A few suggestions following the latest crash

Disclaimer: I’d like to avoid the (possibly inevitable) re-hash of the details of the latest board (non-)performance in this thread. There are, as we speak, surely 7.23 bajillion other suitable threads for that.


I would like to make a suggestion, and an observation.

The suggestion is – could Jerry (or whoever puts up the alternative text-based home page saying teh boards are temporarily down) try and put some kind of estimate as to when the boards will be back up? I assume the technical aspect of editing the text file is trivial, and the issue is not wanting to make promises one can’t be sure to keep – still, some sort of general estimate (minutes? Hours? Days?) would be nice.

The observation – there has been a rash of threads bemoaning boards performance in the past few days, and then the boards went down for a while last night, and then crashed just now.
ISTR this being a pattern in the past as well.
Perhaps it may be a good idea to “keep tabs”, as it were, on public sentiment re:boards performance – I’m sure the Mods and Admins are aware of the moods as they arise – and try to do some kind of preventative maintenance when the “public mood” starts getting ugly? because it appears (IMHO) that elevated levels of complaints about board performance seem to be grounded in reality – board crashed seem to closely follow these complaints.

That is all. This is not a “why don’t you pay attention?” whine, just an observation that, perhaps, posters’ perception about board performance degradation might foresee actual crashes – a bit like some animals are told to become restless before an earthquake – and perhaps the Tech Staff can get an advantage from following these moods.

To facilitate your request I have closed this thread to regular member additions – management and administration can respond even though the thread is closed.

Actually, management has spoken; please see Jerry’s announcement.