A flowchart to determine what beer you should drink

I get to choose between Molson and Labatt Blue.


Lead me straight to my favorite, Guinness. Is there’s no Irish hockey team? Why? :slight_smile:

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It’s flawed since Anchor Steam is not on the chart.

I was thinking the same thing.

Same here.

If it’s not on tap, then Harp, Newcastle, or Stella. Mack & Jack’s and Manny’s weren’t on the chart.


It’s basically already summer here in San Antonio so I got short-circuited to Corona…so kinda appropriate but also BEERFAIL.

It’s also missing the “Are you in Texas?” box.

There should have been a box for “Are you fucking suave?”
Yes: Heineken
No: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Meeeee tooooo!

Yeah, the Corona gets way too much traffic for summer.

What, no Old Style?

It lead me to Guinness, too. And I did, in fact, have Guinness tonight (along with a Bell’s Amber, a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and a Metropolitan Dynamo.) Still, beer flowchart leaves much to be desired. (And, holy shit, I got one of those Sam Adams Utopias–pictured off the “$500 love” part of the flowchart–last year for my birthday.)

A bit American-centric - the two beers I drink (Tuborg and Goldstar) weren’t on the chart. It led me to Heinekin, though, which I guess is an acceptable alternative.

Are you trying to seem "worldy? Answer “Yes” leads to Fosters??? :eek:

Great summer alternative is a cold Hoegarden. Better than Corona in my opinion, but not on the chart.
I’d say the chart only applies if you live in the US.

Definitely US-centric - plus at the pubs I go to (and there are many), Guinness is always on tap :slight_smile:

Just because Fosters is advertised in this country as Australian beer, like Red Stripe is advertised as Jamaican beer. It has nothing to do with the actual qualities of the product.

Emphasis on “trying” and “seem” – and there are quotation marks around “worldly”.

Drilled me straight down to the group at the bottom of the chart. I’m not sure what the “$500 love?” beer is, but I know I don’t love beer that much, so I took the “no” fork on that.

BTW, I’m assuming that the Sierra Nevada label can be used as a stand-in for Anchor Steam. That’s probably heresy but to this Midwesterner who’s taken the Anchor tour 3 times, that sounds right to me.