A Friday The Thirteenth MMP

Seanette, I hope the Lisinopril gives you a break soon.

Sari, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. That fatigue is a beast, and the burn and blister can be so hard. I don’t know if she’ll feel like it, but Ensure and other meal replacements can be a lifesaver (my mom’s favorites are vanilla & butter pecan), and if she has any lidocaine mouthwash, I’d encourage her to use it. Hugs to you and your mom.

It’s hot today - very hot. (supposed to be around 95F/35C) I don’t dislike it, but I’m not used to sweating through my shirt on my morning waddle. It tends to directly from early spring to mid-summer around here. My friend wants me to do walk/run splits with her tomorrow at 5:30 a.m.; I’m tempted but 5:30 is awfully early to be actually doing things (even though I used to, it just seems earlier now than it did). Oh, well - that just means I can shower sooner and eat earlier, both things I can get behind.

I think I’m gonna need some shorts this year. I’ve always been kind of insecure about my legs, but if I’m out every morning in this heat, my embarrassment is less than my need to stay cool(er). Anyway, work is quiet-ish; finishing off a few more audits while the Powers That Be are all at a conference in sunny Florida.

Cupcake {{{hugs}}}

Red I hope the new station goes smoothly.

Hey you too! I missed you!! How is your foot? Are you planting anything else?

My dad did this when he visited Alaska. He still pulls out the photo. I think it’s one of his fondest memories. Have you seen any more whales or any otters? Moose? Bears?

Nettie he is fulfilling one of the sacred duties of cats. :slight_smile:

sari I’m so sorry things are so rough right now. Maybe it’s time to sit down with your mom and ask her how she’d like things to go in terms of her medical treatment. What’s happening now sounds miserable. Perhaps she should consult with a palliative care expert? At a minimum, maybe there is more they can do to make her comfortable. {{{hugs}}}

I ended up not doing much yesterday. Today I hope to pick up the kiddo, talk to the mortgage people, and hopefully get some other paperwork kinda stuff done.

Regarding the cream cheese biscuits, I will make them again soon so that I can write down the recipe as I go and then I will post it.

Take care everyone and Happy Tuesday!

Heaved. Helped clean up the last of the mess from the weekend. Time for a nap.

What an ordeal…

Wifey texted that she can’t find the esomeprazole. I knew she bought a bunch just a couple of weeks ago, but she couldn’t find it. So I decided to get some more from Costco at lunchtime. Besides, I’m out of chicharrons. Leaving the orifice, I turned down my usual street to get to the 509. They were doing construction and there was a detour. OK, no worries. I get to the freeway and was distracted by something or other. I went south instead of north. ‘Well,’ thought I, 'that
s going to turn my 45 minute trip into an hour trip. I did get northbound, and things were fine… until I was getting close to the drawbridge. It didn’t appear to be open, but cars were stopped all the way back to West Marginal Way. I decided to go around. I wasn’t in a position to type an address into Waze, so I asked Siri the way to Costco. If you’ve ever driven in South Seattle, the roads are a mess. Long story short, I got lost. At a stop light, I had enough time to type ‘Costco’ into Waze, and I was winding my way there, through some really dodgy-looking neighbourhoods. I wish I could have stopped for some street food. Eventually I made it to the street where I was supposed to turn. ‘Dude! You have a green arrow! Why don’t you turn?’ Oh. There’s a freight train. :rage: Cue Final Jeopardy music… OK, I get to Costco. It’s more crowded than when I go there earlier. I get the pills and the pig skins and start heading back. I need to go to Trader Joe’s to get my lunch. I get to the draw bridge, and it’s open. :rage: :rage: I use Waze to navigate an alternate route. It leads me through Hell-and-Gone before finally getting me to the southbound 509. I go to TJ’s and get my salad. I remember to turn short of my street because of the construction. I turn right onto my street, and the road is closed. Big barricade across it. I find my way around, and get to the street I wanted to be on. Turns out the blocked street wasn’t the one, and I’d turned a block early.

So picking up pills and lunch took about an hour and a half.

Howdy Y’all! Laundry got laundered, sloth got slothed, and leftovers got et. That pretty much sums up the day here at da cave. We are such homebodies! Both of us are quite content to not go anywhere and to loll about.

sari sorry things are so rough on your mom. I wish I had some sage advice to dispense, but I have none.

Wordy we had a hello from Summer last week, but this week has been nice Spring weather. However, Summer will come back next week.

Moooooom, I know where the place you’re staying is. My cousin Jack and his wife Diane (a little ditty…) live not too far from it.

metal mouse, sorry that the cruise has been a bit disappointing, but, PUPPIES!1! It looks like the Fat Mo’s up there is a barbeque joint rather than a burger place. As long as they fed you well. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you’re getting well settled into your new digs butters. Skritches to Buddy and Scooter and eat some 'maters for me.

I’m sorry that your mom is having such a hard time with treatment sari. I hope that things get easier.

While stepping out of the shower this morning (at 0230, no less), my smoke alarm went off. :open_mouth: I can’t reach it, even on a step stool, so I had to wait until it went off on its own, which was after about 30 seconds. The only heat producing thing that was on in the apartment was the coffee maker, and that has never been an issue before. I think it was the steam from my shower. I rarely use the bathroom fan and even more rarely close the door, so the steam would have been within 10 feet of the detector. I’ll corect that tomorrow morning and see if it makes a difference.

Today was the second day in my new irk station. According to the tech who runs the machine (the company that makes the machine also supplies the techs to run it 'cause it’s pretty doggone complicated) told me that I was doing well with getting things sorted and set up to prevent too many from having to be manually processed. I’s tah-red!

