Sortin' thru that pile in the MMP

For some reason, I slept late. I have no idea why. I didn’t even work out yesterday. After I get done watering plants, I’ll walk to the pharmacy to get an Rx and then the opposite direction to get a few food items from the grocery store, so about 3 miles or so total. The kids should call later on.

I have someone coming in to clean because I don’t think I see all the dirt. She comes in every two weeks and is incredibly inexpensive, like 25% of the going rate around here. I’ve tried to talk her into raising her rate a little due to inflation, but she refuses. She’s become a good friend, too.

Lily, your menus sound delicious, and I’m so glad you and your lovely wife are healthy again and up to celebrating.

Same. I am not unhappy about no accumulation. Nobody owns a snow shovel around here, so the walking gets Not Our Dicey.

red, hope the crown stays put. I’ve never heard of one shifting. Does that mean the cement or whatever they use needs replacing? Why does dentistry sound so much like road construction? Cement, drilling, filling in cavities…I’d rather listen to a jackhammer than a dentist’s drill, though.

Or even the Dahmer party.

shoe! Glad you popped in!

Happy Sunday!

It’s 34 degrees outside, supposed to rain later today.
It doesn’t matter much; I’ll be inside all day.

No park today, so I slept in until 730.
I probably would have slept longer but Cerby was laying up against me and pushing me out of the bed.
That dog needs to learn some manners.
We’ve had him for three months now, and he has come a long way.
He still has a long way to go.
I have to keep reminding myself too, he is not a shar pei, and he never will be.
He’s never going to do neat little hops onto the bed and settle in a corner.
Nope, it will always be bellyflops into the center of the bed, followed by a sprawl.
He’s never going to trot to the door and sit quietly when the mailman comes, I think he is always going to charge the door, but at least he’s not screaming his head off anymore.
I don’t know if he will ever learn to come when called.
I think he is always going to bark too much.

I could be depressed, I don’t know. I don’t feel sad, but I am tired all the time, and I don’t want to do anything, even fun stuff. I just want to be left alone and not have to deal with anything or anybody. Little things upset me, even though they shouldn’t. I cuss a lot. I forget to do things all the time. I messed up my irk schedule again yesterday and scheduled my grocery pickup in the middle of my shift.
So, depression, or stress? I don’t know, but it’ll pass, eventually.

I think I will get a shot in my knee tomorrow.
Every time I think about it, I get upset.
I know it doesn’t hurt much, but it still makes me cringe.

My son went upstairs to see if the roof was leaking.
It wasn’t, but the resident bat was in the dishpan.
He doesn’t know if there was a little water and the bat was drinking?

I would love to have a house cleaner come in. The way my house looks right now, I wouldn’t let anybody in. I should clean it up a little and get a pro in.
I’d probably feel better.

Poor Bailey, probably more shocked than hurt.

I’m glad you can quit worrying about the traveling inlaws for a while.

Petey does bear a slight resemblance to Petey, except for the circle around the eye.
I hear he is a naughty little dog who likes to steal human food off the table.

I know I’m missing a bunch of stuff

I’ve never frozen milk Mooooooom. I do keep some evaporated and some powdered on hand for emergencies though.

Glad that Bailey isn’t hurt oopsie.

Sunday chores done, Walgreen’s visited, mail dropped in the blue box and in the process of eating the chicken veggie soup. I managed to get some work done in the studio as well, so it’s been a productive day.

Very windy here today, so slight chance of power issues, but it hasn’t rained for a few days, so with any luck the ground’s resolidifying so trees will stay put.

The next week looks good, except for low-30s temps at night (highs are projected for as high as 60). It’ll be time to better organize the emergency gear and store it soon.

Continuing living is good.

We had a break in the rain so I hauled the biiiiiiiiiiiiig trash can all the way down to the road for pickup tomorrow. I could have done it early tomorrow mornin’, but I’d rather put it out on Sunday night. It’s supposed to be out by seven a.m., but the trash folk are never here that early. Still it worries me if’n it’s not out. I be weird about strange things like that.

sari maybe a house cleaner would be a thing that takes one thing off your mind. Anything that can ease the load is a good thing.

We are supposed to put ours out between 4pm and midnight.
I don’t know why we’re not supposed to after midnight.

I agree a house cleaner should be on the agenda.
Even if just once to make it clean and ease my mind a bit.
My son does a lot, but he is not good at getting under stuff and into corners.
I don’t complain because he does most of the houseirk.

Well, got the tubs of emergency supplies stashed (I may need to find an alternate location, I’m not sure where they are now is really going to work) and out of the way. Decided that some items I only have one of need twins. Each of the two red bins has the same contents. That way, once we’re in a 2-vehicle situation, if we were to get separated in a crisis, we’d both have at least some of everything.

Even managed to get around to spraying my umbrellas with Scotchgard.

I ke do powdered around too. Sometimes I make up a cup of it the night before and put it in the fridge. Good enough for my oatmeal in the morning. I don’t like running to the store for just a few things. That’s kinda my motto now: “good enough”.

Nice day with the grands. Just laid down the toddler, now to spend some quality with his big sister, then read her two books before bed.

Then I’ll drag my worn out commodious butt home and rest all day tomorrow. As mooom will tell yah, grandma-ing is not for sissies.

I cleaned, I laundered, I napped. I took out the garbage and recycling between rain showers. I started watching Wednesday Now I’m having a Wisconsin Old Fashioned while the poke tenderloin cooks.

We are pleased.

That would eat at me.

Poor Bailey, glad she’s OK. That means I can giggle at it. :rofl:

Your DH is pretty likely to not be at home when an emergency happens, does he have room in his trunk now for his bin?

A clean house always settles my mind. The nice thing about a housekeeper is that you can tell them what to do and when. If you only have the energy to tell someone how to clean one room, that is what they will do. Mine doesn’t do the laundry or change the beds because we don’t want to pay her to do that, but she will clean the oven when we think it needs it.

Honestly, if you think about it right, hiring a cleaner is a down right patriotic thing to do. You will be helping someone pay their ever increasing rent and will be stimulating the economy by adding money to it. Changes are very good that you will find yourself donating things that were adding to the clutter without adding anything to your life. Helping the less fortunate have nice things is always a good thing too!

Remember, your mess is their bread and butter, they won’t judge or talk about you behind your back. (Unless you want your cleaner to clean the toilets with shaving cream :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Our housekeeper totally talks about that!)

FCM, milk doesn’t freeze well. Freezing causes the cream and whey to separate and asplodes the fat cells, changing the flavor and mouth feel. It will also go bad in just a few days after being thawed.

Whole milk lasts much longer than 2% milk and cream lasts much longer than whole milk. Powdered milk is usually low fat and doesn’t have the nice taste and mouth feel that undehydrated milk has because of the damage to the lovely fat cells. If you mix up your powdered milk the night before and add some cream to it, you get some pretty acceptable drinking milk.

Ultra pasteurized milk lasts longer in the fridge than regular milk or cream. It has the same taste and mouth feel as regular milk but is worthless for making regular cheese. Ultra pasteurized shelf stable milk lasts for months on the shelf and a very long time in the fridge after opening. I don’t like the taste, but it is popular world wide.

The LWT bundles them up and takes them outside every day. I can see them all going in 97 different directions at once and just watching wears me out. I’d need a nap after half an hour of that sort of frantic activity, you two are amazing.

Good to know. Do your best to not scream “Yes, I fucking know it’s snowing, just give me your fucking money and let me close the goddamn window for a few minutes.”

I’m glad Bailey is OK. I laugh when GG falls off the bed, I worry when crabby old cat does it.

Dinner was more of the same, plus wonton soup.

Welcome to this week’s edition of Mini-Adventures on My Walks. I left the store and was walking about 10 feet behind this homeless guy when this other guy ran up and started beating on him and yelling. I stopped (no choice) and removed my headphones. The assailant (not homeless, from his appearance) was yelling something about a woman. Homeless Guy starts fighting back. Assailant throws HG against the fence not 2 feet in front of me. I taught high school too long, so my first reaction is to say, “Guys. Guys, that’s enough.” But what am I going to do? Send 'em to the principal? Eventually HG gets away, and the other guy keeps yelling from the sidewalk. HG was fine. He dropped his hat when he turned a corner, and I had to run after him. I wish I COULD send people to the principal’s office. [Looks sternly at Congress.]

I used to freeze milk years ago. IIRC, the milk separates, so it looks weird, with the water on the bottom and the fats/solids on top. Once you shake it, it’s OK. I only used it for cooking but can’t recall why I didn’t drink it straight.

Oopsie, I meant to say last time that I’m sorry about ol’ Bailey’s fall. That had to have startled the poor pup.

Because after midnight is when the zombies go through the bins.

Never heard of that one before. :slight_smile:

Me either. I don’t know who it is that pays Pam to do it, but I do know that Pam says it is a PITA and doesn’t work very well. She does it because that’s what her client wants and her client is paying her by the hour, but you know how it is. It’s not fun to be doing something in the most labor intensive way ever because the customer is always right.

Prolly cause it didn’t taste right. The mouth feel changes which can really change how taste is perceived.

nellie, quite a site from your walk, sorry for the homeless guy, but glad the guy didn’t turn his attention to you.

Well, I guess they want it to be nice and clean…

Oopsie, glad Bailey is OK, any falls by us ‘older folks’ are not funny until you’re sure they are…

swampy, I always put the garbage can out Wednesday night, never sure when the trash people are coming and I know if I wait for Thorsday, they’ll be there at 7:30am…Enjoy the Wild Priest Hunt…

FCM, glad the visitors are in safely.

Came back from eating out (Longhorn provided the repast) and spent most of the afternoon solving puzzles, watching tackleball, and reading. Will head off to bed here shortly, it is now less than 10 days until the great Antarctic Adventure begins, so there are several things I need to do this week. Trying to finish up all the perishables in the refrigerator before I leave, so there needs to be some supply management done.

And off to bed in about an hour. All y’all take care.

Yes, I have a number of piles and boxes that need attention, in the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, the basement, trunk of car, back porch. The only rooms that are ok are the bathrooms and the kitchen. Hoping that now that I am not on a regular schedule to work, only on call, that I can start to address the situation. But where to begin, one of life’s little challenges.

We went to dinner at an Italian restaurant… I ordered cannelloni but was served manicotti. Our waitress was an older lady, late 50s/early 60s who felt so badly that I had to tell her about the time I was waitressing during a break from college and accidentally dumped a glass of tomato juice on a young lady wearing a pink chiffon dress. The people were unbelievably nice to me. Our waitress felt much better after hearing about my faux pas.

Hello and welcome. Start by cleaning out your car trunk, that way you will be able to take things away from your home.

Hubs and I were out on the motorcycle and stopped from dinner. An unattended kid ran into a waitress and her tray full of drinks ended up on me. Of course I yelped in surprise and then hubs and I both cracked up because it really was funny. Except to the poor mortified waitress and the rather upset manager.

Waitstaff and retail clerks are real people and real people make mistakes. It always upsets me when someone blows up over a simple mistake that is easily fixed. Grrrrrr.

So, anyways, gots any mitten wearing kittens? My profile cat GG wears white flip flops, but Very Bad Cat has mittens and socks.

I’ve come soooooo close, especially when the next words are, “Uh, I need to place an order?”

Bonus points if their next move is to call up BabyMomma because of course he doesn’t know what she wants.

Oh hey - not my takeaway at all! You’re fine. It was fine. The mouse was indeed less than caring about its continued existence. :stuck_out_tongue: