A GD innovation/Pit space timesaver

You should have been a blowjob.

[sub]The above is a generic all purpose insult. Since most flames directed towards another poster basically amount to the above sentiment, and since a fair proportion of such threads originate in GD where such language is verboten, I thought it might be easier to give the hamsters a rest and simply create this thread. Anytime someone pisses you off in GD simply make a link to this, being sure to couch your link in obsequious terms of utmost respect to maximise the irony. For example:

Poster A: “Blah blah blah inane, senseless babble”
Poster B: " As much as I respect your opinion, I must dissent


Ah, this makes more sense with the second post. I’d recommend linking someone to it posthaste (get it? get it?) so that the mods don’t lock it as a joke thread.

However, in the interests of equal rights, I’d amend the insult to:

You should have been a blowjob and a.


Wow! I think is a great idea! Way to go, Gomez!

Gotta say, I shoulda seen that coming.

Thank you for your valuable input. Will you be Godfather to my first born?

Aw, I was just playing. Come here and gimme a hug. Like anyone could have passed that one up.

Sorry, I’m sure there’s some kind of rule against being the father and the godfather of the same kid. :wink:

I’ve always prefered the derivitive of, “Boy are you a load I should have swallowed.”

Of course, I can’t claim that for anyone on this board. Maybe just, “You’re a load your mom should have swallowed.”

See the Rules of the Pit sticky at the top of this forum. A thread just to expand one’s list of insults is not acceptable. This thread is not a genuine rant, it’s just an excuse to trot out insults, so I’m closing it.

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