and try to write my name in the snow.

Butt-head: If I had boobs like that, I’d never leave the house.
Beavis: If I had boobs like that, I’d leave the house to go get a mirror to look at my boobs.

Man, is this highlighting some sex-based differences.

The guys are all thinking ‘I’d see what it’s like to get laid on the other side’ and Guin is thinking ‘cool, I can pee standing up!’.

I’d practice going to the bathroom standing up. I’d definitely try to have sex.

Other then that, I’d probably just spend alot of time playing with my new anatomy.

Well, actually, it might be a good way to get my ex-wife to take me back!

Assuming that you could remember what it was like to have been a member of the opposite sex, you might well think that you were crazy or on drugs. I suspect the situation would be emotionally wrenching or that one might believe that they were on drugs.

Some of the time-travel speculation has always been that if one went back in time, they’d regard you as crazy or a witch.

It’s perfectly natural to speculate what sex would be like from ‘the other side.’ And I’m glad it’s only for a day because I wouldn’t want to deliver a baby.

Hehe, was just about to mention that. :smiley:

I’d also want to have sex… but that’s easier said than done, so I’d probably go the DIY route. Har.

Depending on my height and strength, I’d also try to do things I was physically incapable of doing (or just bad at) as a girl - touching the ceiling without jumping, seeing how fast I could run, climbing stuff, that kind of thing.