A self-hijacked MMP

When I volunteered to write the MMP last week, I intended it to be about our visit to the Texas Renaissance Festival for my birthday outing. Stay tuned for the hijack!

The day was absolutely gorgeous. We got a late start because our printer was acting up, and we needed to print our tickets – or pay more at the gate. Our RenFest has theme weekends, and on October 30 the theme was Halloween! *Cue spooky music.*It really wasn’t very spooky. And we had plenty of time to see everything.

The best part was The Iris and Rose show. A couple of sisters who sing bawdy songs and tell dirty jokes. We laughed our asses off! Mr Rebo got a smooch while tucking a $5 bill in Iris’s bodice. :stuck_out_tongue:
There were lots of great costumes. Dead couple #1. Dead couple #2. Ain’t she purty? :wink: From Alice in Wonderland. This one was fabulous! And I loved this HUGE horse and his rider. Three witches shared our table at the Iris and Rose show. This guy was pretty foxy!
We had a great time, and stopped for dinner at Crabby Daddy’s. They had a live band playing Fleetwood Mac, Linda Ronstadt and other “oldies” bands. We had some yummy seafood.

And now for the hijack.
YesterdayLucy and I went for a walk at Bear Creek Park – about a 10 minute drive from my house. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we walked the paths for about 1-1/2 hours. Lucy flushed a deer, even if she didn’t realize it. :stuck_out_tongue: I saw a woodpecker, too! Such a wonderful day!
I can’t believe I’ve never been there before, despite living here for almost 20 years. We’ll go back next weekend, weather permitting.
So I broke the ice with the first hijack – hijack away, Mumpers! :slight_smile:


I guess that means something.
Looks like a nice place for a walk.
[hijack]When are they gonna grow a pair and boot Bristol Palin off of Dancing With The Stars? [/hijack]


3rd! Do not ask why I am up at this hour. I’m really fast asleep and sleep-typing

Today the road to work had a bad case of the Mondays. People were more agressive than usual, there was a military convoy whose drivers behaved like the ink on their licenses were still fresh (which may very well be the case, Middlebro got to be the driving instructor for his battallion because his 3 years’ experience set him 3 years ahead of everybody but the Captain, and Captains don’t teach people how to drive), and a minimum of two separate BMW drivers were set on ensuring that people go on associating “BMW” with “pushy jerk”.

I arrived in one piece and with no new scratches on the car, though.

Sounds like a regular day on Israeli roads… :rolleyes: And I say this as a person who learned how to drive in Boston! :eek:

Rosie, congrats! :slight_smile: and go to sleep already!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great OP, DoRe

Bumbazine - that depends. Is DWTS on Fox (I’m not in the US, I really don’t know)? If so, hie yourself down to the nearest bookie and put money on her now…

If drivers being more agressive than usual is a usual thing, does that mean that you guys live under a constant escalation of roadthreat? Roadcon 3… Roadcon 2… Roadcon 1… PATABOOOM!

Sounds about right… :eek:

couldn’t sleep - so I uploaded the video. Please excuse the shakiness - Brother’s hand isn’t that steady.

I’m here early since this is the short week that I ride in with my daughter. I’m having a PB sammich and diet coke waiting for her to be ready to go. I’ve gotten to peek at a few of the pics - I’ll get the rest when I get home.

It’s very cold out - mid-30s. I should probably bring my spider plants in this evening. Taz will be glad - he considers them to be his personal salad bar. The plants that are awating planting should be OK tho, since it’s not supposed to drop below freezing this week, and I’ll have them in the ground on Thurs or Fri.

The knitting on my niece’s afghan is going well, I saw and was able to correct a goof on 2 of the garter stitch bands - I’d goofed and purled when I shoulda knitted, but it was just 8 stitches 3 rows back, so it was a quick fix with a crochet hook. I fear it might get boring - there are only 12 rows to the pattern, and the wrong side rows are all identical, so really I only do 7 different sequences. I see that getting tedious before this sucker is 54" long…

What else? Um, it’s getting light out - at 6:20-something in the morning. Sunset is at 5PM today. I hate this time of year - too much dark… :frowning: On the other hand, driving in with some light reduces the chance of deer strike, so there’s that.

