"A Feast for Crows" question

I read this George R.R. Martin novel not long after it came out. There’s a scene in which a feudal lord is presiding as a judge in an impromptu court - I believe in a harbor or on a wharf. He announces some pretty curt decisions based on very little evidence; in one of them, a merchant accused of cheating a customer was to have some fingers chopped off, IIRC.

Anyone remember in which chapter this appears?

It’s one of Brienne’s chapters towards the middle. The town is Duskendale, I believe, and the lord is Randall Tarly, Sam’s father.


Criminetly, how can you guys remember details like that? I can’t even tell you which book something happens in, let alone which chapter.

I’m re-reading A Game of Thrones now, and I don’t even remember which major character gets killed – Robert Baratheon or Ned Stark. I do remember what happens to a certain little prick though. :smiley:



Well, you know, after you read the series seven or eight times, stuff starts to stick.

Any other Westeros fans have an exact chapter number?

Chapter number? What chapter number?

Ooops. I don’t own any of them. Aren’t the chapters numbered? Thought they were. If not, and if you have the book in front of you, what’s the first sentence of that particular chapter, then?

Sorry, my copy’s out on loan.

Just spreading the Good Word, ya know?

In my copy (Voyager HC), this Brienne chapter (the one with the trial) starts on page 199. The first line is “The stone wall was old and crumbling, but the sight of it across the field made the hairs on Brienne’s neck stand up.”

The chapters aren’t numbered – they’re marked with the POV’s name.

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According to this, it’s the 2nd Brienne POV chapter, or the 10th chapter in the book (including the Prologue).

No one ever accused Martin of being soft on his characters…

Just what I needed! Many thanks.

Awesome website! I wish someone would do this for Steven Erikson’s Malazan books.