A Friday The Thirteenth MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 57 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 84 and N.O.S. for the day. The big excitin’ thing in my life today is callin’ the pharmacy to get a ‘script refilled and then gettin’ to go pick it up. Envy me. Other than that, sloth and possible quality cee-mint pond time are on the agenda. I shall make a sup of roast beast 'n gravy in the slow cooker, green beans, smashed N.O.T., roasted baby carrots and Vidalia onions, and rolls. I guess that counts as productivity.

This week has a FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH oh woe and dread! Remember to not walk under any mirrors or break any ladders, or whatever all that nonsense is. Personally I am not a superstitious person, but some folks are. If you are, regale us with tales of your superstitions, Or not. Most likely this will be all hijacked to heck and back as is our wont and the purpose of the MMP.

So, have at it folks!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I just posted this to the MMP that apparently ended already, so what the hey, I’m reposting.

On Friday at work, we discovered we had made a major mistake with a product’s measurements, and thousands of dollars of work was at risk of being scrapped. It was bad enough that one of the team went home early, as his head was spinning, and then that night I had nightmares about it. But we didn’t tell the boss yet, we didn’t tell the sales rep either, and waited until Monday to address it.

So today we spent all day discussing the problem, and instead of laying blame, we figured out a solution, trialled it, and tomorrow we’ll have a prototype that will be almost as good as the original plan, and only then will we present it to the boss and sales rep. I went from initially very worried all the way through to proud of our resourcefulness.

I am not superstitious. I own a black cat and a red mare (chestnut mare, beware). I ain’t afeered of nuffin. Today is the first Monday of my retirement but the cat woke me stupid early. Today I am going to the chiropractor, the gym, and the bank to pick up my British pounds for my trip. After that, who knows??? Maybe a nap, maybe go to the barn. As swampy says, I may get all willy nilly. Sloth rules!

Overlygirl was born on Friday the 13th. Intellectually I’m not superstitious, but I still tend to expect good things on Fridays the 13th, or is it Friday the 13ths? So I guess my answer is no but yes. It also tends to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is nice. I used to have an all-black cat. I loved that little stinker. Unfortunately, when he was close to 13 and his sister was about 7, my husband & daughter started getting hives the size of quarters, so he & his sister had to stay in a room downstairs. The little one died of kidney disease but he was going super strong. I rehomed him with an older gentleman on disability who wanted an adult cat he didn’t have to retrain. They got along really well and I’d get pictures of my kitteh every Christmas until he passed away at age 19. I miss that cat.

Today is gonna be hot - around 90F. I’m letting overlygirl play hooky today, just for the first half of the day. Back when she was in 5th, she didn’t get to go to May Day because of the pandemic, so her elementary school has asked the now 6th graders to come back for the morning and celebrate with them, so long as the parents are okay with them being late.

As long as they’re not using it to get out of a major test, final or assignment, both kids get a get out of jail free card once a semester - I figure I get days off at work when I get super burnt out. The least I can do is give them some time. Most years they don’t use it anyway.

My birthday is on this Friday the 13th (again). I turned 13 on Friday the 13th, in fact. And I have a black cat.

This will be a busy week and hopefully our last in Portland, assuming all buyer issues get resolved. Sorry if I’ve been overly boring y’all with all this, but it really consumes your every waking moment.

Afternoon, mumpers! It’s 18C/64F today, weather app says “Fuck you, clouds” so that means it’s cloudy. I’ve been clearing out rubbish in our work storeroom as we are losing the space soon (something to do with whatever electrical gubbins is already in there) so we have loads of bins for confidential waste that the porters are coming to collect on a regular basis through the week. I’ve filled ten already, and have another five waiting. The porter said he can’t come back until Wednesday so I’ll fill them and stash them in the storeroom until then.

I am not a superstitious person, and I am owned by a gorgeous black cat, appropriately named Shadow. Pretty much the only thing I do that’s remotely superstitious is say a polite hello to a magpie.

Right…time for a much-needed cup of tea, and it’ll soon be time to go home!

Mornin, all! Tis the start of what I hope will be an uneventful week. I’m ready for no drama. My folks are coming for a visit on friday, so that’ll be nice.

Hey, Mumpers. I’ve had phone/internet issues lately, and also been thrown into the deep end on this whole “so you’re now a manager” thing. So I’ve been, ah, diluted.

My days have quite literally turned into, “Well, hope I don’t throw up or cry at work in front of people today.” Yesterday was an absolute pisser -I think half the town showed up for Mother’s Day lunch at the same time - but I succeeded at my goal. The day before, not so much.

The G.M. sez I’m doing good.

I’m not dead yet.

I bet you are.

Missed you. My little Boo brain got so excited when I saw your avatar!

I’ve heard that if you survive Mother’s Day at a restaurant you have won the battle and can do anything. Go put your feet up, feed yourself well (and often), nap at every opportunity and cuddle those kittens. We’ll be here.

For some reason, I always have very good luck on Friday the 13th. My wife says, Go buy a Lotto ticket. Lotto is Saturday, no luck there.


This sounds like a lot of fun. If I ever make it back up there, I will definitely be doing this.

I am so sorry. Kitten time?

Good job!

My mom was also born on a Friday the 13th, so my family takes them as a good omen. :blush:

I don’t know this one. I talk to crows because I talk to many animals, and because I think having crow friends would be fun. :smiling_imp:

shoe I’m glad you’re doing ok. Remember to eat!

Yesterday I cooked Mother’s Day dinner and then ran and hid from the noise and lights. I came back for a short visit after dinner and then fled again.

Biscuit recipe - what cookie said. I’m a bit willy-nilly with some recipes and just eyeball things. I’ll try to figure out what I did. :confused:

Instead of being 90F here, we’re in the 60s, snow on local peaks, and snow in the Sierra. Weird weather, but we’ll take it. Just goes to show that TWPTB still don’t have a handle on this prediction stuff.

Tonight shall be leftovers I think.

Take care everyone and Happy Monday!

Did more clerking than heaving. 200 Slide Was still FUBAR. Something something no loaders, and a giant order for the Baptists.
Me: “I’m not superstitious.”
Also me: < performs elaborate rituals for sports teams >

Ted Allen: “You’re all goning to be chopped!”
Contestants: “But we haven’t even started the appetizer round.”
Ted: “No seriously, there’s an axe murderer behind you, RUN!”
Chopped: Crystal Lake

Good job on the save, BatBoy

{{{{Shoe}}}} but glad you’re rocking it.

Another one born on Friday the 13th. Was blue at birth (not breathing) and the medical team got me going, so my parents, hubby, friends, etc. consider Friday the 13th to be pretty darn good.

Great uncle (by marriage) was also born on Friday the 13th - I was born on his birthday. Also have a friend born on Friday the 13th. For most people I have no idea what day they were born on.

Never had a cat, black or not. The last time I was in an animal shelter, a black cat pawed at me. If I had had any interest in adopting a cat, he (she?) might have come home with me.

Worked, and then went to a meeting at the town hall, because we joined a formal objection to the building proposal across the street. 1.5 hours of Swiss German, talking about building sites, my brain is about done.

Now I’m sitting on the back porch with something cold to drink. I think that’s the extent of my goals for the evening.

Happy Monday!

(and shoe - good work you!)

My wedding anniversary is April 13, so does fall on Friday the 13th some years (it was a Thursday the year of the actual event. We had our reasons). I’ve been owned by multiple black cats, and they’re no different from other cats so far as I can tell.

Still hoping for more info on the cream cheese biscuits. :slight_smile:

So far, today’s very routine (went back to bed after DH left for irk and Buddy went on about his day). Biggest excitement so far was DH’s discovery of some doves hanging out at his current irk site.

First Monday of retirement and I had a celebratory Smuckers Uncrustable for lunch. Grape jelly of course. Dinner will be salad and vegetarian chili from a can. I’m back to meatless Mondays.

Morning (or maybe afternoon) all. Were supposed to cruise down a fjord to a glacier face, so up really early, but the ice from the glacier was so thick the captain decided it wasn’t worth the chance of getting stuck in the ice, so we turned around and are heading to Juneau. Got a couple things planned for there, well see how it goes.

As for Friday the 13th, we get back to Seattle that morning and a group (about 14) of us have about 3 hours to get to the railway station to catch our train to Portland. Should be able to make it, but that Rascal Murphy…

Everyone have a good week.

Superstitions: 13 is considered a lucky number in Italy, so I go with that. I’m not superstitious, but I do find myself interpreting things as good omens. A dog sniffed me! That’s a good omen! I found the cap to my pen! That’s a good omen!

Ted Allen, next episode: And your baskets include ground acorns…dried popsicles…malt liquor…and leg of lamb. Wait a minute, that’s not lamb, that’s–AAAACK!

Yesterday I walked 2 miles to the garden center to get fuchsia. I could not find fuchsia. While I was looking, my kids called in succession, and we had nice, long chats while I continued to hunt. No fuchsia. I asked for help twice and was told, “It’s way back there and to the left.” By now I’m on a first-name basis with every plant in the store. Nada. Finally I begged a clerk to come with me, and we found it by turning right. It was hiding under some vine-y stuff (or “Fred,” as I knew it by now). I checked my pedometer app: I’d walked 1.5 miles just inside the garden center.

But the big excitement involved my sister-in-law, who had checked in at a motel en route to their summer place. (My brother will follow shortly.) Holy frick. She dumped her stuff in her room and left immediately to get more out of her car, and there was now blood in the elevator she’d just been in, a LOT of blood. Turns out there’d just been a shooting: one dead, one injured. The killer got away. Cops with weapons drawn got her out of the building, but it was a long time before she could get her stuff. She spent the night elsewhere.

Oops. More later.

:scream: I’m glad she’s ok. I’m guessing she’ll get her room comped and will never stay there again.

It was pouring rain this morning, but it’s cleared up. I had the other half of that oyster po’boy for lunch, so I made 8 trips down and up the hill to the beach (1.37 miles total) to try to burn off those deadly carbohydrates. Coming up on 14 o’clock, so I have another hour and a quarter to irk.

I hate it when the lift is covered in blood. Not as bad as, you know, The Shining, but still…

jane the cane, you gave me a chuckle with the plumbing woes. Yes, I’m now climbing in the handbasket.

swampy, my maternal grandfather had a myriad of superstitions. If you ran back into the house to get something that you forgot, you had to sit down (even momentarily) before you went back out. A black cat coming to your house was good luck (but bad if he crossed your path), the usual ones about mirrors, ladders and the number 13. He also wouldn’t start any project on Fridays (sometimes, he’d do a teeny tiny part of it on Thursday so’s he could work on it on Friday though). My only semi-superstition is to say poor schmuck whenever I see a car broken down on the side of the road in my direction of travel. Likely to appease the car gods. :stuck_out_tongue:

{{{shoe}}} You’ve got this. It isn’t easy and likely won’t be, but you’ve got it.

I was moved to a new station today at irk. It’s pretty easy, but I’m thinking that I’ll be training for the next station on that line by the end of the week when Miss Perlita retires. I’ll miss her. She’s pretty sweet and about once a week, brings goodies from the PX for all of us.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!