A very interesting MMP

If you’ve got a great imagination because I’ve got nothin’!!!


Ok, GO!

Once upon a time, in a dark, dreary forest…

there was…

Drat. I got nuthin’ too. Or something.

And, just to hijack…

It’s late. Little brother is arriving at midnight and leaving at 4. I prolly won’t even see him.

I’m already not looking forward to Monday…More weekend, please???



Oh you people on the east coast. =^_^=

Ok, fine, semi-interesting story:

Quite a few years back, my mom and I stopped at a Taco Bell to eat lunch (this was before good restaurants like Baja Fresh showed up). It was a nice California day so we decided to eat outside. We heard this panicked chirping and I looked over. This poor little bird was stuck by its neck in the seat back! It was one of those that have four bars that curve until they were parallel. The poor chickadee or whatever must have flown to grab something then fell and couldn’t get out! So I carefully lifted him up and out. He was so tiny and soft and I could feel his heart pounding.

Then I went and washed my hands.

Morning. Don’t look here for inspiration, 'cause …

… all I got is a squealing almost-three-year-old!!!

Actually, I thought about starting an MMP about the upcoming convention, but I was just too lazy. :stuck_out_tongue: We are getting kind of excited about it, though.

I’m tired and I don’t get to go to bed yet, because I haven’t gotten enough work done yet today. I haven’t started out my spring break very well. sigh

Signing up before I go to work…

Aren’t all toddlers loud? At least all the ones I have met are. :smiley:

Just to put up some bold lettering and such –

**Happy **(belated :o) birthday, Snowbunny!!

(In my defense, it’s barely Monday where you are, so I was almost in time!)

Happy Bday Snowbunny!

I’ve started booking tickets for my summer trip. It’s complicated because I need to go to the US first and then England before I come back to Seoul. So I have to buy two round trip tickets, one to London and then one to Dallas.

June 17 - fly to London. Overnight layover. Not sure what I’m going to do about this.

June 18 - fly to Dallas for the wedding on the 19th.

June 20 - fly to Philly for some traveling.

June 24 - take train to DC to see friend.

June 27 - take bus to NYC to see friends.

June 29 - must somehow get back to Philly so I can fly back to Dallas so I can fly back to London.

It’s the last leg of the journy I’m worried about. A roundtrip ticket from Dallas to Philly is cheaper than buying Dallas-Philly then NYC-Dallas but it’s proving to be a pain in the arse.

Oh well.

If your toddler is deaf and doesn’t windmill, you’re not rising him right. Heck, if your toddler hears and doesn’t windmill, you’re not rising him right…

Some of the stuff I make a point of looking for in the work I’m doing about subtitling is “are these ‘rules’/subtitles useful for people who can’t hear the soundtrack?” “how about people who can’t read well?” It’s amazing how much the theoretical reading speeds reported vary and how often people will use reading speeds from another language :smack: I’ve found that in general, subtitles created in (not “for”) countries where movies get dubbed are more complete than those from countries where they get subtitled. People in dubbing countries assume that if you’re using subtitles there’s a 99.999% probability that you can’t hear or can’t make out the dialect. Some of the sources I’ve dug up came from following info which came from here.

Happy Birthday+1, Lapin Blanc

I know for a fact that there is a good and relatively affordable Amtrak service from Newark Airport to Philadelphia downtown; not sure how much this will help you. There may also be reasonable train service from NYC downtown to Philly – the “NE Corridor” generally has managed to keep up some OK/good commuter rail services.

Lemme take a look… Yup – use the timetable wizard on this page – NYC (Penn) to Philly is $35 at most hours, and takes about an hour and a half. And there are about 683 trains on this route on June 29. OK, I exaggerated a little… But not much.
Good luck!

Thanks, No1! That would make my life somewhat easier.

It’s ridiculous how quickly summer flights disappear. I should have booked everything much earlier, but even now my plans are tentative - it all depends on Irish Boyfriend’s dad’s health. He’s more or less stable, but it’s too soon to tell what’s going to happen. If I wait any longer, though, all the affordable flights will be gone.

Cute OP sticks! I’m here to say Good Monday Morning to you all, and that I have been missing my mumper family too much. Life continues to be trying at best and horrific at worst, and I need some collective shoulders. Details as they come into conversations.

Otherwise, ::madly waving:: Hi everyone!!!

Amtrak? Buh? The local “subway” type trains are MUCH cheaper. I’m talking about 1/10, 1/12 of the price. No Amtrak. Bad Amtrak. Seriously.

I always took the train, from Neward to Philly and back, but not Amtrak.

waves back Hi, Kai! I hope things are better in your neck of the woods!

:: whine :: But it’s only $35 and it’s more coooooooooooomfortable! Plus I hate fussing with my luggage on subways. Everyone gives me evil looks.

Belated Happies, Snowbunny!

Nothing interesting going on today, I have a sore throat and snuffles, and a thumpy head. I’ve had it since Friday, it won’t go away. I am not sick enough to be off work but I’m not feeling inspired to do very much either. I wonder if I can find something mindless and boring to do instead?

Morning all! Up and caffeinating here. And brekkied a bit with a cinnamon-raisin bagel (mini)

Happy Belated Birthday Snow Bunny!

Whew … it’s a bit early for my brain, me thinks… :smiley: Hope the thumpy head and sore throat start feeling better soon, BooFae. Nice to see you again, SpecialOne; sometimes I take a break from the interwebs too … or at least a break from posting. Good luck with the bookings, Haze - and let me know if you need any tips re: Philly - it’s part of my old stomping grounds. :smiley:

Happy Monday all … although I wish it were still the weekend!

Oops. I just woke my mom up very early on her first day of vacation. That’s because I didn’t know that she was on vacation! :o I was afraid that either she was sick or that she was going to be late for work because she’s usually at least up if not out of the house by now. I hope she can go back to sleep. :smack: