A Fishin’ we will go. MMP

Saturday was, well, interesting. If you all will recall, Saturday was the big annual Bass Fishing Tournament fundraiser thingy for work. So, natch, I had to be there to be all nice and friendly and do stuff and all that. So, I did. It was cooooooooooooold! And windy! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay windy! It was sunny and clear though, which is apparently a good thing for bass fishing because we did have two-hundred boats signed up for the tournament. That’s four hundred people at $150 a head. Not too shabby, I guess.

Anywho, I get up at 6 a.m. on Saturday for no particular reason except I was wide awake. I made coffee, went out and got the paper, sat on my back porch and drank coffee, then read the paper from the warmth and comfort of my big ol’ lounge chair in the living room whilst sippin’ coffee, checked out the weather on the tv and all that. ACBG manages to rouse himself about 7:30 a.m. to make some fresh coffee cause I was a coffee hog with the first pot of coffee. While he’s doing that, I go get all cleaned up and dress cause, remember I have to drive seventy miles to hang out at a bass tournament even though it’s cold and windy. So, I get all spiffed up and when I walk back into the kitchen, there’s bacon and eggs and grits and toast all waiting for me. AWWWWWWW……sometimes he can be so sweet! Of course, he did not volunteer to go with me to the lake; instead, as I was leaving, he said he believed he might just go back and lie down for a while. The piker!

I get to the lake at about 10:30 a.m. and the first thing I discover is that all the tent that had been set up for us to do our thing with makin’ bbq sammiches had blown over. So, with the help of a couple of volunteers, I get that up righted and staked down. I cannot believe it was not staked down to begin with! :mad: GRRRRRRRR……… so I get over that. Then other co-workers start showing up. We mess around for a while, chatting with guys from the local bass club, the bbq team (The Road Dogs!) and such. Then about noonish the bbq team chops up some smoked <snerk> butts <snerk> and we start making some sammiches for folks that are standing around. See, we can’t sell the sammiches but we can ask for a “donation”, the “donation” being three dollars for a sammich, chips and a beverage (either a soda, a beer or water). So, we get a bunch of “donations” that way. So, not so much goes on for a while except that.

About three p.m. the fisherpersons start coming in from the lake to weigh in their catches and find out who gets prizes. First prize is $7500! Prizes go all the way down to 20th place which is $250, so not so shabby for a $150 entry fee ‘specially if’n you win something. When the fisherpersons come in, they get two tickets good for two sammiches, two bags of chips and two beverages of their choice, though we’ll give ‘em all they want of everything cause, hey, they dropped $150 a head just to be there, so why not! Well, the weigh in starts and all of a sudden, the organizers of this here event realize that they forgot to get the guy who usually does the emcee stuff and announces the weigh-ins and all that stuff! So, I have no idea who won. None at all. Not that I or probably none of you even care… but still, I usually hear at least, who won. Oh well, whoever won (that would be a team of two) got their picture took and the money so I doubt they cared that I didn’t know either. Heck, I wouldn’t! “Gimme my money!”, I’d say… who cares about anything else.

So, that’s pretty much it. It was windy, cold, sunny, lots of bbq <snerk> butts <snerk> got turned into bbq sammiches and much chips, beer, soda and water was consumed. Yes, ol swamps here did consume him a few beers but not so much I couldn’t drive seventy miles home. Also, the Road Dogs had extra <snerk> butts <snerk> for sale so I bought two of 'em at $5.00 each. They are big <snerk> butts <snerk> so that ain’t a bad price. I know have two <snerk> frozen butts <snerk> in my freezer.

One more thing, and this is a valuable piece of advice. If you are traveling on U.S. highway 82 through south Jawja and find that you need to stop and pee in Dawson, GA, do not stop at the Petro station one block off of highway 82. Even if the gas there is four cents a gallon cheaper that at the newer and nicer Inland station, it’s not worth it. That was one naaaaaaaaaaaaaasty men’s room. I have a good feeling the ladies room prolly wasn’t any better. Please file this piece of information for future use. Trust me it is an important piece of advice.


MMP already?

Tha bass fishing tournament sounds like fun. Not my kind of fun, exactly (I’m vegetarian, plus I hate cold and wind. but I like boats!) but fun nonetheless. It sounds like something that would be great with friends.

I’ve always been curious about the skill involved in fishing- do you catch bigger fish faster with practice? Or is it mostly just luck combined with good bait?

