A fun Calvin and Hobbs twist

Link to comic panel:

Why would a tiger society have a human therapist?

Gotta keep the breeding stock busy somehow.

Because tigers are like Klingons. They are all attack-kill-eat. There are no tiger therapists because no tiger could sit an listen to another tiger cry about how his father newer paid attention to him. He’d say, “Just attack him! Scream and leap, dude!”

But tiger society knows that scream and leap is not a way to deal with the problems of an advanced technological society. They know there needs to be a non-violent way of dealing with problems. But since they are psychologically incapable of doing that on their own, they farm it out to humans.

It’s a pact - we promise to help them with their problems, they promise not to eat us.

The next comic is the therapist sitting holding a small stuffed tiger and even smaller doll while HIS therapist says “You are just imagining having a tiger as a patient”


I was expecting Bloom County.

I miss Calvin & Hobbes. Watterson should be forced to continue making them. Larson too with Far Side.

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That’s become a April Fools tradition. This is the 3rd Calvin and Hobbes/Bloom County crossover.

Hee. Calvin looks like Binkley.

Just Asking Questions, I think that’s Kzinti you’re thinking of, not tigers.

Not Klingon - Kzinti.

Until someone suggested that it would be much more efficient if they just shot things instead, and they all got very excited at the prospect of their first major war for weeks.