A funny thing happened on the local news tonight...

…well, not really, in the case of the coverage.

There’s a bad brushfire in the outskirts of my city. Houses are threatened, it’s not too near any fire hydrants, etc. It’s an overall Bad Thing, and I hope there are no victims.

But, the helicopter that was covering the event for the news channel I was watching managed to mistakenly get a shot of the helicopter from the competing station beofre it zoomed out upon realizing this error. The competing helicopter was closer to the fire and moving faster. There was a big white ‘9’ on the side of the other helicopter (which is painted crimson), so there was no mistaking who this was.

So, I turned it to channel 9, where there was non-stop coverage (the other channel had ceased coverage to give the weather forecast) and an overall better view of this bad situation. I should have been there anyway; it’s a better station in general. I continued to watch this better coverage, thanks to the clue-in from the good folks at 4.

It was all kind of weird, really. I wonder if this mistake was taken seriously by the station manager.

Kelly Ogle and Gary England beat Linda Cavanaugh and Mike Morgan any day!
Is Channel 5 still on the air even?

Heh, you wouldn’t think. They even lost their helicopter a few years ago due to bad ratings; they rent one during sweeps.

Have you noticed how close the anchors sit on 5? That’s quite a budget minded set. They don’t even have cameramen; the cameras are automated.

Kelly Ogle. There’s a “Who’s Line” news co-anchor name if I’ve ever heard one.

It will be if they read your post!