A Genuine Caption Contest

Plenty of great ones, but for the groaner of a pun involved, I’ll have to go with this:

Looks like you’re up, @kaylasdad99!


Have at it.

Linda Blair’s Horse

What a race! I didn’t know if I was comin’ or goin’!

“See? I DO know my ass from my elbow!”

Now watch me whip, now watch me neigh neigh.

Gotta give it to needscoffee for the Exorcist reference.

Take it away, needscoffee!


Here’s one:


Mr. T and Mrs. R’s ventriloquism act never really took off.

“I ain’t ridin’ no plane Hannibal… hey, where am I?”

I pity the fool that doesn’t love Christmas.

Boy, slow day!

I’m going to call @Elmer_J.Fudd the winner with his ventriloquism reference.

All yours, @Elmer_J.Fudd!

Thank you!

Mary Hastur

Haterz I no the world doesnt revolve @ me
the world is my throne lol

“EAT ME” was written on the cake, and Alice made a pig of herself.

The ending dialogue for the film “White Heat” was originally written for a science-fiction film: “ON TOP OF THE WORLD MA”.

(Now if I could only think of a punchline that was about “Saturn Girl” from DC’s Legion Of Super-Heroes.)

After XS introduced her line of running shoes, Saturn Girl countered with her own lingerie label.

The Miller Brewing Company decided that its “Girl in the Moon” trademark needed updating.

When astrologers told me Venus and Saturn were in the same house, this is what I pictured…

Give your girl the world, and put a ring on it!

Although I’m disapointed that nobody made a crack about Saturn colliding with Uranus, I’m giving this one to: