A Friday The Thirteenth MMP

Hey, you can go visit the first house I lived in back in the 50s. It was still there on 6th street as of about 2001. Also, the Baranof Hotel where my stepfather tended bar. Seriously, Mendenhall Glacier is always a big tourist draw, and I think they’ve got an aerial tram that goes up Mt. Roberts.

Howdy Y’all! I got my ‘scripts and then enjoyed a day of sloth, nappage, and day drinkin’ (out at the cee-mint pond under the gazebo). I did make sup, so there was a little productivity thrown in for good measure.

BatBoy yay for the catch and the resourcefulness!

WetOne hope your first day of retirement was all you dreamed it would be and more. Willy-nilly rules!

Wordy good for you that you give your kids a get outta jail free card once a semester. Everybody needs the occasional slacker day.

Cookie we had considered sellin’ da cave and movin’ elsewhere, but have pretty much decided we’re happy to stay here 'til it’s time for the home.

VanGo here’s to an uneventful week.

shoe of course you’re doin’ good. How could you do it any way other than good!

MetalMouse you went out on a boat and caught crabs? What an awful thing to happen on vacation!

Nellie EEK! I hope your SIL found a nice place to stay and a stiff adult beverage if she is so inclined.

Blood pressure for the last two days has actually been decent (135/80). Problem is I’m feeling pretty draggy. Lisinopril side effect, body just not used to current levels, …?

I filled the hummingbird feeder and had customers within 10 minutes. I was lazy and didn’t bring things in over the winter, so I need a new ant moat thingy, but I’m happy to see the little hummies out there.

This Friday the 13th my sister and I will finalize the sale of my mom’s house, and get the check. Sigh.

Hey everyone. I was locked out and had a hard time receiving the email to get unlocked. So I messed with it a different way and voila.

Nothing to report. My sloth skills are well honed. I have been gardening a bunch. There is a succulent garden out front and it needed more plants. And I grew some tomatoes and peppers from seed so I just put all them into 4 inch pots. I’ll have enough tomatoes. I have two more trays that I am waiting to germinate of a variety that is heat tolerant. I actually picked the first cherry tomato today, just one, but it was tasty. The plants are loaded with fruit and blooms. I also have one cucumber that is doing very well. It’s amazing how fast stuff can grow.

I am still managing to keep my cat more or less indoors. I let her into the fenced backyard but watch her like a hawk. There is no doubt she can escape given the chance. I know it will happen one of these days.

I like my new home. I do miss my old home but not enough to regret leaving. I absolutely could not have dealt with those stairs very much longer. An elevator would have been required. Poor knees.

I hope everyone has a great week. FCM y’all travel safely.

Greetings from the Not-so-Quality Inn in Plainfield, In! Long day of visiting. We’re picking up the in-laws so we can get on the road by 8. Long day ahead…

With luck, you will hear frome tomorrow night.

If I could have only one veggie planted it would be the tomatoes.

Evening all. Skipping the formal dinner in the dining room since I ate at a restaurant at the top of the tramline in Juneau about 7pm. Wasn’t much choice in town and I needed to be back to catch the boat by 9:30pm, so had a Fat Mo’s Burger (yeah, red, they claimed it was just like the one in Tennessee) and some fries that were big and tasty.

Bulk of the afternoon was consumed by visiting a dog sled camp and getting pulled around by 16 Huskies (there were 6 of us in a metal cart and when the musher said “go”, those dogs went). When we returned we got to pet the dogs, then some talking about the Iditarod and the high point was being able to cuddle some 3-week old puppies! If there is a job out there for puppy cuddler, I’d like to apply.

Back on board and awaiting our leaving port about 10pm for Skagway, Alaska. The a day of cruising, a visit THorsday to Victoria, BC, and then back to Seattle. It hasn’t been the best cruise and there have been glitches, but overall it has been nice getting away from the house and seeing old friends again.

FCM, safe journey.

Butters, sounds like you have a green thumb…mine is brown…(dead)

Cupcakes, had to be done, but never a pleasant duty.

Cookie, did go up the tram but didn’t have a chance to do much else (except puppies!).

nellie, eeekk!!! Glad she wasn’t caught in the crossfire. And that you found fuchsia.

Buddy has decided to settle in my lap (which is not usual for him) and is busy grooming (one of his major hobbies). Typing with the laptop balanced on the arm of the sofa is entertaining.

It’ kinda nice in here. Van Go has fixed the benches up right nice and FCM put some afghans over here. I’ve only finished half of the cushions but @dogbutler has already covered most of the walls with his wonderful sketches.

We have assorted drinks on that shelf over there, but no ice. :rofl:

(Thanks to hubs and his big mouth, we lost power for 5 hours. No power means no internet. The whining was intense.)

I’m now a cat bed. He’s sprawled on his back, apparently sound asleep.

And loving every minute of it.

Of course. Allie is not a lap cat, so I’ve missed a purring furball using me for a bed.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.


