A Fishin’ we will go. MMP

Not only was it windy and cold here but it SNOWED. Big buckefuls on Friday night. It was just pathetic! The flakes were so big … they weren’t just silver-dollar sized. Several hit the windshield that hubby declared were as big as dollar bills! It was short-lived, however, and only really came down hard as we were trying to leave the grocery store. Naturally. :rolleyes: Now the tops of all the cereal boxes are mutated from the moisture.

I dunno if you all read my thread, but I had a kitty this weekend. For like 30 hours. She was really sweet. She’s gone now. :frowning:

I saw the thread. You need to go get a new one. It’ll make you feel better. :slight_smile: You’ve already got a litter box.

Mika sorry about the kitty. Maybe it was an omen that you need a kitty in your life. After all, you now have a litter box and kitty litter. It’s fate. Don’t try to tempt fate. It has been decreed.

EC yuck! At least we don’t get snow. Oh, and it’ll be upper 70s to low 80s by midweek. YAY! Normal weather at last!

I hope that Rifty won’t think I’m being a mustard for making condiment puns. I’m wandering if he would pepper that I quit. I wouldn’t want to upset him. I mean, relish the thought!

I can see the whole thread is going to be *peppered * with comments like these…

where did she go? home to her owner or off to ensnare another unsuspecting person with her kitty charms?

I saw, too. You can get around the SO by getting a tiny cute one with big eyes that will mew pathetically if he doesn’t cuddle her. :smiley:

I know, it’s just I don’t want Rifty to think I’m trying to Poupon his running shtick.

Yes, kitties are good, Mika. Get yourself a kitty.

I’m with Dot. I like boats and water but not fishing. I love barbeque. As soon as Easter is over I’m going down to the only barbeque restaurant in Toronto and eating a lot of pulled pork.
This week will be busy, because Mr. Lissar’s brother is getting married this weekend. Today is work, tomorrow is frantic chores and wedding present buying (I’m going to Chinatown and getting them a bunch of Chinese and Japanese ceramics).

Wednesday is frantic cleaning and baking, because I feel honour-bound to give some baked goods to my marvelous inlaws (the ones who gave me Matilda), and in the evening we’re doing a Firefly night with another [del]sucker[/del] girl with whom we’ve watched the first episode. Then Thursday is work and packing, and Friday we’re off to the wedding!

For the other Firefly aficionados (dreadfully misspelled) here, Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers is quite good. It’s a collection of essays on Firefly.

The google ads are for striper fishing and striper guides. When I first saw the ones about striper guides, I read it as <snerk> stripper guides <snerk>. I’m picturing guide books that tell you where all the strippers in a certain area are. :smiley:

Oh they have those. If I remember what someone else once told me correctly, Atlanta has got quite the guide, swampy.

I have a gas station bathroom warning too.

This weekend we drove up through LA to get to Solvang. Sitting in hellish traffic (at 9am on a Saturday morning) on Interstate 5, I realized I gotta pee.

Let me say that if you’re in Pico Rivera having just got off I-5, do NOT go to the Mobil. Here’s why:

We pulled into the gas station, I zoom into the cashier’s office and ask if they have a restroom. Guy looks at me like I’m crazy, and says no. So we run back to the car (my back teeth are floating now) and head down the street to find a stupid bathroom. We realize we need to turn around and head back, since it’s residential. Passing the Mobil from the other direction, I see a door on the side of the station - with a big restroom symbol on it. Had we approached the station from the other direction, I’d have known they DID have a bathroom.

Stupid gas station guy!

Good weekend here. Lunch on Saturday with **spats **and mika. That was fun. I ate too much! And then I made it worse by eating too much Sunday as well because my church had a pot luck dinner. It was really really good!

Now I’m back to the whole job search thing. Why does it suck so much?? Argh. No one seems interested in giving me a job, and my replacement starts in a week. Yikes! Yes, they want us to overlap so that I can train her and stuff. But… yikes! I really need to be out of here within a month. Which means I need a new job! I’ve sent out over 60 resumes. And I’ve had 2 phone interviews with another scheduled for Thursday. That’s it. It’s not exactly making me feel terribly confident that I’ll have a job before I get booted out of this one. Eeek!

Gaaaah! Stop talking about peeing! Don’t you people know that I’m not allowed to pee for at least the next three hours???

I’m halfway through my prescribed amount of beverage, and my tummy feels all sloshy. But something a coworker said makes it sound as if they’re making me drink this much to simulate pregnancy for the ultrasound, which means I may not have to go through the more … invasive … method.

We have an organization round here called the Road Dogs, but they don’t BBQ pork. They’re a motorcycle club. They do, however, qualify as Stripper Guides, as they run a Strip joint called the Gin Mill. They have real live strippers there, plus beer and pop and even water. It costs more than $5.00 to go there though. Unless you just get the water.

Yes, I have been there. But I DID NOT sit up front at the stage. And we were only there for a few minutes. And I hardly even looked either. Plus I’m a hetero girl so I figure it’s ok.

And for Drae ::psssssshshshsh:: (running water sound)

Good morning all. I stayed home with a bad headache and the pukes. I was trying to rest when the guy who lives on property behind us started up some loud machinery. After that, my damn phone rang, and whoever it was hung up!

Dammit! I am a cranky old so and so when I’m sick. I become even more cranky when the world conspires to not let me rest.

I’m going to go back upstairs and try another lie down. Hopefully, I’ll start feeling better AND my mood will improve.

Mainly, I’m irritated because I have a lot of work to do at work, and now I’ve missed a day. I also had a VTC that I needed to be there for and now I’ll miss that too.

Man Swampy, how do I get a job like yours? Bass tournaments? MAN! Did you get to fish at all? If you didn’t them maybe I don’t really wnat your job after all. I mean, at least we get to have a yearly “staff meeting” down at the lake. And we get to fish. And don’t have to work. Unless you count fishing as work, in which case you must have a great job. Which brings me back to the original question.

See how that works?

I’m thinking I might want to dib up on the MMp for next week. I might actually have interesting stuff to report. Or not. Either way, dibs.

I want a monkey.


welby, rosie already called dibs on next week’s MMP, but you can call dibs on the following week. That way we’d have two lined up. It’s all win-win! Oh, and I coulda fished on Saturday if I had ponied up $150 to do so. I don’t think so. Actually, I’m not that big on fishin’ anyways. I do however, like being out on the lake in a boat.

Taters, sorry about the headache and pukes and loud neighbors and phone ringing. There are times when I seriously consider seeing how far I could throw the telephone. See, I’m not a big fan anyways, so when it insists on ringing at me when I don’t want it to, it just gets even worse.

I am going to burst. And it’s an hour before I even leave work. My bladder is so full it’s pressing against the cyst and making that hurt and I’m more than a little afraid the cyst is going to burst and I’m going to wet myself right here at my desk. If nothing else, that will be a good story for later, though.

I gave up. I couldn’t do it. I now have twenty minutes in which to drink 35 ounces of water. There is a reason some cultures use that as torture.