The Historical Birthdays MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 44 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 57 and N.O.S. for the day. I shall be doin’ some search committee research online today. A good thing to do at home on a chilly(ish) day, I suppose. Other than that the usual sloth and general overall uselessness shall ensue. Sup shall be meatballs ‘n gravy, smashed N.O.T., squishes, butterbeans, and cornbread cause I got a gnawin’ and a cravin’ for some down home cookin’.

OK, as to the weekly topic to hijack to heck and back, today is chock full of historical birthdays:

1350 - Vincent Ferrer, Spanish Missionary and Saint
1719 - John Landen, English Mathematician
1730 - Joseph Hewes, signer of the American Declaration of Independence
1813 - Franz Commer, German composer
1855 - John Moses Browning, American weapons manufacturer
1896 - Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
1900 - Mary Philips, American actress
1914 - Napoleon L. Bonaparte, French pretender to the throne
1933 - Chita Rivera, American actress

And, most notable of all…

1954 - fairychatmom AKA MOOOOOOM!!!

Let us all join in with huzzahs, hoorays, and much merriment as we mark this most auspicious of occasions!

Also, she’s < snerk > 69! < snerk > years old today and six months and six days older than me.



Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Happy Birthday, FCM! I hope you get the day you need or want!

I know you’d remember my snerk-day! :wink:

Yesterday, FCD asked “How old are you going to be? 67?” Dates and such aren’t his strong point… But yeah, almost 70 - when did that happen???

No particular plans for the day, since birthdays really aren’t that big a deal for me. We may go out to eat… or not. Indecision is the key to flexibility, yanno!

Happy Moanday!

Good morning one and all!

It’s currently 35 degrees, with an expected high of 45 degrees. They will be mostly cloudy with a chance for a few rain showers from 6:00 to 7:00 am.

It’s back to the salt mines today. Donwanna, but Polar’s got to eat.

Whatever you do today, FCM, I hope it’s enjoyable.

I got my laundry done yesterday and a couple of other chores. That’s about all I did. So exciting! I need to get out of the house to do something fun. I’ve gotten sort of stuck in this inertia and I need to bust out.

Well, I am going to finish my coffee and read the news!

I hope you all have a pleasant day!

Happy birthday FCM

Good morning, one and all. Happy Moanday.

:birthday: Happy Birthday, FCM! I wish you a happy day. :birthday:

So, it’s going to be a toasty 37F, later today. It’s currenty a cool 27F. Mostly cloudy, too.
Oh, and they DID issue, so far, a Winter Storm Watch, starting late Tuesday night, I think they said. They’re touting anywhere from 5" to 9" of snow. As always, it could be worse. My daughter has a 4WD truck, and I’m not concerned. Snow isn’t bad. Ice is bad. We’ll only be getting snow. We’ll do fine.

I think I’m going to make chicken tender sammiches for dinner. I have a keto bun leftover, and there are regular buns for my daughter. So, that may be dinner. I need to haul it out of the freezer to thaw, first. If not, I’ll be having a salad. I really don’t care, at this point. So, whatever.

I don’t know what the hovelwork agenda will hold. I’m gonna wing it, just to see what happens. I’m easy, like that.

I need much more coffee, and then, I’ll start the day. Have a good one, all!

happy birthday and may this year be calmer than the last …hopefully?

Hippy Burpday, FCM!

I woke to see about 4" of snow outside. The thing at the end of the driveway is not so big, so I’m just gonna put the truck in 4WD and drive though it. And the guy I’m working for has a delay on his kids starting school, so I don’t have to get to his shop until 10.

The Little SSLAW That Couldn’t Even
They never got #2 working today, and when they had the main office ty to reboot it, they rebooted #1 by accident. So they had to bring in peple with hand scanners till #1 started working, which it did. With about 200 packages left. Then it ran out of labels. And somehow we’re a profitable company with the industry best for on time deliveries. :thinking:


Morning, everyone. Was looking for the new MMP thread; glad I found it while it’s young.

Happy birthday, FCM! Here’s to many more!

Hippo birdie to our Moooooom. Even if you don’t care about birthdays you do need cake or ice cream or pie or cookies.

Going out tonight for dinner which will be either blackened cod or a patty melt.

:birthday: Happy birthday, Moooom, hope you have a day as nice as you are, dammit! :birthday:

It’s 4c/39f today with no predicted change. Weather app says “No matter the weather, make sure you bring the sunshine wherever you go. And snacks. Don’t forget the fucking snacks!”

I have just about caught up on the end of last week’s MMP since we were away over the weekend and spent most of our time in a place that has next to no phone signal or mobile data coverage either. Timbuktu, you might think but no, it was deepest darkest Leicester. We went to a 2-day music festival so there was the usual shenanigans, caught up with friends, watched lots of great bands, drank beer and squeezed in a fabulous curry as well. Since it didn’t finish until Sunday night, I had today off and after leaving the hotel, we went to a little café for breakfast, then made our way home via two trains and a cab.

Arrived home to find our cats snoozing in their usual spots, and Spare Cat asleep on our bed. So now I have fed everyone, cleaned litter trays, unpacked, and updated my accounts spreadsheet. The venue we were at is all contactless bars now so I hadn’t been able to keep track of what I’d spent. I know roughly what they charge for drinks (it’s the O2 venues so they are all pretty much the same) so had a good idea of what the eventual bill would be, so when we got home I logged into my account and updated my spreadsheet.

I have nothing else to do this afternoon apart from laze on the sofa with a cat for company so I should get on with that. I’m cooking tonight, I took a pack of mince out of the freezer before we left on Saturday morning and put it in the fridge to defrost. It’s going to become either spagbol or chilli later, haven’t decided which one yet.

Oh, and because you’re all dying of curiosity, I do have milk in the freezer :slight_smile: I drink lactose-free milk and occasionally it is in short supply so I have a carton in the freezer for emergencies. I only keep it there for a month or two, then take it out to use, and replace it with a fresh one. The milk separates a bit when it’s defrosted, but a quick shake and it’s fine again.

And talking of milk, I’m going to make a cup of tea and achieve slothage for a while!

:birthday: Happy Birthday, FCM! :birthday:

I have another periodontal appointment on Wednesday morning. Good thing I checked the calendar. I thought it was on Friday.

It’s been snowy, and Monkey has cabin fever & is driving me nuts.

My landlord is supposed to perform their annual inspection today, so I have to be awake on what amounts to four hours sleep on my Blessed Day Off.
I mean, I don’t have to, but I don’t really feel like sleeping knowing random ppl will be wandering my home, yanno?

I say “supposed to” since the management company sent me a message that they were coming last week.
Cue FOUR SOLID HOURS sitting around waiting for some rando, trying to get through, until I finally got an agent who told me, “Oops, that was a mistake. We comin’ next week! Sorry BBBYYYYEEEE!”

… soo these :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: better show up soon.

Happy Moonday!

Happy Birthday FCM

It’s 39 degrees and raining outside.

I slept in until 730, only waking up because Cerby was pushing me out of the bed again.
I felt so bad for him when Echo wouldn’t let him on the bed.
Now I’m sorry she still isn’t chasing him off.

I needed to get up anyway. The dogs get their pills between 8 and 830, and while my son will help me, I know who gets what and when.

I have a dr appt at 3.
I wiah I didn’t.

The cats were both rather snuggly with me when the alarm went off, but of course they’re bickering with each other (sigh).

Got an appointment with my doctor today (routine check-in, she seems to want to see me at about monthly intervals). DH is off today, so once I’m back from the doctor, my day is TBD.

Happy birthday, FCM!! :partying_face:

Today’s weather is more of the same: mostly cloudy, and in the low 40s. There’s more wind today, which always makes it feel a little colder. It was raining when I woke up, but happily it stopped before I was ready to take Bailey out.

Yesterday’s memorial service was as good as something like that can be. Many of us wore t-shirts that Chris had designed, and the place was like a mini Converse/Chuck Taylor convention (also in his honor). Heh. I cried more than I thought I would. Chris’s brother also used to work at the same company, and he gave a touching eulogy. I knew him fairly well, as we played poker together every week for over a year. I hate crying: my tears tend to be triggered by empathy – vs my own emotion – and most of yesterday’s were because of him and the others who were were visibly struggling. It was nice to catch up with a bunch of people who somehow still feel like family but, in most cases, I hadn’t seen in 15+ years. A few of us went out to dinner afterwards (I’m looking forward to having leftover chicken enchilada for lunch), and I’ve reconnected with a couple of folks on FB.

This will be a somewhat busy week, with long-ish volunteer-related meetings both tomorrow night (6-9pm, in person) and Thursday night (7-9pm, virtual). And, at some point I need to take my car for its annual safety inspection; that’s due by the end of the month. Usually I would have done it by now, because inspection places get slammed at the end of every month, but it completely slipped my mind until a few days ago. Oh well. Better to go sometime this week than this weekend – or next Monday/Tuesday.

One callback to last week’s thread:

That was nice of you!

It’s something I try to do, as well: if I’m dealing with a cashier, server, etc., who is clearly still training and has fumbled something and apologized, I always smile and tell them we were all new once and they’re doing just fine. Customer-facing jobs are challenging enough on a good day. :slight_smile:

I’m about to help our admin with something which should just take a few minutes ( :crossed_fingers: ), then it’s leftover chicken enchilada time! :smiley: Have a good day/week, everyone!!

Happy Cakeday Moooooooom

Good morning mumpers. (As I was typing that, autocorrect tried changing mumpers to mummers. I don’t think there are any mumpers who live in Philly, at least none that I’ve noticed when I’ve been able to read their posts in the last 3 years)

Slept in until 8:30ish. Normally wake up 2-3 hours earlier but I enjoy watching grand slam tennis and for some strange reason, the Aussies schedule matches to be played starting at 9pm going through the night until the time ‘normal’ peeps wake up. Watched 2+ sets of former NCAA players Ben Shelton (20 yr old who was the NCAA champion last yr from Gator Uni) vs J.J. (hungry like the) Wolf (24 yr old Buckeye). Turned out the match went 5 sets with Ben winning and earning a place in the quarterfinals.

Stayed in bed until 11ish reading some of last week’s MMP, checking out Instagram (I primarily follow dog, Spartan and hiking accounts), then reading some news stories. Incredibly horrible news about the shooting on Lunar New Year’s Eve.

Now showered, dressed and ready to tackle the day. Make it a good one.

Oh, and when I first opened the new MMP, I thought swampy’s list of historical birthday’s was rather lame as I didn’t know any of them until I came to Chita Rivera and was wondering why the heck he had chosen that for this week’s topic. Kept scrolling and surprise, it’s FCM’s BD.

So, FCM, wishing you the happiest of birthdays :birthday: (not sure that 69 candles can fit on this cake, heehee). In our family we sing 3 songs to the birthday honoree so consider the following 3 songs sung in your honor:
Happy Birthday
Sto lat
May the dear Lord bless you

Happy Birthday FCM. You are just short of a year older than me!