A Genuine Caption Contest

Another misunderstood order leads to a Cake Wreck: “I told the baker to write ‘Congratulations on your new job, and we all want you to get ahead.’”

The wholistic bakery even has Divorce Day cakes.

Duncan Hines at rest.

Winner is @Quondam_Mechanic with

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…

Runner-up is @Elmer_J.Fudd with

Marie Antoinette had a solution for the high price of goose down, too.

All yours, @Quondam_Mechanic!

Thanks, needscoffee. I’ve had this URL on file for a while – I hope not because we’ve used it before.

I smelled the gas leak, but do you think anyone would ask me?

Turns out, there is a limit to how many clowns you can stuff into one place.

Ronald wistfully recalled the day when the Hamburglar Gang moved up to the big leagues.

Note to self: “Don’t fuck with Wendy.”

The remake of Falling Down ramps things up a bit.

Get rid of me as a mascot? I’ll show them.

The experiment in flame-broiling Big Macs didn’t work out very well.


“Two new Bic lighters, special gas, let us spray, pick your exit, flick your Bic, and then run.”


I’ll kill you all! Aha, I’ll drive you crazy, and I’ll kill you all! I’m every nightmare you’ve ever had. I am your worst dream come true!”

“Yeah Ronald, bulldozers don’t care.”

I new the mobs would rally against that Veggie Burger.

Houston, we have a McProblem.

The sole survivor of the Mcpocalypse

This is what happens when the McFlurry machines aren’t maintained properly.

Sometimes the first one’s the best… Go for it, doc!

Let’s try this…