The next door neighbor pulled into the driveway at the same time that I did this afternoon, so Nelson got to play with his standard poodles (he really does think he’s their size). Sugar, the new one has blossomed into a sweet, friendly dog from the shy girl who didn’t know how to be a dog a couple of weeks ago. :slight_smile:

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

It’s Summer in no. Illinois. 91 degrees. I am not amused. Ariel had a medicated bath for her skin problems, then we stood outside in the sun so she could dry off and eat grass. My bathroom sink is draining slowly so I watched a YouTube video and figured I can do this. After a while I texted my neighbor the plumber….I can’t get the nut holding the rod off. That sounds vaguely pornographic……

I’m not touching it. :wink:

Not the best picture, but here’s my new role in Buddy’s life (taken last night):



It took just over 12 hours door-to-door since we kept our stops to a minimum. We’re all glad to be out of the car. I need to wind down before bedtime. I’s tahred. More tomorrow.

Buddy is a sweetie! Is his chest ok? He’s got that bald spot. :worried:

12 hours?! In one day of driving? I knew you were actually a college student. :wink:

Two of us drove, taking turns. FIL offered several times to drive, but no way were we going to agree to that…

He did have an owie, but it’s healed now. One of his other humans apparently recently took him to the vet, judging by shaved spots.

Up from naptime, watching hockey. Made Redneck stirfry for dinner.

That’s what she said!


Awwwwwww, indeed. Lots of skritches from the wilds of Nebraska.

Oh… The girl at the checkout was blowing her nose when I walked up. Her nose was rather red. She put a glove on her left hand to check me out, but not her right one… which she used to blow her nose. Looked like she had a cold. I probably have COVID now. I used extra hand sanitiser before I left, and I washed my hands at the orifice before I ate lunch. But geez. If your nose is red and runny, don’t come to work!

It looks like you are purrforming your new job purrfectly!

I guess I was more worried about waking up vaporized last night than I thought because I had a series of disturbing dreams but in many of them, The Best Cat in the World had come back. I’ve been weepy all day.

We had a Nextdoor lead meeting today and as usual, half the people showed up and then we wasted all of our time gossiping about the people who weren’t there. I’ll be scheduling another meeting next week, hopefully we got most of our chit-chat done today.

I blame this on management. Most retail establishments are very understaffed on good days, managers will short sightly demand that sick people come to work without thinking about the other staff who will also be forced to come in sick. If they don’t care enough about their workers to allow them to stay at home, how much do you think they care about their customers?

Today was…difficult. I got to the train station 30 minutes before train time. Board said train was delayed 45 minutes. Ugh, but still, I should be able to meet my son for lunch, though we wouldn’t have much time. Then the train was going to be 90 minutes late. Crud. Asked the ticket agent. He said a freight train broke down and was blocking the track. He suspected train would be more like 3 hours late.

Frick. What to do? It took me months to get this doctor appointment, so I don’t want to postpone. My friends either work or don’t drive in Seattle. (See flyboy’s post.) Uber–a very expensive Uber–was my only chance, so I went with that. The driver was nice. We hit exactly the situation flyboy described, but I was still early for my appointment. My son, however, got held up at HIS a.m. appointment, so he couldn’t meet up. We were both disappointed. The doctor’s appointment went…well, not great. It could have been worse. I mean, I’m not dying or anything, but damn, things are complicated. I’m probably having surgery in October. No biggie, really, but…

While I was with the doc, I got a message from Amtrak: call ASAP. I did. Seems if you don’t cancel your morning ticket, they automatically cancel your return trip. What a stupid policy. I was very nice to the agent I spoke with, and she was able to get me a refund for the morning trip–which I didn’t ask for, as I felt I didn’t deserve it–and got me back on the same train home. Walking the 1 mile to the Amtrak station, I felt like crying. I wouldn’t let myself, but I’d have paid someone for a hug and a cocktail.

I’m home now and having said cocktail. Also counting my many blessings, which include you. Sorry this is so long. I guess I’m ranting. Oh, also, I screwed up and was supposed to get the monthly injection today. I got chastised by the injection place. Also, a bus driver yelled at me. So I’m trying to shake the dust of this day off my feet.

Thanks for your kindness about my SIL. She’s struggling emotionally. It was really a horrible experience, and I think it triggered something, as she discovered her mother’s lifeless body when my SIL was a little girl.

Sari, so sorry about your mom’s tough journey through chemo. It’s too bad you can’t talk directly to medical staff so you could get better info on what’s going on. It must be so hard to see your mom this way. {{{{Sari and Sari’s mom}}}}

butters, SO good to see you back! I, too, am curious about the foot.

Seanette, Buddy’s SO sweet! He looks like a puddle of butterscotch…a blissful puddle of butterscotch.

FCM, glad you made it home. I did a spit-take on FIL offering to drive. Holy frick. It’s be like blindfolding someone and saying, “Hey, this’ll be fun! Take the wheel!” I hope the visit goes smoothly. Will they get to see much of Roxie and Toby?

And I am currently Buddy’s bathtub. He’s in my lap, very energetically grooming himself.

I had a dream recently where Pixel, my recently lost pup, came and showed me a puppy and indicated (dream) that I should find this pup and bring him home. I tear up whenever I think about it. It’s silly, but I miss Pixel and I feel like I’m failing him because I can’t find this puppy. :cry:

Ahem… When you feel like sharing, of course, we’d like to know. In the meantime, I’m sending you virtual hugs and :beers: :clinking_glasses: :wine_glass:

I’m so sorry about your SiL. How awful for her. If it would help, please send regards from your invisible internet friends.

It’s official. You have been adopted. :blush: