The Historical Birthdays MMP

:notes::musical_note::musical_score::confetti_ball::tada:Happy, happy :birthday: birthday :birthday: dear moooom, happy :birthday: birthday :birthday: to you! :confetti_ball::tada::notes::musical_score::musical_note:

And here’s hoping :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:the annual inspectors get there first thing and let shoe go back to sleep. Greeting them at the door with Pretzel around your shoulders ought to hurry them along their way!

Thanks all! Back from a quick visit to MIL/Aunt/Uncle, then lunch at the Ale House (very mediocre) followed by a trek to the marina (the boat is still floating.) Temps in the 40s and quite windy out, so it’s nice to be indoors for some chillage.

I’m thinking I’ll read some trashy novels for the balance of the afternoon. The recliner beckons!

Already did so on the Book of Faces, but Happy Birthday FCM and may this year be less stressful than the last one.

Just figured out my Wireless password (just had to navigate the maze that is the ATT site) so hopefully can update my laptop today. Heading for swimmin’-n-sauna here in a bit, trying to do 2 sets of 500 yards each in two 20-minute periods (which is within my capabilities) with a 15-20 minute whirlpool session in-between, followed by sauna-time. At least that’s the plan. Will do the Moanday weigh-in and see how that goes.

shoe, hope the inspections are done and you can nap a bit more.

cat glove, time zones can be a bit tricky; I lived for 4 years in the Middle East, about 9-10 hours ahead of Central Time, so my compatriots in the US had to call about 7am so I could take their call at 5pm. Glad you’re enjoying the tennis.

Oopsie, I hope my funeral (not imminent) is as fun and yet respectful as Chris’s was.

boo fae, sounds like it was a great weekend, glad the cats have forgiven you your absence.

VanGo, I love the term:

I always hated shoveling through that when I lived in N. Ohio.

swampy, interesting list; my problem is that I share a birthday with Adolph Hitler and well, there is no recovering from that no matter how many other famous folks were born that day, so I don;t even look. Enjoy committee’ing.

OK, need to change and head for the gym. All y’all have a good week now.

Happy Birthday, FCM! May the year ahead be smooth sailing!

sari, I hope you tell the doc about your stress and exhaustion. I really think the cure is time off from all you’ve been dealing with, but since the doc can’t do that, I hope he’s able to help you feel better.

I’d hate to see what things are like at Fed-Up. I prefer your company because it IS so reliable. Of course, that’s all due to you. :slight_smile:

MetalMouse, forget Hitler! Your birthday has been called “the coolest birthday in the world” because of the whole weed thing. While I don’t partake, I believe that in the cannabis world, this makes you a god of some sort.

shoe, I hate inspections for that very reason. The worst is the annual smoke detector inspection, which I believe was once hippie’s job, though not here. The alarms–both building and apartment–are loud enough to wake the dead, and you don’t know when yours are going to go off. Anyway, hope you and Monkey get a nice nap.

Gonna catch up later, but for now:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FCM!!! :birthday:

Howdy Y’all! We have outdone ourselves with sloth today. We are professional level lollers and layabouts! The two big accomplishments have been nappage and day drinkin’. It’s cool, but N.O.S. out so we had back porch time as well. Soon, I shall begin makin’ sup, which counts as major activity (does too!) so Ima make up for some of today’s uselessness.

shoe hope the inspectors have done their thing so you can continue the Blessed Day Off in peace.

MetalMouse I share a birthday with Benito Mussolini. However, I don’t plan on my demise bein’ the same as his.

Oopsie glad the memorial was a fitting one for your friend. Yay on re-connectin’ with some folks.

To quote Paul Simon: “How terribly strange to be 70. . .”

Today was a trip to a local zoo with the wife’s niece. I’m not a fan of zoos, but it was okay. Lunch afterward is best not discussed. I’m beginning to despair of ever finding a decent restaurant in this city.

Tomorrow we go for our written driving test for MN. We have to be there at 0800 :yawning_face: . I’m all for just not doing it and claiming ignorance if we ever get pulled over. “I’m old and frightened!” But the wife thinks we should obey the law for some crazy reason or other. Then she has a dental appointment tomorrow PM for a filling on her front tooth of all places. I think it’s all the lemonade she’s been drinking over the last few months; acid + sugar can’t be a good thing.

\color{red}{\text{Happy birthday, MOM!!!}}

I’ve been told that I need to go to the post office and store immediately, so I’ll be back later.

Back from a longer-than-expected trip to the doctor. No, nothing new is wrong with me, they were just way backed up and busy. I told her about the cold I’ve had for a few days, she politely insisted on getting me tested for flu and RSV. I had had a flu shot, but I know those don’t always hit the correct variant, so I was cooperative about testing (I knew it wasn’t plague, I’ve been making use of my home tests, including this morning). We’ll see when the lab has something for me.

DH and everyone else on his worksite had today off for some adminstrative reason, and he decided he needed lunch sooner than I would get home, so he DoorDashed Taco Bell. When I got home, I decided on Arby’s. His food arrived already and is being inhaled, mine’s in process. He did order some time ahead of me, and TB is closer.

We shall see what the rest of the day holds. I woke up to two cats wanting to cuddle. Buddy likes my legs or backside, Allie wants to be held. They coped with each other, although the Princess was rather hissy.

Happy birthday Moooooooooom!

If your toilet’s not so clean
Then you should use some shaving cream
Burma Shave!

I was thinking that with your description of the cleaning lady’s other client nellie. :stuck_out_tongue:

I irked 4 hours this morning, got an appointment at the dentist, went and am off for the rest of the week. I go in for oral surgery to extract the offending tooth Wednesday. Between the pain and lack of sleep, one of my vacations this year will be spent on a tooth. Oy vey!

The pot of chicken vegetable soup that I made yesterday won’t get divvied up for the freezer rotation, given that I’ll be eating that, yogurt, scrambled aigs and, if I go to the store for more, 'nanners. I’m just ready to get this thing out of my mouth.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Spent about an hour and a half making little ones out of big ones. (i.e., I chopped some firewood.) The logs I didn’t split, I’ve turned from a pile into a couple of stacks. I can see the end of it! Won’t get it done next time I chop (probably Wednesday); but the more I split, the fewer logs there are left. We’re having a tree cut down on the 14th. I’ll see if the guy can turn the huge bark pile into mulch.

Home from the doctor.
It’s the orthopedic Nellie, so all he did was give me a shot in the knee.
Gel this time, and it really hurt. Even when he was done, it felt like more was still going in.
He was right though, once I walked around a bit, it stopped hurting.

The dogs almost caught a squirrel today. The squirrel made it to the top of the fence before Echo and Cerby could grab him. He ran across the top right towards Ripple, who was waiting. Lucky squirrel was able to do a 180 and jump into the neighbor’s yard.

I share my bd with Mt St Helen’s big eruption.

Ripple is acting goofy.
I gave him a treat for bringing the mail and he’s tossing it around, running in circles around it, and attacking it. I wondered what all that noise was coming from the kitchen.

Afternoon all. Swimming and Sauna are completed and the Moanday grocery run is history, so some sloth now before dinner. Been cloudy and in the 40’sF all day, so no particular reason to be outside, IMHO.

nellie,thanks for pointing out 420 day to me, even if I don’t partake it does make me feel better–and geeze, less than 3 more months and I’ll have completed my 70th trip around the sun…

Sari, sounds like the pack was working together, but squirrels are very hard to catch.

red, take care, hope the extraction goes well with too much pain.

Cookie, not a bad idea to get the license changed over, you might meet a cop without a sense of humor.

Ok,almost time for Pardon the Interruption on ESPN and then I need to figure out where to go for dinner. All y’all take care.

FCD took me to DQ for a b-day dessert, and now we’re in for the night. As we were leaving home, I saw a deer at the end of our driveway, then another in the yard and another crossing the drive. When he started the car, they ran across the street, and as we pulled out of the driveway and headed down the street, we saw SEVEN of them run across the road in front of us and head thru a neighbor’s yard. That’s a lot of venison!

But as I said, home for the night. Back in toddler wrangling mode in the morning. So exciting is my life!

Happy birthday FCM! DQ makes some pretty good sundaes, I hope you enjoyed!

Which is always a good plan :slight_smile:

I have gone to so many amazing 4/20 parties and I doubt many of the celebrants even thinks about Hitler while puffing away :slight_smile:

I totally agree that this is what our sari really needs. It’s such a shame there isn’t a way for some of us retired folks to send her a box of peace and quiet.

That is so funny! I hope your trip to the dentist goes well.

I woke up to snow on the ground so bundled up and swept the steps (Thank you Boo for suggesting that, us desert dwellers don’t develop good snow removal skillz.) then fed the yard flock. They went through all the tray food in about an hour, so I refilled them and it looks like I should probably do it again so they can have a good dinner before dark.

I put some Super Suet in the woodpecker holder and the woodpeckers don’t seem very impressed. the finches and kinglets really like it so when that cake gets pecked to bits I’ll put some of the old stuff in that feeder and more super Suet in the regular suet cage.

I learned today that my doctor is no longer in my insurance plan so I dealt with finding a new one today. Kinda, I left a message for a call back and haven’t heard anything yet. I’m blaming the weather but I’d better get a call tomorrow!

Howdy Y’all! Sup got cooked and et and then the kitchen got cleanded up. Go us! I have also been readin’ the Diocese of Georgia Transition Handbook A Guide for Vestries and Search Committees. It is thrillin’ page turner one would imagine it to be. Actually it’s only twenty-eight pages long, but with a lot of step by step explanations of the process. What have I gotten myself into now! To my credit I stated from the get go that I would not chair or co-chair.

sari you have mighty hunters in your midst!

red hope all goes well with the oral surgery and that you recover soonest.

MOOOOOOM glad you got your DQ bday treat. I don’t like drivin’ at night around here cause we are kinda rural out our way, so lots of deer traipsin’ back and forth across the roads.

Cookie I am sure y’all will pass the driver’s test with flyin’ colors.

JtC re snow: Better Thee Than Me.

I could do that as long as she’d forgive the cat fur and dust bunnies.

I napped a little (only got about 4 hours last night). I got the online paperirk filled out for the oral surgeon, called da nephew for chauffer duty (the oral surgery place requires someone to transport and stay there whilst you get the happy juice, so no uber).

I share a birthday with Diane Keaton, Robert Duvall and Marilyn Manson, among others.

Tackling the day consisted of first some food (leftover bbq pulled pork sandwich), driving hubs to chemo appt, went in w him long enough to determine that everything was under control then went to the fitness center where I used the NuStep 35+ minutes then the leg press. I do one leg at a time then both together. My sets were 20 reps of 250#/260# for each leg then 350#/360# for both legs. Got back to the hospital just in time to see hubs trying to get the clerk to figure out how much he’s going to have to pay for his treatments now that our insurance changed as of Jan 1. She had no clue, not her area of expertise so I hustled him out of there. Made a stop at the ATM so we can trade pieces of paper for goods and services. Once home I set about cooking the Brussels sprouts the way hubs prefers them (w balsamic vinegar) then heating up the leftovers from last night (spaghetti w meat sauce for him and cannelloni for me). Had mint choc chip ice cream for dessert. Now I’ll be catching up on the dvr’d shows from this afternoon then watching the Ostapenko v Rybakina match; should be a good one.

MetalMouth good going on the 500s. It’s my opinion that swimming is the best exercise, works pretty much every part of the body. Our daughter’s best event was the 500, she qualified for the HS state meet at that distance.

yay for FCM i miss out little dairy queen outpost it was a mall ice cream-only spot …i miss the BBQ sandwiches the ones in Indiana had also