A' feeel good, na na na na na na na.

I feel good.

I have a new excercise regime (new bike), a fairly good diet, a love-interest at work, some recent respect for my abilities at work (I am smokin’-hot sometimes IIDSSMS)
In other words, my sad little life is finally going places. If nothing comes of the love-interest I will derive satisfaction from having tried to make something of it. And I know for damn sure I will try because the new me doesn’t even contemplate the idea of non-action.

The new me doesn’t dwell on bad thoughts. The new me gets his ass off his… ass and makes each day worthwhile. The new me is going to be brave and use all weapons at it’s disposal to get what it wants.

Props to you! It’s always nice to see non-gripe personal threads around here. I shall toast you from my new handle of Crown Royal tonight. :smiley:

Way to go, Lobsang! :slight_smile:

Allow my to bask in your radiance and thus get my own butt in gear…

I knew that you would, now!

I’ve also always liked your screename Lobsang. Hope that makes you feel good too.

Well I broke up with someone on the weekend ( :smack: :mad: :frowning: ), so I hate all happy joyful people. Go away.
But good luck anyway Lobbie. How can she fail to be swept off her feet? :smiley:

Sarah, if you have nothing nice to say about people, you’re welcome to come sit by me. :cool:

Lobsang, part of me is deeply happy for you, but you remind me that the two most depressing personality types in my life are a) limp, despairing wet blankets and b) red-blooded hard-nosed racing-striped men-of-action. (Not your fault; you couldn’t have known.)

If only I knew.

For those of you who are a little cofusticated by the appearance of this thread an explanation follows.

I did a search with the options set at ‘threads from a year ago and older’ with the intention of seeing what kind of things I posted before the-worst-year-of-my-life™ commenced and wouldn’t you know it, this thread was top of the list.

I think it’s the first thread in which I mentioned you know who, and it was posted a year ago to the day (well, +1)

Well, I am feeling good. My job is going well, the ‘love-interest’ has fucked off to America to be with some ugly rich guy. The repulsive obnoxious sidekick is gone too. Work resembles a place of business finally. I feel good.
Did I mention that I feel good?

Oh, look. This again.

Attaboy, Lobsang! Keep the exercise up. Hell, a few more of these threads, and you just might motivate me to get up off the couch and run my fat ass around the block.

It really is a great idea, what you’re doing. I remember how exercise used to cheer me up and get me out of the doldrums. Good luck, man, and keep us posted.

Lobsang, please don’t bump year old threads . . . even if you started the thread.

Start a new thread and link to the old one.

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