the completely hijackable MMP

I didn’t see a new one up yet, so I took the liberty.
There is no topic, so everyone - write your own OP and put it here.

Woot! First!

I started the MMP last week because nobody else had volunteered and since I am up and about much earlier than you lot on the other side of the pond, it seemed like a good idea.

Today I am mostly playing about with lists of students, and later I will be messing around with photos of aforementioned students. How much more mundane and pointless can my day get?

Second. Yee and ha.

I got nuthin’. Carry on.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN

Last night I poed JDD somewhat. Tough. I do not want to hear a bunch of family drama in which I’m supposed to take a side. Especially when it ain’t even my family. Ride the drama llama around somebody who cares. I’ll listen. I’ll empathize. I won’t, however, get all involved up in somebody else’s bidness.

There’s a line from a song that says “If you mind your own business you’ll be busy all the time.” I think that’s worthy of being embroidered on a throw pillow.

Happy Monday Y’all!

Morning everybody.

Speaking of coffee, did you know it grows on trees? Some lady who wrote to Ask Amy back in February didn’t.

I’m moving music around on my mp3 player for the first time in months. I’m getting sick of the mix that’s on there now.

Good morning.

I can totally relate, Swampy.

I got nuthin’.


I keep expecting that either my job will grow more work or someone will decide I have too much time to sit on my ass and fire me. Thing is, then we have “going forward meetings” like the one this morning, where we’re given To Do stuff, and it turns out I have most of it either done or “needs to be formatted pretty” while the rest hadn’t even considered it. For some reason, those leave me scratching my head and wondering how could anybody not even have figured those tasks would need doing… we’re all in our 40s, I’m one of the youngest, but most of these guys behave like they’re still expecting Mommy to come change their nappies.

Twelve minutes until I attempt to actually do something productive. We’ll see how that goes…

swampy’s platitude reminded me - recently, two close friends had a falling out. I think both have over reacted but I was not present at the incident so I have no proof, other than I know both have a tendency to exaggerate to make a point (don’t we all?). A told me her side, and a few weeks later B told me her side. For the first time in my life I chose the high road, I told each that I would listen supportively, but would tell neither one what the other had said. A accepted this at face value and let it go. B expected me to take her side and, when I didn’t, started ranting at me. I explained why I couldn’t. She chose not to accept that. Both people are chronologically adults, but each one is acting like a bratty child. My instincts are to make it all better, but since I don’t know the facts, I can’t. So I say nothing. It’s an unfamiliar road for me, but at least I’m not getting agiada over the whole thing.

Hi folks! I finally feel like I recovered from the crud I had almost two weeks ago. I think it must have been an early flu, because it him really hard- much harder than a usual cold.

Hubby is in India for the week. Far far away. I’m on single parent duty with work and two kids playing soccer. Ah well, at least they can get themselves changed and don’t me supervising their baths! (12 and 15!).

Happy Monday y’all!

ETA: Rosie: Best decision I ever made was when I stopped brokering between my sisters fights. I used to try to “explain” the other one’s point of view and was accused of taking sides, etc. Now I refuse to get involved and they, GASP, have learned to fix it without me. Happy me.

I was being productive, honest. But the website that I need to use isn’t cooperating, so I came over here for a few minutes…

I love it when it takes a software engineer to diagnose and correct a hardware issue. I’d crack a cold one and prop my feet on my desk if I could get away with it.

<Slips up behind Rosie and says in a bad Spanish accent>

Take this thread to Havana.

Sorry; I’m of a generation that takes its highjackings seriously. :smiley:

I just edited and updated my resume. Now I have to figure out what to put for the responsibilities for each job and how to fit that in the formatting. It’s time to let the document sit and gel!

Is this where the sick people are being quarantined? I’ve picked up a late-summer cold and would very much like to put it down.

School starts today! I love my brand new school supplies stacked up in the corner, but I have no idea what I’m going to wear…

gotpasswords, I hope you feel better soon. hugs and honey tea

Bleh. I fell asleep early and woke up at 4 am. I usually take my meds at midnight so I took them at 4 and now I feel tireder than usual. I think I need that 8 hours of sleep after taking my heavy dose of antihistamine to adjust.

Bad day at Black Rock so far. We were awakened at 3:30am to the sounds of our daughter’s meter chirping. Yup, pump was empty. Got her up, changed her out. She’s had a sore throat for a couple of days, and getting steadily worse. So she’s out of school and going to see the doc. I took a quick look, and her tonsils are huge and goopy. Looks like every picture I’ve seen of strep.

Come to find out, one of her classmates was out for one day last week due to strep. I have never heard of a child being over strep and well enough to go back to school in one day. They share a class, so I have a good idea where it came from. What ticks me off: the last time she got strep, she was out for a week. Plus her BG goes haywire, so we have to keep even tighter control of her diabetes than normal. And she’s mad because she can’t talk and she’s missing band, both extremely tragic events for an 11 year old girl.

And, even worse, my hubby’s oncologist visit is tomorrow. We’ve got to get her better quick, because we don’t know when of if he’ll have to start chemo. JOY.

Sure! Here’s some hot tea and a heating pad. Join the club. Sinus problem here: the meds make me sleepy, so I have to drink coffee to counteract that. Caffeine gives me a migraine, so I follow the coffee with a BC chaser. It’s an endless cycle.