Anyway. um… I guess the presence of an MMP means I should go to bed and try to sleep for an hour and a half before getting up for school. I took a nap earlier today, so I’m not that tired, but I know I will be eventually. Plus I’ll get in trouble if I don’t go to bed at all.

swampy - looks like you had a <snerk> butt <snerk> load of fun.

Dottie - no wonder you fainted at school. Get some reasonable sleep, girl!

btw - dibs on next week’s. I’ll tell you all about competition.

Good morning, y’all. For some reason I feel like eating BBQ. Maybe not butt, though.

All of our network passwords got reset, because, “someone has been terminated.” It ain’t me, or Roundboy, or Big Fat Paulie. I wonder who it could be…

Crap. Hit the return button instead of preview.

I meant to add … but whoever it is, it probably means more work for me.

Sean, no more Mandy the Martian? :eek: However will you entertain us with tales from the office?!

Dotster I gotta agree with Rosie, you need to get some sleep. Maybe that’s what you should see the doc about.

Rosie next week is all yours. We’ll be antsy all weekend waiting for the report on the competition.

It appears we netted around 30k from the bass tournament. Not too shabby I say! :smiley:

At least someone got out and did something. I sat around all weekend. Didn’t even go to Wal-Mart. . .

Ha, I went to Wal-Mart. Which I never do. But I needed to buy a cheap version of Turbo-tax and do my taxes. I really, truly hate that place (Wal*Mart, not Turbo-Texas).

How was your smoked butt <snerk>, Swampy?

Nope, she’s still here too. It was the guy in charge of Sales out in our San Diego office. Guess this has been building to a head for the past week.

Ig Bass Tournaments deserve Ig Bass prizes and daahum if $7500 doesn’t qualify. Wow.

Hooray for BBQ too. Yesterday was beautiful here so late afternoon I retired to the patio, admired my handiwork from a weekend of planting, transplantind, weeding and mulching and tossed two pork rib racks onto the grill. Three hours later, what with them coming out so good and me not knowing how to eat BBQ with a beard, I looked like I’d been shot in the face with a fire extinguisher full of ketchup.

lieu if your beard turns red after eating bbq, it’s a sign that it was some good bbq! :smiley:

I haven’t eaten any of my <snerk> smoked butts <snerk> yet. See, I gave up meat for Lent, so I got a ways to go before I can eat any, but <snerk> that’s ok cause <snerk> smoked butts <snerk> can be wrapped well and frozen for several months. I shredded one of ‘em, so now I have several packs of <snerk> pulled smoked butt <snerk> in my freezer and one whole <snerk> smoked butt <snerk>. Believe me there’ll be some large bbq eatin’ goin’ on at the swampcave right after Easter.

Good morning everyone. Nice MMP swampy. Thirty thousand dollars, eh? Ver nice. Today is … today. I have classes, then lots of work. Speaking of work, and because you all want to know everything that goes on in my life, I made a rather cathartic decision last night. First, some background. Last spring I took the EM theory course at RPI. Due to a misunderstanding about what was covered, I completely bombed the first test, and I was unable to recover my grade. So I’m retaking it again this semester … only I managed to bomb the first test again, because I’m an idiot. A good grade is still possible, but I need to pull out all the stops and really go gangbusters on this.

Now, a very good friend of mine who attends NYU, about 130 miles from RPI, is having her 21st birthday party soon. And a long time ago I promised I’d attend this party, and show up wearing a suit (don’t ask). In fact, a few weeks ago, when she didn’t think she was going to have a party, I was the one talking her into doing something, anything, so as to not let her 21st birthday pass without note.

So, she’s got it all planned out now, the party will be this Saturday night, April 1. But, my second EM theory test is April 3. So.

In the past I would have made these ambitious plans to do work on the bus, not done it, and rationalized it away. But goddamnit, something has to change. I don’t even know what I’m doing wrong, but I’m sure as hell not doing everything or even most of it right. Something has to change and something has to change now. I refuse to live the rest of my life confused and frustrated because I can’t take a fucking test.

I decided that as much as it would make me feel like an ass, I couldn’t go. I was afraid she’d be really upset with me, but she handled it well. She’s a good friend. I still feel like an ass for breaking my promise, but I know I’ve done the right thing.

And on a lighter note, the first Condiment of the Day …

Good morning, everybody!

Swampy, great MMP! I felt like I was there! I’m <snerking> right along with y’all. I’m not a fan of pulled pork for some reason, though. Maybe because I’m from Texas? But I can eat me some fishies! Mmm!

I’m so sore from all the furniture moving. (See last week’s MMP if you missed my exciting weekend.) It feels good to get to work and rest!

