Calvin and Hobbes

I miss Calvin and Hobbes. Does anyone else? I think it was the best comic ever!

The imagination was always the best. And apparently Bill Watson never even liked kids! or have them even? I’m not sure.

Yep, I miss 'em.

Thank gawd I have all the books.

Ahh, yes… I loved Calvin and Hobbes… It was right up there with Bloom County. These were the only reasons I read the comic page and they are both gone.

I feel cheated.


I even got my son hooked on them for a while.

Calvin’s dad was the first I ever “heard” call a baby a “bologna loaf” LOL


That’s cute. :slight_smile:

Calvin was my first tattoo. My son thinks it’s him…

Oh, Calvin and Hobbes was excellent.

If you go here, you can see it again.

“Honey, the neighbors say there’s a naked kid tied to a kite running through their yard”

“No, you were a blue light special at KMart. Way cheaper, and almost as good.”

“No, I CAN’T go to school! I don’t WANT big dividends!”

(I’m sure I’m misremembering the wording of some of those)

Me, too. It’s so funny. And! One time Calvin transmogified (or something) himself into a tiger and there were TWO tigers! And Calvin was smaller and he was so cute! And stuffed Hobbes is extra-cute, too!!

Also, no one can yell at a kid like Calvin’s parents.

That’s it, I’m adding the Calvin and Hobbes feed to my LJ friends list right now. . .

I prefer when Calvin dressed up as a tiger and Hobbes tried to teach him how to be a tiger.

Although my favorite strip is the one where Dad explains how the world used to be black & white and only turned to color recently.

That and the one where Calvin thought there was a monster under the bed so he was hitting him with a baseball bat, only it turned out to be Hobbes.

Do you guys have the only strip not to appear in the books? I printed it out last time it was linked too so I didn’t keep the link. I wonder why it was dropped. It was a Nov 25th strip from either the first or second year.

“What fun is being cool if you can’t wear a sombrero.”

— Hobbes

I hadn’t heard of this… :eek:
What’s in it?
Can you send it to me?

that should have ended in a question mark, of course…

``Hellooo? Pooblik Lahbraree? Zis is zee eempoortant rezearcher looking for voolgar zynonyms vor dees-gusting body vunktions, ya?’’

``Those librarians sure are a sharp bunch…’’

Done and done.

LOVED Calvin and Hobbes!
Miss 'em Miss 'em Miss 'em!!!

Thanks for the link!

NOBODY got “kid faces” like Watterson on Calvin!

sigh ahhhhh Hobbes…

Hey Fern - could you send it to me too?


I loved Calvin and Hobbes! I used to play Calvinball with various neighbor kids, and I named one of my cats after Spaceman Spiff.

I loved the armies of tiny snowmen.

HA! I was watching the 1965 Ali/Patterson fight on ESPN Classic tonight, and I thought of that exact strip.

I’m not hardly old enough to remember when Calvin and Hobbes were still printing new cartoons, but it’s still my all-time favorite. Absolutely nothing compares to it. FoxTrot replaced it in the comics page around these parts. FoxTrot, while good, is still nowhere near the standard Calvin and Hobbes set. It’s a shame that those younger than me will have to live in a world without it.

And on a secondary note, did anybody try the argument that Calvin tried with Ms. Wormwood about how 75% should be an A because if government and industry were 75% competent, we’d all be ecstatic? I did. Let’s just say that my English teacher didn’t read much Calvin and Hobbes. . .

I loved the one where Susie pretended Calvin knocked out her eyeball with a snowball.