Hmm. That’s odd. Usually the blood gets off at the second floor.

“Hmm. That’s odd. Usually the blood gets off at the second floor.” - Mr. Burns

: tacklehug :

I don’t mind being a cat bed. It’s when it’s a heifer class feline, and I lose feeling in my left foot after a while.


Crow friends are the best! My Crow friends are the human variety, I know a lot of good people through the fan sites of a band called Those Damn Crows :slight_smile:

My mum told me that a single magpie should be greeted with “Good morning/afternoon, your lordship. How is her ladyship?” but I’ve also heard it as “Hello Mr Magpie. How are Mrs Magpie and the little Magpies?”

shoe Of course you are doing well, we never doubted you!

metalmouse sorry to hear the cruise has been a bit of a disappointment, but it’s still good to get away and see friends. Victoria BC is lovely, I’ve been there a couple of times before.

wetone how are you enjoying retirement? I am so envious, I still have a good 10-15 years before I get the chance to put my feet up.

nellie your SIL must have had a real shock there! What a horrible thing to happen. I’m glad she was able to get out and find somewhere else to stay.

Nothing exciting on my horizon today. Two meetings this morning, and I have more clearing out to do in the store room ready for the next bin collection tomorrow. I am, however, peeved on the subject of bins. We have a bin upstairs at home where we dump the scoopings from two litter trays. Last night it was full enough to be emptied (and our biiiiig rubbish bin gets emptied today) but 'im indoors didn’t bother to empty the bin, he dumped more cat litter in there so it’s close to overflowing, and just left it. So this morning, I had to empty that one before I could deal with the two upstairs litter trays. Then of course I had to deal with the downstairs litter tray and empty the bin in the kitchen because he can’t do that either. Little things, but they make me want to bake him some laxative cookies.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 52 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 84 and N.O.S. for the day. Today is laundry day. WOO and HOO! That is the big item on the agenda. This shall be followed by much sloth, nappage, etc. Sup shall be leftovers from yestiddy. Have I mentioned lately how much I like bein’ a retired drain on society?

MetalMouse sorry the cruise has been a bit disappointin’, but hey, you got to cuddle puppies. Puppy cuddlin’ makes things a lot better.

MOOOOOOM y’all have a safe trip back to Merrielande.

Butters glad you’re likin’ the new digs. I am sure Buddy is lovin’ his back yahd.

Nettie looks like you have been one-hunnert percent Buddy approved.

CupCakes I know closin’ on the house will be a sad time for sis and you. Things like that are always tough.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Good morning everyone.

Yesterday was one of my days to work in the office so I had to go down to Olympia. However, the Secretary graciously gave all of my organization four hours early release in recognition of Public Servant week/month, whatever it is. So, that was nice and I actually took the four hours. I don’t normally do that, but I made sure to do so yesterday, which made my commute home much easier. Just two more days to report to the office this pay period.

I’m sorry your trip has been somewhat disappointing, Metal Mouse.

Butters, I’m glad you like the new house.

nellie, just wow! I’m glad your SIL was nowhere near the elevator when all that went down.

I love corvids. They’re smart. I don’t like it when they try to take over my feeder, but they haven’t been too aggressive so all the perching birds definitely get their turns.

Well, it’s a three-cup day I think. Need to make another cup of coffee. I have a lot of meetings and “hurry-ups” to get accomplished.

Man, those dogs do fly! My sled ride was on snow, but the driver was inexperienced and we capsized after about 50 feet, me facedown in the snow, dogs tangled in the traces, and general mayhem. Took him a while to get us untangled and on the way again, but it was exhilarating.

Happy Toosday!

It’s bright and N.O.S. this morning. I didn’t go to the park, for multiple reasons. I think the dogs are okay with it as they are still exhausted from yesterday.
They have fun at my mother’s, even though there were two disagreements between Echo and Cerby.

I don’t know if I’m feeling bad today because of the drugs yesterday, or I’m just tired and stressed.
Or maybe a combination of both.

My mother looks awful. She can barely walk without assistance; she needs a cane and somebody to hold her other arm. She has had some side effects, but I think she is in denial about them. My niece showed me a picture where one side of my mother’s face is bright red and swollen. My mother said it was from sitting outside and she got a little sunburned. No, that is not a sunburn.
She’s physically tired, she can’t eat, she’s in pain, she’s tired of being poked with needles. I think everybody is expecting her to beat cancer, and I am the only one who believes she won’t.
I don’t know what is up with Niece1. She was taking care of everything and now she won’t return phone calls or texts. I don’t know if she is burned out, pissed off, or dealing with her own shit. She’s the one who had a bad reaction to a combination of prescriptions, and while everybody thinks she is better, I don’t. I’m still worried about her, and I was afraid taking on my mother’s care might be more than she could handle.
As much as I hate driving down there, I’m going to have to go more often. I’m not sure how that is going to work. I can’t bring her up here, because my house is two stories and she’d never be able to handle the stairs, and it would mean transferring all her medical stuff up this way.