"A Few Words About Elliot" by Demetri Martin

A very funny New Yorker article written by Demetri Martin called “A Few Words About Elliot.” Here’s a snippet of the beginning. It just gets better from there.

I love Demetri Martin!

I miss his comedy central show. It was so great.

“If he makes a joke, feel free to let him know how funny you think it is. Seriously, make sure he knows you liked his joke.”

“Elliot is extremely intelligent. So don’t try to outsmart him. My brother-in-law made that mistake.”


Swimming: do you do it for fun or to not die?
Well, what are you wearing?
Pants: uh oh.
Trunks: fine.
Naked: we’ll see.

I got the joke a couple paragraphs in and then it just wandered into tl;dr territory. Needs serious pruning.

The “A few words …” in the title is apparently part of the joke, but actually highlights the problem with its length.

(And his show was funny as long as he kept the bits short. Also watched Contagion the other day and it was weird seeing him in a very small background role in a serious movie.)