Rifty, I think that’s a sign of maturity. Your future is so very important, and it’s a good thing to focus on your schooling right now. I’m glad your friend understands.

Morning everybody! My weekend wasn’t nearly as exciting as swampy’s <snerk> buttfest <snerk>, but it had its moments.

My parents came to visit on Saturday afternoon, after stopping in to see my pox-ridden brother in Maryland. Apparently, he looks so bad that Mom can’t talk about it without crying, which doesn’t bode well, but the doctors think he should start showing actual skin again any time now. Naturally, the only thing that would make Mom feel better is shopping, so I took her to the mall (where she proceeded to buy me clothes) and the yarn store while Dad stayed on my couch and watched basketball.

Sometime Saturday night, my parents’ three-day-old Infiniti got broken into in the hotel parking lot, but the only thing taken was Mom’s knitting bag (?!?), which the police said she could expect to find somewhere on the highway between there and Newark. Then we had to go to my cousin’s wedding shower, where I got roped into making the bow-hat because I’m damn good at it.

My insides were ouchy all weekend, and I spent an hour or so yesterday listening to a couple aunts regale me with cyst stories. I feel better today, except I haven’t had any coffee and in t-minus one and a half hours I must begin chugging water like there’s no tomorrow. That’s if my insurance pre-authorization comes through, so I guess I’d better call my doctor.

I apologize for anything lack of coffee may provoke me into saying. :slight_smile:

Did I mention that the tournament was catch and release? Nobody sat down to a dinner of fried bass and hush puppies later on. The bass were released back into the lake to be caught and released and/or possibly eaten another day. Poor bass. Makes me wonder how often some of 'em get caught and released. I can just hear it now:

Mama Bass: Baby bass, where is your father, supper’s almost ready?

Baby Bass: He got caught on one of those shiny lure thingys again.

Mama Bass: I swear! All anybody has to do is dangle something bright and shiny in front of him and off he goes! Well, if he thinks I’m keeping his dinner warm for him tonight, he’s got another think coming! That man! Honestly!

I hope I don’t get so busy this week that I have to play ketchup with reading about Rifty’s condiment of the day series.

You know you just wrecked Thursday, right? :slight_smile:

I’m not worried I’m sure Rifty can mayonnaise to come up with a replacement.

Aw, swampy, you mayo be on to sumpin.

It was sunny, cold and windy here this weekend, too. I don’t unnerstand. This IS almost the end of March, innit???

Mr. Anachi and I went to the depot Satiddy to look at the cabinets he had picked out for the Master bath. After making the poor sales ladies (yes, they were ladies, so there! :stuck_out_tongue: ) go through convolutions trying out pricing on some other styles (I really wanted Shaker-style cherry), we ended up ordering the cognac colored oak that Mr. Anachi had originally picked out. Then we went and ordered the sinks at another sink place cause that’s where we saw the ones we like.

No smoked snerk butts around here…not even bbqed turkey Italian sausage which was the plan for saturday night but it was too cold and windy, dammit!

rifty, I agree with delores. Sometimes you can have the very best of intentions but life throws crapple at ya and ya gotta face it.

No Wally World for me but I did manage to give Target my normal $60 cover charge on Saturday. I needed new undies and that new black bikini is SO slimming. :wink:


You know how I posted to the last MMP on Saturday, and said I only had two things I wanted to get done over the weekend? Guess how many got done? That’s right - zero! Well, not a big deal - I’ll do them today at lunch.

Standardly quiet weekend, but I do deserve some praise for this morning. After saying it 20 million times and never doing it, I actually got up this morning and got on the treadmill before work. Yay me! I am such the lazy butt. I will do my weight workouts, but cardio seems like such an effort. But at least I did it this morning - that’s one time more than I did all last week! Won’t be doing it tomorrow morning, though - class all day. Oh, and before I get too much praise - the treadmill is in the first floor gym of the building where I work, which is 10 minutes away from home. So, I got up at 8, got to work by 8:30 (had to eat an orange and get dressed), worked out, and was at my desk at 9:30. So, it wasn’t like I had to get up at 6 or anything. So, I’m still a lazy butt. But no, not a smoked one.

The woman at the gym this morning accidentally told me to have a good weekend. I wish it was here already. Oh - and wish me luck! I have something happening Wednesday. Don’t want to say anything beyond that, for a certain reason, but I’ll probably come back later and tell you what it is. All I want to say is, think good thoughts for me around 3 pm EST on Wednesday.


Back from Chicago, stupid 12 hour drive. More info on that later. I have class now.