And I need to call a couple of car rental places about getting a sedan for Christmas week. Our cars are too small for 3 of us and a dog to drive to Ocala comfortably (it’s 800-ish miles) so we’re going to rent a mid-size or large sedan. I need to see who will give us the best deal. Tentative plans are to leave here on the 23rd and leave Ocala on the 27th or 28th. My inlaws are sweet people, but I hate staying at their place. Between hearing the litany of their medical issues as well as who in the neighborhood has died, it gets depressing. I’ll take some knitting to keep myself occupied during the down time.

That’s all for now. Happy Monday, all! Such as it is… :wink:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’.

Cool OP Rebo! Loved the Faire pics and the pics of Lucy stalkin’ a deer even if she didn’t know it.

Rosie I couldn’t get the video to load. :frowning: I’ll try later.

It’s 33 Amurrkin outside! BRRRRRR!

Bug man is comin’ at eight so Ima go purtify.

Happy Monday Y’all!

snow snow.
(snoopy dance through the MMP).

I love snow!!!

Up ,caffeinated, off to irk.

I’m happy you’re happy Soapy.

SNOW!? It’s finally below 80° here!

Good morning, Mumpers. Back to work. <Phhbbt.> I have to work on my schematic project. Blech. I hate this project.

Have a great day!

I wonder whether there is any way I could work from home… we have the VPNs and stuff, but apparently not the corporate mindset; or, at least, FemBoss doesn’t have the mindset.

I write better when I can move around, damnit.

I’m bummed. I knew my Ecodrive was acting up & not responding to resets like it should, but I had really hoped that it would last through another DST change. It really bums me, becuse it was supposed to be built to last… well a heck of a lot longer than it did. Servicing is a pain too; I have my choice of shipping it to Atlanta, Chicago, or LA.
Decisions, decisions: which place will I choose to send it to so it will never be seen again? Hmmm.

Now I admit I’m picky about watches, but this wind-up Timex is irritating the living hell out of me.

Damn You Daylight Savings Time! Damn You To Hell!!!

I leave for work around 7 a.m. and it’s usually dark when I start out. I like watching the sun come up on my driver’s side. This morning it was already up and shining. Made me feel like I was late or something. :confused:

Meanwhile, it has been in the forties in the early hours since last Friday. Ugh! (Not to be confused with my new [grey Uggs](http://www.uggaustralia.com/ProductDetails.aspx?gID=w&productID=1873&model=Bailey Button Triplet) which I got to wear for the first time on Friday. I. LURVE. Them!!!)

I did make beef stew Saturday. It was delish!

Who’s got Thursday off? (Besides me and mom)


Terrific OP and pictures!!! I have got to do some SCA type stuff again some day.

As long as it strays off the roads I can live with it.

Dolores - I’ll look at your TXRenFaire photos tonight. (Photobucket is blocked where I am.)

I’m curious though if you were dressed up, or in civvies.

Culinary Boy finally went back to school today. He didn’t do this last week because we weren’t sure what the dentist was going to do with his teeth and he spent Wednesday whacked out on Vicodin. The culinary program has a wierd schedule–Thursday is Production Day and Friday is Lab Day so if you miss the first three days you have to wait until next week to go back.

So anyway he’s back to school and I’m glad because that means he’s healed up. Except for his broken teeth and that depends on when he can get the Victim’s Comp paperwork notarized and sent off to the state. And then we have to wait on the ever-so-speedy State of North Carolina to get the paperwork processed. He’ll get his bridge by his birthday. Probably the day before his birthday in February. And that’s if they get on the processing immediately.

Don’t mind me, I just need to get some organizing done. plays on the internet