A few notes about Silent Hill 2, the worst game ever made.

I bought this game over a year ago and struggled thru the first few hours of this bore fest and gave up on it. I had a few hours the other night and decided to break it out and give it another try. I started to get into it for a little while and played it again tonight. I finally beat the pyramid head guy in the first apts and was very excited to be leaving them because they sucked and were the most boring levels I have ever played in a game.

After getting out of beating a fking BOSS I did the first thing any player is going to do, look for a save point. Well, suprise suprise there is not one after the boss. You end up back in this town and end up running around aimlessly just like the first part of the game. I ran around for a full fking hour trying to find save point just so I could save my game and go to bed.

I NEVER FOUND ONE. I ran around the town area, with no direction, so I have given up on the game and turned it off. Now if I wanna play again I have to go thru the last part of the apt and kill the pyramid guy and try to find a fucking save spot again.

So, now that I officially think this game sucks balls, I would like to offer Konami a few pieces of adivce for the next one.

  1. Thick fog does not make a game scary. In fact it makes it migrane inducing. You are forced to zig zig all over the roads to find anything in this game because you cannot see 5 feet infront of your character.

  2. Video games that are not action packed do need some sort of story and direction. This game is as linear as it gets, but you have no idea where you are supposed ot go at the begining of the game and then you have the same feeling of “where now?” after you beat the pyramid guy. There is no story to follow, no characters guding you in the right direction. You just run run run, and try to open a million doors that are locked or don’t respond at all. There is NOTHING in the game that tells you to go to the apts at the begining. If you don’t stumble on the dead body with the key while aimlessly running around town you will never know that you had to go the apt. You find a key to an apt so all the sudden thats where you go? For no reason? Just because you found a key? After reading on Gamefaqs after I gave up I found that you are supposed to go to a bowling alley next. How the fuck is the player supposed to figure that out? This is the norm in this shitty game.

  3. If you are going to have limited save points, as in 4 save points in the first 4 hours of the game, at least don’t hide the fucking things. IT should be MANDATORY to have a save point after a boss fight. I will now be selling this game because I could not ifnd a save point within a fucking hour after beating pyramid. AN HOUR of constant running.

  4. The puzzles in this game are the dumbest excuses for a puzzle ever made. Ex., I look in garbage chute and see garbage in it. I can’t figure out how to unlodge it, or really why I want to , but the game seems to want me to. So I run around aimlessly. I find some canned orange juice in a hallway by a door. I am supposed to put 2 and 7 together to realize that the orange juice is supposed ot be dropped in the garbage chute to clear the garbage. Make sure you look in shit filled toliets for wallets in this game too. Fucking stupid.

  5. Don’t trick me into thinking there are alot of places to go by having 1000 doors in the game but only let me open 6 of them.

  6. Same thing for buildings. I guess there are only 2 buildings you can even go into in the first few hours of the game. But you can run ALL OVER silent hill and look at the outside of tons of buildings that are on your map. But you better stumble on the building you can go in if you want to actually play the game.

  7. I loved looking at the same 2 monsters over and over for 4 hours of game time. Big variety.

  8. Why did you feel the need to make me hit a zombie/monster/deformed barbie doll 100 times before it dies? The pistol is no better.

I could go on all day long about this shitty game. It’s probably the worst design I have ever seen in a game. The only thing they got right was the atmosphere. ITs much creepier than Resident Evil. Too bad it is much more boring and shitty.

Fucking Stupid.

I must unequivocably disagree.

There’s a mark on your map. Go to it.

Some of us don’t like having a game spoon-fed to us. Perhaps you should go back

Silent Hill 2 is a great game. Painfully short, but great all the same. It’s a shame you lack the ability or capacity to appreciate it. Might I suggest you go back to Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest instead?

(Yes, I stopped in mid-thought and then went back to it. I blame the fog.)

Theres no mark on my map you piece of shit. Keep talking shit in my thread and I will beat you with mannequin legs while making horking noises.

Then, obviously, your oh-so-genius self missed a very, very obvious clue at the beginning of the game. Go back and try again.

And I’ll talk all the shit I want in your thread, you 2x4-wielding pansy-ass.

The only game better than SH2 is SH1 for horror. But most of your points carry over to that one, too.

SH1 was better? Been thinking about getting SH2, but between you and Stinkpalm, it’s startin’ to sound like I’d be better off missing it…

SH2 was nice and creepy, but confusing and way, way, WAY too short. If you can pick it up for about $20, then it would be worth it… the atmosphere and freakiness should be experienced.

I’m just waiting for Silent Hill 3…

Hell no, I characterized it as the second best horror game yet made. Play it! If you have an XBox I recommend that version instead, even the though the extra mission isn’t all that spectacular it does add a bit to the story (IMO).

Do not play SH2 on “hard”. There is a scene…… where you are running away from a repeating boss character, pyramid head, through a hallway that twists and turns something fierce. Following you a short ways behind is an NPC “Maria”. On hard pyramid head is much faster and does more damage, making it virtually impossible (for me, anyway) to get through that section. I spent a day on it and never made it. F that.At least rent it, turn out the lights, and play alone. Yeah baby! :smiley:

Worst game ever? Clearly you never heard of the E.T. videogame.

I got it new for $15 on the Playstation. Played it once, kinda enjoyed it. Not a bad game. Haven’t gone back to it since.

Worst game ever is Superman 64.

No, the worst game ever is E.T.

Somethingawful.com disagrees with Miller, puts Superman in worst spot. I love SA’s reviews almost as much as their Photoshop Phridays. :slight_smile:

They only say that it is quite possibly the worst game ever. They’re wrong. E.T. killed Atari. Fuckin’ Atari. They were at 2 billion a year, and it killed 'em dead.

You know, Stinkpalm, it is completely possible to just walk back to the save point that’s right before the boss after you beat it… and yes, there is a mark on your map–notice that big red circle around the park to the north? Perhaps you might try going that way, next time… no offense, but I dunno how they could have made your next goal much more obvious.

That said, Silent Hill 1 & 2 are two of my all-time favorite games. The designers put so much thought into every aspect of each of them–everything from the setting, to the dialogue, to the sound effects plays a substantial part in helping you unravel what’s going on. You think that fog is there just to be scary? Hah. That fog is there for a very specific reason (though, admittedly, you pretty much have to have played [and understood] SH1 to know it). Though I think SH2 ultimately makes a bit less sense than SH1 (which, when you pieced it together, actually had a rather solid story), it still makes a lot more sense than 90% of people give it credit for. In both games, you pretty much have to see all the endings to get the full picture (though moreso in SH1), and then apply a bit of good-ol’-fashioned analysis of your own into the mix.

Oh wait–I’d better not let myself get started. I can go on about Silent Hill for hours, once I get rolling. Better quit while this is reasonably short…

What’s a “boss” in this context?

In the context of videogames, a “boss” is an enemy character more powerful than the more common types, usually placed at certain benchmarks during the game–most commonly, at the end of each “level,” or “area.” Bosses are typically meant as a challenge to be overcome before the player can progress to the next stage of gameplay, and often require specialized tactics and/or specific equipment to defeat. In story-driven games, bosses are often pre-established characters, or at least have some sort of narrative signifigance. The final enemy to be overcome in a game is referred to as the “last boss.”

I’m not sure when they were first referred to as “bosses”; I’ve been calling them that ever since I can remember (which would be back to about 1987, when I got my 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System). It may have started in Japan, but I’m not sure. Hope that helps.

Does the PC version have limited save points? I’ve considered getting it, but I despise limited save points. Call me what you will, but I hate having to do the same areas over and over.

As I recall, video game instruction booklets have always referred to bosses as ‘bosses’.

Stinkpalm, I never played ‘2’, but your rant seems to describe the first one as well.

With that said, I’m currently exploring the school. I have looked in every room. What the fuck do I do next?

I thought Extreme Paintbrawl was the worst game ever until I heard about the E.T. game.